What?! I'm in Love With my Best Friend... Once again!

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time went by and that relationship that started with the kiss we shared on his birthday had diminished into nothing. we had decided it would be better as friends since it was akward dating our best friend. we decided to let that chapter of our life forgotten and continue our beautiful friendship... Until one day a spark rose from the ashes.

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



"Maya its great to see you again after all this time! I had some difficulty getting here but its all good!" I told Maya as we walked up the drive way of her new home. They had moved to this beautiful new house her brother David had just bought. I hadnt seen them in ages! Well it was actually three months but it felt like for ever. The relationship i had started with Danny out of the blue on June lasted only till september. We decided to call it quits even thou neither of us had a reason for it. We were happy but we decided to be friends. I was fine with it, he was fine with it. I stopped seing them in the end of September but i still talked to them on the phone, texted, or facebook. So now it January, a brand new year and i get to see my beloved friend Maya and well obviously Danny too. "I know i know we moved really far away but im really glad you made it! Im so happy to see you!" She hugged me. "I know me too!" I smiled. We went inside to her room. "Mother look who came to visit!" She yelled when we entered the room. "Aww mija its so nice to see you again!" She stood up and gave me a big hug. "Its very nice to see you to!" I said. "Well, we'll be in Danny's room in case you need us!" Maya said and dragged me to the room next door.

We had lots of catching up to do so we chatted while playing on the Wii. "So when is Danny coming home from work? I havent seen that kid in like forever!" I said. "You miss him dont you?!" She said with a wicked smile. "Well of course i do, just as i missed you!" I said. "He wont be home soon..." She said. "So lets go make a sandwich, im really hungry!" She said. We stood and went to the kitchen. While Maya was making our sandwiches, David came out of his room. He just stood there and stared at me. "Yes David may i help you?" I laughed. "You!" He said. "Yes me, the one and only! Didnt you miss me?!" I said. "No not really..." He said then laughed. "Youre horrible!" I laughed. "So anyways what are you doing here, Danny's not home?" He asked. "I didnt come to see Danny, well i did, but i mostly came to see Maya!" I said. "Yeah yeah! Whatever!" He said and started walking away. "You, sir, should get over it already! That was ages ago, nobody remembers! I laughed."Yeah i liked you better as my sister in law now youre just grouchy!" He chuckled and walked away. "Gosh David your horrible!" I laughed.

So Maya finished making the sandwiches and we went back to the room. We were just chilling and listening to music and talking. "You now what we should have a sleep over!" She said. "I know we totally should! It'd be super fun since weve never had one before!" I said. "Yes! We should do it tonight!" She said. "But its so out of the blue, i dont have clothes or anything!" I said. "It doesnt matter ill lend you some of mine even thou they fit you ginourmous!" She said and i laughed. "Fine fine let me call my mom to let her know," I said. After telling my mom and getting her approval me and Maya started to pull out some blankets and stuff. "Were are we going to be staying?" She asked. "Here in Danny's room," She said. "Wait what cant we stay in your room or in the living room?" I asked. "No, because my mother is sleeping in mine and theres no furniture or tv in the living room so we'll stay here!" She said and threw a blanket at me. So we setted a bunch of big blankets on the floor to make it warm and soft. This was gonna be so fun! Maya went into her room and brought back some seatpants for me to wear since i was wearing jeans. I went into the bathroom and changed, the sweatpants were big but extremely confortable.When I went back into the room i saw she had already changed into some pijamas. Suddenly we saw headlights flashing thru the window. "Ohh thats Danny who just got home from work!" She said and jumped up. We ran to the living room to greet him. In the kitchen were David and his wife Priscilla. I stood right in front of the door so we would see me first. He opened the door while looking down so he didnt notice me. "Hey bro!" Maya yelled as he turned to grab some stuff he had. He still hadnt notice me. "Hey..." He said then turning up to see me. "Hey you!" I smiled wide. "Hey Ang! What are you doing here?! I didnt expect you to be here!" He said and immediately dropped what he had and embraced me in a tight hug. "Im so happy to see you!" He said not letting go. "Aww thats love!" David joked from the kitchen and Priscilla told him to hush. He finally let me go. "How you been? Its been ages!" He said.

After he dropped of his stuff we all went to his room, Maya, him and I. "So i see blankets and all, Why?" He asked. "Im sleeping over!" I said. "Nice nice..." He said. So after a while of catching up and just chilling we decided it was time for bed since he had work the next day. I layed with Maya on the floor. "Why dont you sleep in my bed?" He asked. "Whoa, hello im in the room, nasties!" Maya laughed. "Wtf Maya!" I blushed. "No! Nasty! She can stay in my bed and ill stay on the floor!" He said. "Ohh! Well no i cant let you do that! ill sleep on the floor dont worry about it," I said. "No come on i insist!" He said. "Danny im gonna get mad at you! Ill sleep on the floor and thats final!" I said. "Fine fine!" He said and layed down. I layed with my head where Maya's feet where. I fell asleep all quick since I was really tired and they did too.

Around four in the morning Maya wakes up to go to the restroom. I never wake up at night! I felt her get up but didnt open my eyes. Out of nowhere i felt someone next to me. I thought Maya was back so i didnt make much of it. Then i felt hands around my waist. I got traumatized for like a second thinking it was Maya. I opened my eyes and saw it was Danny. I thought i was dreaming or something. "Wtf Danny?" I mumbled still a little confused. Maya walked into the room and saw Danny laying with me. She just went and layed on his bed and said nothing. "Danny what are you doing?" I asked. "Shh dont say anything..." He said putting his finger to my lips. He pulled me closer and kissed my lips softly. "Danny!!" I said. "I missed you, i hadnt seen you in so long!" He said. "I thought we had agreed to stay as friends!" I whispered. "I know i just cant help it," He whispered and gently grabbed my face. He planted another kiss on me but this time i kissed him back. I dont know why thou, i didnt mean too. I actually didnt want to, well i did, but at the same time i didnt. He pulled me closer to where there was no space between our bodies. "Danny..." I whispered. "Dont say anything just kiss me, I know you want too!" He whispered. I stared at him. He kissed me again. I kissed him back. Then we couldnt stop kissing. He slipped his hand under my shirt and rubbed my back. He then grabbed the elastic of the sweatpants but i pulled his hand off. He slid his hands down my thighs.

"Stop..." I said pulling his hand away. "Why?" He asked. "I dont want this, besides your sister is in the room, whats wrong with you?" I said. "Shes sleeping, besides how come you dont want this?" He asked. "Because i dont, if our previous "relationship" didnt ruin our friendship then this sure will!" I said.

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