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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Im hoping that someday that life can help another..

 Once upon a time....

 There was this girl who grew up in a small town. She was more on the shy side but she was pretty head strong, stood up for what she believed in. She didnt let

anyone stand in her way of beliefs. Once she got out of school and pretty much out into the real world, she started dating and seen that there was more out

there to offer her life than what she thought she had to settle for. She didnt think much of herself, but one day her night and shining armor appeared. One night

she was out cruising the town with her friends and kept passing this handsome young man, needless to say she thought, he wouldnt be interested in me.. But

her friends and her stopped by another friends house and didnt have a clue the handsome young man was living there also. So she had the chance to meet

him and be yound her own reconition, they fell madly in love and got married and had two beautiful children. They had there hard times but they had more good

than any. But some how life got away from both of them and they started to slip away from each other not having a clue of what was ahead of them. Her

love of her life sadly died in a car accident and left his wife and children behind. She was beside her self but she put one foot forward and than another and

another and she made it. She raised her children to the best of her ability and did everything she could to make sure they grew up in a normal household. She

never did look for another love, She thought that God had gave her dream to her and how dare her ask for him to bless her with another love. She worked full

time, even went back to school and got her associates degree in buiness administration. She was proud. She never took time away from her kids though. Dont

get me wrong, she dated a few guys but they were not her bag. One day though she meant a man and moved out of state and the strange thing about that is,

she has always wanted to get out of her little ol town she grew in. So she took and ran but did she really love the man, I think she loved him as a person and far

as in love, she took the distance and the adventure and just seen where it was gonna take her. Well it ddint take her only but to kick him out and send him back

and that she did. She felt like she just didnt belong with anyone but than agian one day she meant another man, well he made her shine and she was in love

with him, they married and he went off to Iraq for the millitary. She was sad but she knew that he was her new love. Sadly that didnt work either. What is wrong

with this picture.. She thought what am I doing wrong? Wear do I belong. She was so hurt that she let herself turn into another mans arms. Oh she was so

happy, he treated her so well, made her feel like she was in a fairy tail, he would take her hand and dance under the moon and stars, wine her  and made her

feel so special that she lost herself in him with out even knowing. It kind of snuck up on her, She had five great months with him and thought this is my new love,

the man Im supposed to be with. He showed her so many new things that she never had been able to experience. He took her fishing, hunting, four wheeling,

even swam with the alligators. So can you see how she got all caught up in him and forgot about everything. One day all that turned around with no warning ,the

man she thought again was her love turned on her and became abusive emotionaly, verbally, mentally and than began physically. He took every breath and

every inch of her away and she had nothing to fight with. She was a prisonor of his own game. He did things to her that was uncalled for and for her they will

always remain with her and only her.. She went on like this for at least eight months and so by than she had no fight, only fear. She knew it was only going to get

worst as time went on, but she didnt have the fight in her to fight him back. The control that he had over her was out of this world. One night she had gotten up

and looked in the mirror and what she seen scared her to death. And death is what she seen. Maybe it was a sign from God, just a little nudge. After that night, I

believe that is when she had gotten enough strength back in her to fight back. And fight back, that she did. She yelled back in his face, she let him know she was

more than what he was making her. God lifted her up an said shout, shout and fight back for your life or you will have no life to fight for. Boy did she fight. Pretty

amazing when he was so much taller than her and she stood taller and up to his nose. She prayed and prayed to God to keep her safe and to take her home to

her kids. She started to put things together without him knowing. She went around always scared to death that he was followoing her or watching her while she

would be off to work. One day she went and opened a bank account without him knowing and with in a couple of months, God had blessed her with enough

money to come home with. She was a waitress and so she was able to sneak and put away a little bit at a time and she worked her butt off to make over the

ordinary tips. She even had a table where the older people only had a a few quarters for her tips and they appolized to her because they were at the end of the

month and pinching pennys. She told them that she felt blessed just by those few quarters, she told them that those quarters were going to let her get out of

situation that she needs to. She didnt need to go into details with the couple, they felt her need. She went on that night with her shift and the couple said that

when she had time to stop back by there table and so she did. The man said put your hand under the table, I have something for you. And so she did and in her

hands was a roll of quarters that they gave up. She could of fell to her knees in tears. Those people were merely sent by God. That is how She started to save

money. So dont ever think that a penny, nickle, dime, or a quarter cant ever save your life. It did hers. She would get more and more stronger as the more money

she saved. She felt it. She knew she had to continue on with getting things set with out him knowing it. She boxed all the stuff she knew she couldnt live with like

pictures and special objhects that had memories that couldnt be replaced. She just told him that she want her kids to have that stuff and so she boxed up all of

it and had by the door waiting for her. She had high expectation for amount she wanted to save up to come home but she always prayed to God to at least let

mer have enought just to get home and thank God, he did. One night after working a long shift, she comes home and hes so mad at her because she never

called him to tell him that she was on her way home. She had to do this all the time. But her phone had been acting up and she was unable to call him. So

when she got home, he asked why didnt you call me, and she replied that she wasnt able to and showed him that it showed emergency calls only. He flipped

out, he thought she was lieing to him and started knocking her around and next thing she knows shes on the floor, she gives all her might to get up and away

from him and runs to the car. Shes sobbing her heart out in fear thinking she might not be able to make it to the car but she did. She got in and drove to the shed

and tried to grab the boxes and they were so heavy that she just fell to the ground crying and still knowing that she had to get up and get them in her car and get

out of there. The strength in her appeared again and she drove off and never turned back. She had been gone and away from her family now for almost 3 years.

Knowing that her kids and family were at the end of the road, she kept going and going till she got there. She could hardly wait till she was there and felt safe.

She doesnt always feel safe but in time she will. She had alot of stuff to go through and alot of baggage that she needs to get out of her mind before she is well

but I have faith in her that she will be just fine because she is a survivior. Thank you to my kids and to my family for supporting me threw this.. And thank you God

for giving me the strength to survive..



Submitted: April 11, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Sherryl. All rights reserved.

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