"Erotic Thoughts Eyes Wide Shut"

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It's about a dream within a dream one that has episodes. For the dream doesn't end in a single night, this is because the lady of his dreams keeps eluding his thoughts conclusion due to being awaken by the winds and the light; However he ends up with with her in the end, but it was all still a dream.

Submitted: June 25, 2011

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Submitted: June 25, 2011



Morning subsides as he lay eyes wide shut, a cool gust crashed into the window-pane simultaneously whispering her name. The curtains vainly flirted to the rhythm of the wind while the dawning light caresses the contours of her skin; he ponders its softness while wearing a Botox grin. He was lost staring into her enticing eyes, bedazzled by her beauty and lovely smile as tears began to blur and obscure his sight the images got vague as he fell back into his trance still afflicted by the enigma that leads his heart a dance. Morning is herald by the sands of time as visions of her face are infused in his mind, smitten with the Jones he succumbs to another case and like a humming-bird to a flower of her nectar he taste. Engulf in a state of bliss she serenades him with her moans while each ecstatic sounds sends trills rippling through his bones. His thoughts retrospect as he drank her fermented wine as the spastic dancing of her sultry body elicited honey from his vine... his essence merged with her's leaving their rhythm broke and their bodies began moving out of sink with each subsequent stroke. Overwhelmed by the nostalgia his eyes began to twitch, now awaking from his slumber her name rolled off his lips; to his surprise, wide awake in his dream right before his face, the light that shone through his dark hours besides him in a warm embrace.


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