Accident in blue area

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A little boy. An accident.

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



This story is about  a guy who has psychic powers,.He hears voices in his head telling him what other people are thinking about him and the visions sometime show him a beautiful woman.He wakes up with a huge headache and tries to get up but suffers from a new vision , this one is very vivid as it is happening infront of him. A small kid is crossing the road to catch his football from the main road. Then all of a sudden a car comes and runs him down.  The man wakes up sweating and the voices in his head getting louder and louder.Telling him to goto a certain area in the city.He stays for a minute trying to relax himself as the visions cause him a headache.  The voices get louder and tell him to goto the blue area (a certain area in islamabad, pakistan.   He goes to blue area and gets another vision clearly seeing everything before and after the accident.  He tries and looks for the kid in his vision and sees him .  He keeps his distance from the kid and waits for the right moment and before he knows it the football goes flying straight into the road and the little kid tries to run after it .  The kid is chasing after the ball and he is about to reach it when the man grabs him and saves him from almost getting run over.  The little boy hugs the man and says thank you very much.  From behind the same beautiful girl from his dreams comes infront of him and she says thank you so much for saving my little brother.  He says it was nothing , anyone else would do the samething.  The girl says he must come to their house so they can repay him.  He goes with them and into their house .  He feels like he has been here before. He then tries to talk to his 'voices' and asks them whether or not he has been here. No reply it is as the voices have vanished from his head.  Then out of nowhere he is kissing the girl in a bed .  He opens his eyes and sees her standing infront of him.  The two of them start to talk and the voices start to tell him that she thinks he is very good looking and she wants to make love with him.  He ignores the voices and tries to concentrate on what she is saying .  Then it is starting to get dark so he asks her if he should leave as it is getting very late .  She says stay for dinner so he stays.  He does , and all three of them have dinner .  He looks around and the house has furniture everywhere but no mirrors or pictures of anyone.  He asks her where their  parents are, she says that she doesnt want to talk about it.Then they are about to get close and he has a strange feeling as he shouldn't be here as there is something extremely wrong the voices have stopped and they never stop , not even in holy places like a church or mosque. 

But here for some reason they are not saying one word as they are scared of something .  He thinks he is extremely lucky to have gotten to know someone so intelligent and good looking.  After sometime one voice tells him to run out of the house .  He runs like a madman , the woman starts screaming by the top of her lungs and transforms into this ugly creature that is beyond description. He doesnt look back and keeps on running.  Out of nowhere the little boy appears and tells him to go back otherwise he will regret it.   He looks for his house nearby but i this fear and panic he has forgotten where he lives. No one answers but he feels this energy in him like he can defeat the whole world with his pinkie.  The witch comes after him and tries to come near him but cannot, she the recoils with fear as she realises he has been chosen by God , and he lifts his finger and the witch vanishes in thin air.




PS Dont try and save kids and not all women are beautiful in real life, they are much better in your dreams

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