Love Thy Neighbors

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Just love everyone like you would want to be loved/

Submitted: April 11, 2011

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Submitted: April 11, 2011



They say we are suppose to love thy neighbor, but how can we love thy neighbor when you can't  even love your self. God has given us a heart to love and feel

that special feeling. I think we all might take God for granit a bit, because were given this heart to love one another instead we use our hearts to hate with..

How selfish is that.. Has anyone stopped and thought about what has been done for us to have that heart. Next time your around a loved one rather it be your

mom, dad, brother, sister, daughter or son/ I think you all get the picture. Just put your ear up to there heart and listen to there heart beat, because its beating

love to you every second. The whole picture of this message is, that too many people seem to have hatered towards others and where does it get them, one

less beat towards being blessed another person to love. Family members seem to be out for each other and its not to love them, its to hate them. How can

that be.. What is wrong with this world.. They say in the bible that towards the end of living, family member will turn on each other.. Come on people, you

honestly going to tell me that you are letting the devil take over our world, out lives, our very own hearts. Stand up and realize that you are not the only one living

in this world and we all need to start standing as one instead of individual for God. He stands for all us. So why cant we stand together as  united and win this

world over.. As hard as it is for me to say this, sometimes we have to let hurtful things that have been done to us or said to us go. Because in the long run,

God will stand for them right along with me. To those who know who has hurt me in way, I stand here today and forgive u and will allow you to put your ear up

to my heartbeat and hear my love for you. I will pray for peace and love and pray for all those angered hearts.


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