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This is just a little something I wrote a while ago.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



Shaun and Andrea were getting married. I had to admit, I was happy for them, but there was no denying that I’d always had a slight crush on Shaun. Ever since we first started high school. He’d been there when no-one else had been. I was seen as a dork. I had braces and large glasses, and was teased daily. Shaun stood up for me. He was my hero, and I was forever grateful. Then, in our senior year, he met Andrea. She had been my best friend for a few years, and had a feeling about my crush on Shaun, but she had strong feelings for him, and they ended up dating. Then, halfway through university, he proposed. They planned a party to celebrate their engagement, to which I was invited.

I was the last to arrive. Because of my feelings for Shaun, I wasn’t too keen on going in the first place. Yes, I was happy for them, but that didn’t mean that I wanted them to get married. Andi greeted me at the door with a hug and a glass of champagne, which I accepted gratefully. I gave her my congratulatory gift, decorated champagne glasses, and walked inside. I had never been the partying type, so I stayed back and watched as everyone else had fun.

Shaun came over to me then. He stood with me, leaning against the wall and smiling.

‘Thanks for coming,’ he said, staring into the crowd.

I took another drink, emptying the glass, and replied simply with, ‘No problem.’

He looked at me. He had the most beautiful green eyes, with dark hair that fell in curls around his face. His teeth were extremely straight, probably because of the braces that he’d had before we met. He was tall and muscular, resulting from years of playing football, a sport he still played occasionally. To me, he was perfect. He was the personification of perfection, and trust me, saying that out loud is a mouthful.

‘Another drink?’ he asked, nodding at the empty glass in my hand.

I nodded. He took the drink, winked, and walked away. He returned a minute later with another glass of champagne. ‘I know you’re not a fan, but it’s all we have at the moment.’ He smiled.

‘It’s fine,’ I said, holding up my glass. He clinked his against mine and we drank. ‘Shouldn’t you be out there socialising with the others?’

He laughed. ‘I should, but they’re all Andi’s friends and they are really quite annoying. I would much rather be here, socialising with you.’ He look at me from the corner of his eye and smiled. My stomach did a little flip, which made me take another drink.

As the night progressed, Andi’s friends started leaving, and before long, just the three of us remained. As we’d gone through university, Andi began to get colder and colder towards me.  We’d stopped talking, and before long I no longer called us friends. She gave me cold looks, the type that I describe as daggers. At around eleven thirty, Shaun and I had had a fair bit to drink and were laughing along together, and Andi mumbled something about staying the night at her friend’s house before taking her keys and leaving.

Shaun got up and staggered into the kitchen. He came back a second later with two glass bottles of amber liquid. He grinned and held them up. ‘Look what I found,’ he sang, planting himself on the floor beside me. I took the bottle, opened the lid and took a drink. Shaun did the same.

‘Can I just tell you something?’ I said, feeling confident because of my drunken stupor.

Shaun nodded. ‘You can tell me anything.’ He put his arm on the couch behind us, around my shoulders.

‘I just have to tell you,’ I said, giggling, ‘I had the biggest crush on you in high school.’

Shaun’s smile slid from his face, and he was suddenly serious – well, as serious as a drunken man can be. ‘Why didn’t you tell me sooner?’ he slurred, looking me in the eyes and making my stomach do crazy back flips. ‘I had a massive crush on you too.’

I smiled and took another drink.

‘Can I tell you something?’ Shaun asked.

I nodded.

‘I still have a crush on you.’

I frowned. ‘You’re getting married.’

He shrugged. ‘Don’t care.’ With that, he leant in and kissed me softly. I couldn’t lean away. I’d had feelings for him for too long and sitting alone in his house, kissing him, was a dream come true. For that moment, I forgot everything, which is funny, because after that, I don’t remember a thing.

I woke up to the warm sun coming in through the curtains and landing on my face the next morning. I sighed and snuggled in to the bed. I was just getting comfortable when I realised something. I could feel the blanket on every inch of my skin. I opened my eyes and looked under the quilt to see that I was wearing nothing but my bra and underwear. I also found the arm of a man around my middle, and when I turned over, I saw Shaun sleeping beside me. I jumped up and let out a surprised scream, much to the disapproval of my aching head. Shaun’s eyes flew open and he looked at me, surprise written all over his face.

He sat up and leaned against the headboard of the bed. ‘Oh, God. What happened?’

I didn’t even want to know. ‘Did we...?’ I trailed off. He knew what I was talking about.

He lifted the quilt up and looked down. ‘Yeah, I think we did.’ He looked at me. ‘You should get dressed and leave before Andi gets home.’

I got out of the bed and found my clothes scattered around the room. I faced the other way while I got dressed so that Shaun could get out of bed. Just before I left, Shaun called me back. I turned. He had nothing on but a pair of low slung black jeans.

‘No-one can know about this,’ he said. ‘I mean no-one.’

I nodded and left. I had a feeling nothing would be the same between us. All three of us, Andrea included.

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