Shakespeare Was Right When He Said Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

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Submitted: July 14, 2019

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Submitted: July 14, 2019



Khay-r looked at Jerry May through the misty train window. She never changed…even a bit. Brushing against her rubicund cheeks, she’s always loved her chestnut brown hair, let alone that messy fishtail she would do with her crown. And he could tell, her deep set eyes – those beautiful deep set eyes that could easily disgrace even the prettiest celestial body in the heavens– were twinkling in electric blue.

For certain, she was his Aphrodite – his only Aphrodite.

Jerry May smiled at him. The smile was sweet like honeysuckle. Nonetheless, there was some pain in it.

In a while, tears streamed down his cheeks. Inevitable reminiscences began flicking before his eyes – their late-night talks under the stars, their honest promises through kisses, their beautiful rides in roads and in life. They had the best seconds together. But not until they found themselves fighting for their lives in a spinning car. A loud crash was heard. Only one survived.

“I have to let you go now,” he grimaced. “I know, you want me to be happy. Your ship has sailed away; I think it’s high time to take my ride as well.”

The train began whistling away.

“Goodbye,” they both whispered.

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