Kazoo - Great Escape from City Zoo

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Kazoo, a lion cub, is caught and taken to City Zoo. Kazoo loses hope of ever returning to the African Jungle.

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Kazoo’s Great Escape from City Zoo By Shikhar Singh & Sheritha Singh

Kazoo, a white lion cub, lived deep in the heart of the African jungle with his mother. At night they slept in a cave hidden behind a sparkling waterfall. The waterfall protected Kazoo and his mother from other animals especially a nagging tropical parrot that annoyed Kazoo to bits. Kazoo often stayed back in the forest, not too far away from the cave when his mother went hunting. “Hello, Kitty,” Nit, the parrot screeched whenever it spotted Kazoo. “I’m a lion cub, not a kitten,” Kazoo reminded Nit. “Why do you always forget that?” “Ha! Ha! Ha!” Nit screeched, flapping her rainbow wings behind Kazoo. “You’re a kitty ‘cos I said so. And I’m older than you so I am right.” “You’re not right!” Kazoo told Nit. \"Why don't you leave me alone?\" \"Cos I'm older than you and I don't wanna!\" Nit screeched in laughter. Kazoo ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He wanted to go a place where Nit would never find him. Kazoo crawled beneath low lying branches and reached a part of the jungle he'd never seen before.

Kazoo was so angry he didn't notice where he was going. He ran until his little heart beats thundered in his ears. The trees leaned in closer, blocking out the sun and the jungle grew darker. Kazoo stopped running. \"Where am I?\" Kazoo looked around him. He didn't recognize the trees, or the tiny, dirty stream. \"Hello, little cub,\" a squirrel squeaked. \"Are you lost?\" Kazoo tried his best not to cry. \"I...I think so. Can you help me find my way home?\" A gunshot echoed in the forest. Kazoo jumped in fright. \"Will you help me?\" \"No. You must hide before they catch you. \" The squirrel scurried off inside an opening in a tree before Kazoo could ask her any more questions. “Where am I?” He looked up hoping to see Nit. For once he really hoped the annoying parrot had followed him. “Nit? Are you there?” Silence.

Kazoo sniffed the ground hoping to find his mother’s scent. She hadn’t taken this trail. “I guess I will have to look for another trail,” Kazoo said. He forced his little golden head through a bush and peeked. He heard voices. Strange houses on wheels were parked in a circle. Were those houses the trucks Nit had once mentioned? Kazoo wondered.

One such house looked particularly scary. It reminded Kazoo of a cage he’d once seen in a picture Nit had brought back from the city. The picture was of a lion forced to live in a cage. Kazoo trembled. It was the scariest picture he’d ever seen. Kazoo still had nightmares about it. “I have to keep really quiet,” he thought. Men with guns spoke softly near the cages on wheels. “I don’t want them to catch me.” Kazoo stepped backwards carefully. But he was caught in so much dry twigs and brush it was impossible not to make a sound. “No!” Kazoo roared when the hunter’s pounced on him. \"Let go of me!\" Someone threw a net over Kazoo. “Ah! What have we here? A wee little kitty,” one of the men said. “I am not a kitty,” Kazoo roared. The hunter wasn't scared of Kazoo's little roar. \"He's a cheeky one all,\" one of the Hunters said and put a thick sack over the net. They were happy they’d finally caught a cub. Kazoo tried to free him himself from the net but it was impossible. He only tangled himself more. They shoved him inside one of the cages and drove off. The road was rocky and Kazoo’s cage bounced along while the men drove. “Where are they taking me?” he cried. “To the City zoo.” Kazoo jumped. He’d thought he was alone in the cage. “Who’s there?” “The name’s Ramon.” A furry, ash coloured monkey fell from the roof of the cage. “What’s your name?” “K…Kazoo.” Kazoo didn’t know whether he should trust the monkey or not. It bounced from one side of the cage to the other. Up down. All around. Eventually Kazoo got tired of watching Ramon spring from one end of the cage to the other. “I want to go home…” “Home?” Ramon laughed. “You will never go home now. City Zoo is your new home. Forget about the forest.” Ramon sprung toward the roof and hung upside down in front of Kazoo. “I’ve heard City Zoo is like a hotel.”

“What’s a hotel?” Kazoo asked. “Don’t you know anything?” Ramon clicked his tongue. “I know about caves and waterfalls and hunting,” Kazoo said. “Hmpf. You don’t have to hunt when you’re in a hotel. The zookeepers bring food to you. All you have to is smile and wave at the kids who come to see you during the day.” “I don’t like smiling and waving for strangers.” Ramon patted Kazoo’s head. “You will get used to it. Pretty soon you will forget all about the forest.” Tears rolled down Kazoo’s face. He didn’t want to forget about the forest. Or his mother.

Kazoo looked out the window. Tall, concrete buildings rose from the ground. \"Look at that! Beautiful, isn't it?\" Ramon said to Kazoo. The city wasn't as beautiful as the jungle, Kazoo thought. There were no animals here - only human beings. Kazoo shivered. He was terrified of human beings. The truck drove through tall gates. Someone pulled Kazoo's cage roughly. Kazoo fell inside and struggled to get to his feet while his cage was jerked about.

The zoo wasn’t as beautiful as the forest. It was small and cramped. Kazoo was taken to a tiny cave where another lion lived. His name was Ruff. Ruff was big, strong and very unfriendly. He was the meanest animal in City Zoo.

“Now listen to me Kitty,” he growled. “I…I’m not a kitty…” “Be quiet!” Ruff roared so loud the entire zoo fell silent. “If I say you’re a kitty then that’s what you are. Nobody speaks back to me. This is my zoo! Do you understand that?” “Yes…” Kazoo whispered. “It’s yes, sir!” “Yes, Sir.” Kazoo looked at the ground. Ruff ate all of his food and then most of Kazoo’s when dinner was served. Kazoo had to make do with a few scraps. None of the other animals shared their food. The zoo wasn’t like the forest at all. Kazoo’s mother always told him that the forest had enough food for everyone. And if there wasn’t enough, they’d have to share. Nobody inside City Zoo believed in sharing. Later that evening, Kazoo curled into a ball and fell asleep in a small patch of fake grass outside Ruff’s cave. “Sleep where I can see you!” Ruff ordered. “Yes, Sir.” Oh, how he wished Mother would find him. He wouldn’t even mind seeing Nit again. “Psst…Kitty…” Kazoo’s eyes shot open. Was he dreaming? Kazoo jumped up. “Nit?” “Shush.” Nit flew down and covered Kazoo’s mouth with her wings. Nit looked at Ruff. Luckily, the gruff old lion was still sleeping. “Look over there,” Nit whispered. “Mom!” Nit flapped her wings over Kazoo’s mouth again. “Shush. If anyone hears you, we will never make it out of here.” Kazoo nodded. After a few seconds, Nit took her wings off Kazoo’s mouth. “Now, you must walk very softly so nobody hears your paw steps,” Nit whispered, “Mother is keeping watch.” Nit pointed a wing in the opposite direction. Kazoo purred in delight when he spotted his Mother inside the huge gates. Mother anxiously watched the zookeeper's office and parking lot. She didn't want to ruin the escape plan.

Kazoo crept slowly away from Ruff’s cave. Ruff shifted his position in his sleep. He opened one eye. Kazoo and Nit froze. Kazoo’s little heart beat so hard and fast, he was sure Ruff heard it. Ruff took a deep breath, snored and closed his eye. “Whew!” Kazoo breathed. “That was close.”

Ramon was sitting atop a two hundred year old Baboa tree eating bananas. “Hello, Kitty.”

“Stupid monkey,” Nit muttered to herself. “Why can't he mind his own business?” Nit had to think of a way to distract Ramon. And she had to think fast. “Going somewhere?” Ramon asked loud enough for the entire zoo to hear. “Can’t he keep his mouth shut? He’s going to ruin our escape plan,” Nit whispered to Kazoo. Kazoo’s eyes darted from Nit to Ramon, then to his mother.

“Cat got your tongue?” Ramon laughed when Kazoo didn’t answer. “Shall I inform Ruff?”

“Actually, I know where you can find more bananas,” Nit said softly.

“Bananas?” Ramon grinned. \"Ramon loves bananas. Where are the bananas?\" He looked up, down and then all around.

Nit pointed at a delivery truck across the road. Ramon leapt down from the gate and across the street and disappeared in seconds.

Mother anxiously kept watch on the huge sliding gates. She was hiding beneath a hedge inside the zoo. \"Be careful,\" she called quietly to Nit and Kazoo. Lights blinked on and off around the gates.

“Are we going through that?” Kazoo asked looking at the gates.

“Those gates have alarms that go off if anyone tries to open it or go over it,” Nit said. \"I've been watching the zoo all day. I heard the zookeepers talk about the alarm before they changed shifts.\"

\"What's an alarm?\" Kazoo wanted to know.

“It's a warning sound that is loud enough to wake two jungles,\" Nit explained. \"Lucky Mother managed to jump over the gate. She's waiting over there for you.”Nit pointed at the hedge at the entrance of the zoo again.

Kazoo stared at the huge gate seperating him from the outside world. How was he going to jump over it? He looked at his tiny legs helplessly.

“Don’t worry about how you’re going to get out of here,” Nit said, “Your mother has a plan.”

Kazoo ran to his mother. She licked his head. “We will talk when we get back to the forest,” she told Kazoo. “Now I want you to listen to me very carefully. The only other way out of this zoo is through there.” Mother pointed in the direction of the zookeeper’s parking lot. “There’s a trail through that hedge.”

Kazoo followed his mother through the tiny trail. Sticks and twigs crackled beneath their paws with each step they took. A zookeeper flashed his torchlight when he heard the sounds. Kazoo hid behind his mother. Nit flew up and squawked in the opposite direction. \"Stupid bird,\" the Zookeeper said. \"What do you want at this late hour? Why don't you go to sleep you silly bird?\"

The zookeeper turned off his flashlight and returned to his office.

Mother ran down the last part of the trail. Kazoo was so scared of getting caught that he ran straight into the zookeeper’s van. Something fell inside the van and triggered the alarm. Kazoo trembled so badly he couldn’t run. The zookeeper raced from his office and shone his light on Mother and Kazoo. Mother grabbed Kazoo in her mouth and ran.

\"The lion's getting away,” the zookeeper shouted before giving chase. \"Someone call the police. I need some help here.\" Nit squawked and flapped her wings over the zookeeper’s face. He tripped and fell inside huge pool that was built for the penguins to perform tricks in. The zookeeper sank to the bottom because he couldn't swim. He splashed aroind in the pool helplessly. By the time somebody came to help him, Kazoo and Mother were long gone.

“That was quite an adventure, wasn’t it?” Nit said to Kazoo after they were settled behind the waterfall. Mother had gone hunting.

\"I shouldn't have gotten so angry with you, Nit,\" Kazoo said.

\"I shouldn't have teased you,\" Nit replied. \"Mother trusted me to take care of you and let you get cubnapped. I'm sorry.\" She extended one wing.


Kazoo smiled. \"Friends.\"

\"I'll never call you kitty again,\" Nit promised.

“'Kitty isn't such a bad name. I never want to go back to City Zoo.” Kazoo shivered at the memory. “How did Mother know where to find me?”

Nit squawked. “I saw the hunters take you away. It was too late to save you so I followed the truck and then returned to the jungle and told your mother what had happened.”

Kazoo purred. “Oh, Nit. You’re the best friend a cub could have.”

© Copyright 2018 Sheritha Singh. All rights reserved.

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