Don't Know Where to Go Now

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Life's Ponderings

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Where do I go now for I feel that I am lost;

  have gone down so many roads and each one had it's cost.

Some that I have traveled have just been simply great;

  while others were miserable and just not worth the wait.


Some taught me lessons I would have rather not learned;

  others gave me happiness for which I had yearned.

The ones that left me feeling like I'd been hit by a train;

  those I would rather just flush down the drain.


Now I feel empty and don't know which way to go;

  feel like I have fallen into a deep and dark hole.

I want to get back out of that there is no doubt;

  but try as I may I cannot find my way out.


It's lonely down here but I don't let anyone in;

  because then they too would be caught up in the spin.

Time goes by faster and faster each day;

  these demons inside I know I simply must slay.


Need to move forward and try another road;

  get on with my life is what I have been told.

First I must leave this abyss into which I've fallen;

  stand up, dust off and listen to whatever is calling.


But the hold that this darkness seems to have on me now;

  is so hard to break free of  and I just don't know how.

I  will not give up and someday this will pass;

  hopefully I will get it right and not fall on my ass.





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