A.DAM Shame

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Submitted: March 20, 2010

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Submitted: March 20, 2010



By shervell A. Jones
Dedicated to mom, dad, my brothers and sisters, my family, and all the staff at paec high school for putting up with the worst attendance record ever.
The old saying is “only the strong survive” and yet “the meek shall inherit the earth.” A powerful contradiction on such a strong statement about how a person’s strength in any context determines his places in this power crazed world we live in. Does it mean that? Those who are strong shall inevitably goes so far before the meek climbs from underneath the weight of their own meekness and claim a predestined place at the top of the world?
Or does it mean that the strong were never strong to begin with and was only meant to? Keep the seat warm to the truly strong? But what about the fact that the meek has just become strong? Doesn’t that mean that the meek has therefore given up their inheritance of the world for their own sense of new found courage and pride that comes with feeling being truly strong? And also how does one that they're truly strong? Is it measured in Strength? Intelligence? Wisdom? Power?, Or simply who’s liked by the most people who are parts of the world that will be inherited? In the end the real question is: who decides who’s powerful and who’s not?
Now that I have your attention, think about this scenario? Imagine you’re walking down the street, continuing your routine of normality, when suddenly out of nowhere a notebook appears. You stand there for a moment to grasp the idea that a seemingly normal composition book just appeared out of nowhere in front of your very eyes. Now your first thought says run away from this impossible situation, but something about this book lures you, as if it speaking.
As if it was saying “pick me up, open me, so that you shall inherit the power of knowledge that I possess.” So you slowly open the book, caution and aware that this may just be a prank by some guy and that he’s watching this just to waiting for you to open it, realize it’s a prank, and throw the book down to the ground in embarrassment. The book’s open. Nothing so far. You read the first page and it says something like out of fantasy novel, “to you, who have opened this book; have just inherited a powerful friend and ally from here forth.”
You continue to read the book with mixed feelings towards the whole thing. Half intrigued and half amused at what seems to someone’s idea of a prank. It says “what I am is a tome of desires, fortune, and paradise. Anything that you want or desire, I will provide on the spot and all you have to do is write it down.” What would you do? Would write something down to test it? Or would you laugh, throw the book away, and let someone else suffer the brief humility if doesn’t work?
Well, this story will be about just that scenario. You will read about five people of different lifestyles who will grasp power beyond the imagination of the human mind and how they use it. And who am I? For now you may call me the narrator, as cliche and as obvious as it sounds, and I will be your guide.. Prepare yourself for a journey into the deepest desires of the human mind and to ask yourself: what would you do with all the power in the world?
Story One:
A. Dam Shame
It was an unimaginable battle.
Trees turned to cinder.
Grass scorched from the very earth itself.
Any sign of life, if they had any intelligence or even the slightest bit of survival instinct, have fled for the lives.
The only thing left is the two men locked in the a once in a lifetime battle.
Sweat beads down their faces and mixes with the blood from the cuts and gashes made from their respective attacks, but even though they’re beaten, battered, and bloodied, neither will give up. To give up now would mean death for one of them.
“You truly are a worthy opponent, Adam Daniels,” said one of the men, as he drew in another breath. He was preparing himself for another attack. “This battle is more fun than thought it would be.”
Adam was almost completely out of energy and his body had seen better days. There was a huge gash going down his back and the cut above his eye, while shallow, was bleeding profusely, but he wouldn’t let that get in his way.
“Then why stop ?!!!!” Adam screamed, as he lunged towards his opponent.
Adam threw a right hook at his opponent’s mid-section, only to have his opponent counter by snaking his arm around the blow, stopping it from connecting. Adam’s opponent quickly used this opportunity to deliver a series of one-handed uppercuts to Adam’s stomach, each one blowing out a fist-sized hole out of the back of Adam’s shirt.
Adam reached out and grabbed his opponent’s shirt and pulled him into a devastating head butt, that opened a new cut on his opponents face. The momentum of the two heads colliding sent Adam’s opponent reeling in pain. Adam took advantage of his opponent’s state and proceeded to tackle him through a nearby rock formation. Then, using the momentum from the tackle, Adam’s opponent grabbed the back of Adam’s head and drilled it into the ground.
While falling to the ground, Adam used his position to a hard mule-kick into his opponent’s jaw, sending him skidding away from Adam. Adam quickly using his opponent’s moment of temporarily weakness was the right moment to use nail him and finish this match with a thunderous hay maker, but before Adam could even get close, his opponent’s right fist came swinging forward, sending a burst air towards Adam’s mid-section, and ironically knocking the air out of him.
“So are we having fun yet?” Bellowed Adam’s opponent, as he favored his right side.
Adam looked up to his opponent and flashed a devilish grin.
“Stupid, I've been having fun since this fight began,” screamed Adam, as he ran towards his opponent.
From that moment on, the fight continued to escalate as the two warriors started abandoning any styles they’d learned and began to just brutalizing each other. Every attack was to vital areas and organs. Every once of strength and will was diverted to knocking the other out. Any ideas of holding back were pushed out their minds by the prospect of defeat. The very terrain they battled on seemed insignificant to them as the once tree-filled area was now as barren as a desert land, but that didn’t matter to them. They could battled underwater not care about drowning because the thought of losing was worse than death.
As Adam took and gave the great beating that was taking place between the two, he couldn’t be happier. The thought of fighting a truly strong person, having battled for his life, knowing the full meaning of existence at this very moment was to beat this person and go onto the next more powerful opponent waiting in the wings, and knowing that no matter what he couldn’t fail as long as he didn’t want to. It was paradise.
With the final moments of their battle drawing closer, both combatants drew back from each other and began charging all their strength into one final blow. All their strength. All their power. All their will into this final strike that would decide their fight. Techniques, styles, discipline, even type of attack didn’t matter now. With this, someone was going to fall. They were no longer fighting with their lungs, heart, or even with their bodies. They were fighting with their spirit completely fueling their every movement. The very existence of the other was motivating the two more than any reward or prize could ever hope to.
Adam poured his all into his right fist as he glowed a menacing dark red and the ground cratered around him. His opponent charged all his power into his left fist as he glowed a dark blue, creating the same crater in the ground around himself.
Now is the moment.
Both fighters run towards each other.
Fist glowing leaving an energy trail behind them.
The same thought going through of their minds.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
They’ve now reached each other, inch away from defeating the other.
“No way I'm going to lose this way,” thought Adam, his fist centimeters away from his opponent’s face. “Nothing could ruin this moment.......
“And as you can see, class, we’ve come a long way from the invention of the wheel to the creation of sophisticated machines that allows us to basic do anything we can imagine,” the teacher explained to obviously uninterested class.
The one who was most inattentive was Adam Daniels, who was fast asleep at his desk, behind the book he’d stood in front of him. Adam was the proverbial king of the slackers and dreamers. He spent most of his school day sleeping, reading his manga or staring outside the windows. He would imagine that he was a manga character traveling around the world with his hot girlfriend with an absurdly big bosom fighting guys who want to prove their worth by challenging him to a fast-paced and intense martial arts fight because he was either famous for his transcendent skill of the arts or his father was an even more famous martial artist that mysteriously disappeared some years ago.
“Yeah, that would be the life, “ he thought, as he peeked through his arms to see his teacher, Mr. Johnson, still continue on with his speech on the marvels of modern technology. “At least I wouldn’t have to sit here and listen to this lecture that he’s been droning about since he discovered how to work his I-pod. He hated how smug teacher could be sometimes. They sit there at their desks either reading or relaxing while telling the students to do work. Not to mention the teachers who weren't even qualified to teach.
"How can you teach a kid when you yourself have to consult the answer guide ?," Adam thought. He knew nobody knew all the answers, but he didn't like how some of his teachers pretended to smarter than the kids they taught because of that book. As much as Adam disliked school, he couldn't do anything about it. He would sit there with his head in his arms, either sleeping or relaxing, while some teacher droned on about how this explained that. The whole idea of school to Adam was simple. To learn as much as you could so that you may or may not succeed in life.
As Adam’s mind drifted back to reality, he relived how his normal life was anything less than exciting. His father, David Daniels, was naval lieutenant who died in a car accident a couple months after Adam was born. Even though Adam couldn't really remember him, Adam loved hearing about him. On The day school was too boring to stand, Adam would reminiscence about the story his grandparents would tell him about him as a kid.
 According to his mother and his grandparents, Adam kind of reminded them of him. The ever-optimistic joker who never took anything serious except the navy. They would tell him how his father always had his head in the clouds. How he would literally sit on the roof and looked at the clouds go by. How sometimes for no apparent reason, He would just smile as if he had just heard a funny joke. How he had a funny way of laughing like a hyena being tickled.
His grandfather would always interrupt his grandmother by saying things like how he was as stubborn as he was lazy. That he always knew that boy's spirit was too annoying for god himself, so god sent him back to him in his grandson. He would say how it was uncanny how they both ticked him off. He once told Adam a story about how how his father joined the navy.
He'd say " The Idiot never like to listen to me. I would tell him to cleaned his room and in a hour, I'd come back to peek in the room and he would just be sitting there reading comics. I'd tell him to go to the store to pick up milk and he'd drink the milk on the way home. So one day I got tired of it and I told him to get out and don't come back till he learned to obey his old man. And Do you know what he did that very same afternoon ? He joined the navy. 
Adam would always laughed at the way his grandfather would get mad about it. "That Idiot son of mine was a no good, irresponsible, reckless, meat head who never took anything seriously." And that was the moment, Adam knew how much his grandfather loved his son because at that moment he would walk over, hug Adam, and, with tears in his eyes, would say "But he was my son and everyday I hear that funny laugh of his in my heart. Even in death, that meat head still get to me."
His mother was a different story.
 His mother, Patricia Daniels, was a lawyer or a glorified liar for hire as Adam liked to call her. She was the stern, rules by the book type of person that would always emphasize structure and order. Patricia was blunt and brutally honest with her clients. She was always telling Adam to grow up; stop living with his head up his butt, and to stop sleeping in class.
Adam had once asked his mother why did she marry his father. Adam, for the life of him, could not figure out how someone like her and someone like him could love each other. She would say “he tricked me into marrying him. He made a bet with me that if I could go one date with him without smiling, I would have to go on another, and that he would make the same bet every time.....”
Then her normally tough exterior would soften a little.
“...and every time he would make me smile. So one day after our 100th date, He bet me that If he could make me smile everyday for the rest of my life, Then I would have to marry him. So he did and I did.”
By the end of the story, her tough exterior softened. It turned into that of a teenage girl talking about her first date..
“That's how he tricked me. He knew he could always make me smile.....that he could always make me laugh......”
Then she would find her inner hardass again. “So stop giving your teachers such a hard time and grow up to be at least half the man he was.”
“If she was here, she wouldn’t say that,” Adam thought, as he tried to get comfortable in his arms. “She’d tell to shut up and start teaching something that actually has something to do with history.”
Adam didn’t have a good standing with any teacher in his school. They saw him as a slacker who never seemed to put his all into anything and Mr. Johnson was no different. The only thing different between him and the rest of his teachers was that Mr Johnson was the only one who actually talked about him. The other knew about Adam’s ways and shrugged them off, but Mr Johnson made it his personal business to alert Adam’s mother whenever he did something wrong, didn’t do his homework, or when he just plain didn’t like what Adam was doing. He even had her cell phone number.
His least favorite class, Mr Johnson’s eighth period history class. “I mean class, think about the days where this next thing I'm about to show wasn’t used?” Mr. Johnson reached into his desk and pulled out what looked like a hand held speaker. He walked over to Adam’s desk, placed it in front of him, and walked back to his desk. He held up what looked like a game show buzzer and pressed the blue button on the top. At that exact same moment, a loud shrill buzzing noise came from the speaker, which would wake Adam and any of his other sandman-assaulted classmates. “Isn’t technology fun,” Mr Johnson proclaimed, earning a roomful of laughs.
“Was it good dream, mister Daniels?”
Adam gave no answer.
“Mister Daniels?”
Adam still gave no answer.
As the class showed concern at Adam’s non-responsive state, Mr Johnson walked over to Adam’s desk to see the problem. He removed the book from in front of Adam to see that Adam was indeed still sleep. “Should I go get the nurse?” Said a worried girl in the corner of the class. Mr. Johnson let out a sigh as he finally saw why Adam wasn’t responding. “No, that won’t be necessary,” he said, as he reached into Adam’s ears and pulled out a pair of blue earplugs.
The class broke out in laughter as Mr Johnson’s glowed bright red as the realization. Adam didn’t have many friends, so he felt that any laugh he could get from his classmates was a good laugh. He employed tactics so often he was now called “Adam funny bone” by his classmates, but while these antics were funny to his classes, they simply irritated his teachers, especially Mr Johnson.
“ Mr. Daniels!!!!!” Adam jumped abruptly out of his sleep. “Yes, Mr Johnson,” Adam groggily asked, as he rose from his slumber. Mr. Johnson put the ear plugs in his pocket. “What was I just telling the class,” he asked Adam with his usual disdain. The emergence of a smile on Adam’s face didn’t helped the situation.
“You were talking about the wonders of technology from the invention of the wheel to the creation of sophisticated machines to allow us to basically do anything we can imagine,” Adam answered with smuggest of looks. The undertones of giggles and laughter at Mr Johnson’s expense didn’t help.
“Good guess,” Mr Johnson said through gritted teeth. “Now guess what you’ll be doing after school?”
The room suddenly filled with sounds of at least 30 oohs. Adam eyed the door with a sly look in his eye. “Running for you and school security while dodging over 300 students leaving at the same time,” Adam prophesied, as he gripped his book bag tightly.
“Then running home, go into my room, turn on my tv, and watch some anime.”Mr. Johnson looked awkwardly at Adam .
“When do you plan to do that?,” He asked, as he tried to decipher whether Adam was kidding or not. Adam looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:45. “Well, I was thinking.....,”Said Adam , as the bell rang behind him. “Now!!”
Suddenly, Adam, as fast as he could, sprinted out the door and down the hall with Mr Johnson in full pursuit. Adam slide around hallway corners, ran upstairs, downstairs, and still could not get any distance between him and the obviously in better shape than he thought teacher. Adam looked back at his pursuer. “Man, how can a 140 pound 40 year old man who smokes.....,” Adam thought, as he kept his pace. “And drinks be so fast.”
As Adam came to the stairs leading down to the second floor, he pulled a risky move. He quickly jumped down all sixteen steps. While Adam glided down in mid air, Mr Johnson couldn’t help but be impressed by this feat. Adam was equally shocked. “Not everyday a 5’7, 253 pound guy do this,” he thought to himself. The jubilation ended when Adam landed and felt a sharp pain in left leg. He quickly went down to one knee grasping his leg as he saw Mr Johnson making his way down the stairs. Adam sucked up the pain and kept on running.
Adam’s plan started to develop major flaws in it. He was out of breath, his lung were killing him, and his trump card that he had planned on was still a few minutes away. He didn’t plan on Mr Johnson being this fast, or the jump down the stairs, or hurting his leg in the process, but one thing did go as predicted. Right in front of Adam was school security, stopping him dead in his tracks.
“Damn, this I had to right about,” Adam thought, as he tried to think of a way out of his current predicament. “Time for the trump card.”
“End of the line, Mr Daniels,” Mr Johnson said with a wide grin on his face. “You should’ve just taken the easy route.” Adam looked down at watch.
“Actually...,” Adam said, with confidence. “I’d rather take the rush hour.”
At that moment, the classroom right next to them opened and a flood of teenagers poured into the hallway, completely cutting off the security and Mr Johnson from Adam . Adam used them as a human smokescreen, slipping right past Mr Johnson and the security. After he had gotten a safe distance from them, he looked back at the trio.
“See you guys tomorrow,” he laughed, as he ran the hallway and out the door. As Adam walked home, he mused about what he had done. “It don’t any better than this,” he thought sarcastically, as he limped home. “Ow, man I think I blew my leg out.”
He walked at least three blocks before he finally got home. As he limped up the stairs to his front porch, he leaned over the side of the rail to see if his mother’s car was in the driveway. As if right on cue, there was her brand new hybrid car that she said was her way of saying “f.U” to corporate fat cats who make money off the sufferings of others.
Ironically, she was a high end lawyer for some of those corporate fat cats. Adam thought for a moment about going inside, facing the music, and standing up for himself like a man, but then he remembered that his mother wasn’t a lawyer for nothing. She could tell through a lie in a second, tell you her side of it, and then make you think that you were the one in the wrong. He was already in pain. He didn’t need the agony of sitting in front of her two hours while she lectured him about how he should take things more seriously and stop joking around all the time. That was more pain than he could take at the moment.
“Now that I think about it, I did leave my windows open......,” Adam thought, as he contemplated climbing through his second floor window. “And as soon as I'm in, I can ice my leg, laid down for a while, and she’d never notice a thing.”
Adam knew the one way he would be able to get in the house without having to go through that. He quietly limped back down the stairs, around the to the side of the house, and made himself a make shift stand out of garbage to climb into the guest room window. As he climbed upon the garbage can to get through the windows, he accidentally put too weight on his injured leg, causing it to give out and Adam to fall down to earth so to speak. From there on, the pain in his leg went into overdrive, leaving him to swallow his pride(and his pain) and simply call his mother to come help him from his cellphone.
Three hours later at the hospital, after an embarrassing tale of how he came to fracture his his leg, Adam’s mother gave him the tip of iceberg that was his punishment.
“No more anime, no more manga, no more t.V....,” She screamed, as she helped him to the car. “Hell, I'm debating whether I want you to even have air!” Adam couldn’t help but let out a small giggle at what his mother just said.
“You honestly think this is funny?...,” She said, giving her worst scowl she could. “In one day you managed to get kick out of school, get an innocent teacher suspended, nearly break your leg......”
Adam suddenly got a chill up his spine, as if he was staring down a angry wolf ready for supper.
“And you think this is funny?”
Adam’s mother closed to his side and walked around to the driver’s side. She opened the door and as she got in the car, Adam noticed something in her hand that wasn’t there when she was helping him in the car. It looked like a glass paperweight.. “When did you pick this up?...,”She asked, as she handed him the round orb. “Wasn’t it before or after you decided you were jason Bourne?”
Adam looked at the ball. He didn't remember putting a paperweight in his book bag or even getting a paperweight to begin with.
“This is not mine,” Adam told his mother. “Of course it is,” she said, as she started the car. “I found it in your coat pocket when I pulled you off the ground.”
“It’s not,” he said. He showed the round object to his mother. “Ever the first grade when that kid stole my backpack, I write my name on everything of mine.”
She looked the orb up and down. “Maybe you forgot with this one,” she said. “Besides, how could write you name on a glass ball?’
As Adam put the orb into his coat pocket, he noticed a strange light that emanated it. It kinda bothered Adam. This sorta thing always happens in his manga books. The main character picks up something that he thinks is just a normal object, but it turns out to be a mystical artifact the turns his life upside-down. Adam could almost feel that something was wrong with it.
“Probably just the reflection ,” He thought, as he laid back for the drive. "Or maybe it's just the morphine the doctor gave me."
It was about thirty minutes into the drive before his mother even looked at him. He could feel the usual speech coming on, but for some reason this one felt different. Her facial expression wasn’t an angry one. It was more of disappointed with a touch of guilt. Even the way she drove was different. Usually she was impulsive driver, swerving and weaving. She had figured that since she was such a great driver and that if anyone she got into accident with would have to take her to court, she always figured she was in the clear as far aspect of life went, but now it was cautious and distracted. Adam studied her face and at first glance could tell what she was thinking. She was going through the entire scenario in her head from every point, logic, and reasoning, a trait that made her a juggernaut in the legal world, but her to use it against her own son meant that she was seriously bothered by what he had done. Adam felt as though this time he’d gone to far.
After what seemed to be an eternity of driving and silent contemplating, Adam felt as though he should make the first move and at least break the awkward and ominous silence of the stalemate that was the ride home. He thought about cracking a joke, but realized that at this moment a joke would kill any chance of leiancy he was hoping to obtain.
Suddenly, Adam’s mom’s expression changed from the thinker to the aggressor. The car suddenly became her ground. There were no more rules, no more jokes, and no more excuses. All that was left was her way and her time to speak. Adam imagined himself taking the stand in a court where his mother was the judge, jury, and if needed, the executioner. She was everywhere. She was the bailiff, she was the court stenographer, and she was even the court sketch artist. Adam knew that the best way to handle a situation like this was to present a strong front, stand his ground, and try to get the jury behind him so that the judge would have no choice but to either obliged to the juries ruling or remove them self from the bench or in this case, get his mother to drop the subject and goes to another one.
“Mom, look I'm sorry,” he said to her with the most sincere tone.
“Just what were you thinking ?”
“I just wanted get outta there like sensui ruiga.”
“Who is that ,” she asked, knowing she would regret the answer.
“He’s the main character of brawler bound high”
“One of your manga comics.”
“He doesn’t care what the teachers say, he does what he wants and anybody who has a problem with it can take it up with his fist.”
“Adam ......”
“He doesn’t have to put up with it,” he said, interrupting his mother.
“So why do I ?”
His mother looked at him through the side of her vision. From the angle, Adam saw the look in his mother’s eyes and saw a rare soft moment where she would actually regret saying something that had to be said not for the good of her case, but for the good of her son.
“Look Adam , I love you, but when will you learn that life is not like one of those anime books you read,” she explained to him. “You can’t do what you want, say what you want, and expect no repercussion.”
Adam could feel it in his heart that his mother was actually concerned. Usually she would shrug it off and say something like “get your ass in line” or “you’re wasting all of your potential”, but this time, evident by the long silence beforehand, she knew there was no way of avoiding the truth. It was either tell her son the truth or let him continue killing himself for the sake of living in a fantasy where he was excluded from repercussions and consequences. Deep down in her heart of hearts, she knew this one of those moments where her child would temporarily, but truly hate her.
“You can barely lift your book bag, you don’t have the rep to be a bad boy, and you nearly broke your leg trying to be like this senshi.....”
“But nothing..,” She said, as the car pulled into the driveway. “Don’t you want friends, a girlfriend, a life.....”
Adam felt insulted by the way his mother presented him. Adam had thought about those things. Going on dates with that special girl, crashing parties with his group of friends that was famous for bring the life to the party, and even going to school and having the teachers see as a worthwhile individual because he was a straight a student and had many academic accolades, but as much as he wanted that life, he knew that as impossible as trying to move at the speed of light. He wasn’t the most popular guy, or the most handsome, or even the smartest. He felt as though his life had more meaning if he just lived it with his head in the clouds because at least then he at least had a label other than “the fat loner who sat by himself at lunch and always wore the same hoodie everyday.” High school for him was all about how high could keep his head in the clouds.
“You might this whole comic reading loner thing is your identity, but it’s not,” she said. “And believe you’re not the only one out there.”
“It’s called manga.”
“It’s called paper, ink, and an imagination gone wrong.”
“Why do you always push for me to do stuff I don’t want to do ?,” Asked Adam, as he raised from his seat. “Why do you want to be something I'm not ?”
“Cause at then you’d be something and going somewhere!!!,” Adam’s mother screamed, as she brought the car to screeching halt in front of the house. “Cause maybe then I wouldn’t have to worry so much about you and what the hell you’re going to do with your life!!!!”
Those words hit Adam with the force of a thousand comic books. At that moment, he saw his mother somberly walk back to her table saying “the defense rests its case, your honor.”
“So basically you’re saying that I'm nothing,” Adam said, as he grabbed his crutches from the backseat. “That I'm doing nothing and going nowhere.”
“That’s not what I'm saying.......”
“Then what are you saying ?”
“I’m saying that you can’t live you life like those books, they have people to write their destiny, you don’t.”
And there it was. The words that were always in the back of his head brought to life by his mother’s blunt and blatant call on his life. He couldn’t believe his mother just said that to him. That about him. He got out of the car as quickly as he could with a injured leg, found his way into the house, and made his way upstairs to his room, where he changed out of his clothes, all while ignoring his mother’s pleads to just listen and hear her out. To Adam, there was nothing she could that would take the sting out of what she had just said to him. All he wanted to do was get changed and get in the bed. As painful as it was to change with a fractured leg, the comments that his mother had said to him in the car and the memory of it would always feel worse.
About an hour, Adam felt hungry. he decided to drag himself out of bed and get himself something to eat, thinking maybe if he got something into his stomach, he would probably feel better. He dragged his plastered leg across the upstairs hallway as he made his way past his mother room, which he made sure to be extra quiet so as not to make her come out and ask him what he was doing. As he made his way downstairs, he began to see the error of trying to get plastered leg down hardwood carpet stairs. The pain itself was excruciating, but the constant “thump” down the stairs was making his simple task harder with every step.
“Adam , do you want something to eat ?,” His mother screamed upstairs.
A surprised Adam stood awestruck at the mid

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