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this is just a little bit of information about me
and a thank you note for all my fans who keep following my stories :D and obviously encouraging others to start reading my stories

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



well my name is angie :) im 18 years old nd im a senior in highschool.

im a very nice, friendly, outgoing person

i love to talk and laugh i have like the loudest laugh ever lol

im a really smart person (not bragging) lol and i love to write

i think its like a passion for me because i get to express my feelings

i also get from my stories what i dont have

i hope you all enjoy my novels and short stories

my work is for the interest and enjoyment of the readers

and obviously my enjoyment of writing them :)


i was on this site before called mobamingle

i started publishing my stories there and they were a great hit

i mean my stories were in the top three for the longest time

most of the time they were number one :)

i got to be the number one author for a period of time on the website world wide (apprx. 1/67,000) i think if not more

i got up to 418 fans and my stories got more than 30,000 reads and 10,000+ bookmarks.

im really proud of all this ^ seriously

unfortunately this website was cancelled for reasons that are unknown.

that is why i decided to continue my writing here since the fans were

filling up my facebook notifications with "i love your novel keep me updated" "when and where are you gonna finish it" lol

i am thankful for all the fans and admiration i get with my novels

thank you guys for making me believe i have a future in this, that my novels are great, and that im an incredible writer

this means so much too me :D


so really encourage you to keep reading my novels and if you havent read any

well i hope you can start to and let me know how im doing

for the mean time i am working in more novels to post up

thank you guys, ang :D

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