Night's Magical Journey with audio

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Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Oh hello there my friend, yes please come on in;

was just wondering earlier where you had been.

Yes I am ready, please just give me a minute;

getting some coffee, with a little Bailey's in it.

I'll just turn off the lights and the candles are lit;

the silence is golden, I need more of it.

So where will you take me on this cold lonely night;

oh I am sure that I will enjoy the flight.

In the woods walking with my grandfather holding my hand;

yes I do know he was a wonderful man.

I can hear the leaves crunching as we walk along;

we are smiling and happy and singing a song.

I am so glad you have chosen to now bring me here;

for this is another that I truly hold dear.

That tiny little face and those sweet innocent eyes;

the tiny hand holding mine and that first little cry.

The joy in my heart that day knew no bounds;

amazing how in a moment your life can turn around.

Where will we go now, we've time for just one more;

oh that one would be perfect let's open that door.

Those eyes were so blue and his ways were so charming;

the way that I felt was kind of alarming.

A first love oh so sweet, all about this was new;

it wasn't meant to last and after a while we both knew.

My goodness time flies when these trips we do take;

but night is now over and the dawn soon will break.

The journey this time was magical and lovely for sure;

for whatever was ailing me this was surely the cure.

The peaceful contentment of memories past;

our mind's simple treasures that forever will last.

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