Story of Another Us

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A story of another us, where things ended differently..

Submitted: February 27, 2018

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Submitted: February 27, 2018



I always wondered what it would be like if there were a place out there where we made the choices we didn't made here. 

A parallel universe, if you will. 

Everybody always say, "Oh, it's not your fault!"

But they don't know the whole story. It really was my fault. You might think, "oh another love story where the stupid girl leaves the boy because she thought he was cheating on her, and now she regrets it!" 

I really wish it's that simple, but it's not. 

I lost him…somebody who made me whole again and I can never get him back... 


March 6th 2015 


"Alex, it's not that easy to forget"

I sighed, stuffing my hands to the pocket of my hoodie.


"Liv, just hear me out..." 

He said softly, trying to grab my hand. I almost gave in. His American accent always gets to me. 


"I was just surprised, alright? I know it wasn't your fault...I know she was the one forcing herself onto you" 


"Exactly, you know I love you...I wouldn't waste three years just like that, Liv, you know me..." 

He said.


Sudden memories of us flashed in my mind, and I did what I did when we first met. I tore down my walls for him.

I looked at him; his warm green eyes, the sincerity in it... I know he's telling the truth. 

" about we just pretend this never happen, and go get a cupcake?" 


He flashed me a dimpled smile. 

"Well, I know the perfect bakery we can go to, Ms. British"


I chuckled at the nickname he gave me. The very nickname he gave when we first met. 

The nickname that I thought he would still use for years to come. 


March 7th 2015



A voice said; and I could recognize that voice anywhere. 


“Hello, Cheryl”

I greeted monotonously.


“So, I heard that you and Alex broke up? What a shame, huh? I mean, I guess—“ 


“Actually, we didn’t. We’re stronger than ever, Cher. Might want to learn your facts before you spur out nonsense”

I muttered. I didn’t even look at her.


“Oh? Is that so?” 

I took a deep breath and face her. The girl who has been trying to steal my boyfriend. The girl I used to call my best friend. 




“Well then…I guess I got some stuffs to do, tell Alex I said hey! And tell him that he can always come to my place if he ever gets…bored” 

She threw me a wink that made my stomach sick.

But I can’t let her words get to me. 

I won’t let it. 


March 8th 2015


“For the hundredth time, leave me alone…” 

He screamed to the phone.

I raised an eyebrow and he gestured to the phone, mouthing “Cheryl”. He turned on loudspeaker, and I sat on the spot in front of him as I stared at the ground. 


“If you really want me to leave you alone, you would already block me by now…please, Alex, we all know what you really want”


“You’re a psychopath” 

He muttered. 





That was what he said before he ended the call. 




“Hi, Al” 

I mumbled. 

“What did Cheryl said?”


He rolled his eyes, leaned closer and pinched my cheeks. 

“Don’t even think about her, Ms. British…” 


“Why don’t you block her number though?”

I always thought; but I never spoke it out loud. I didn’t say it to him. 

I didn’t want to. 


 March 9th 2015


I was alone. I feel alone. I lie on the bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering things.

Why is he not here yet?

I stared at the phone on the nightstand and sighed. Why not?


I dial Alex’s number. It rang once. Twice. Thrice. 



And then I dropped it. 


“W-what are you doing with his phone?” 

I asked nervously.


“Who is it?”

I can hear his voice in the background. 


“Hello, and why are you calling?”

“Cheryl, what are you doing with his phone?” 


“Oh, hey Livvy! It’s me!” 


“Shit, Liv” 

I can hear his voice again. 



I mumbled, before I hung up. 


Think positively, Liv. Think positive. 


 March 10th 2015


“Crazy road today, huh” 

He said quietly. I just stared out the window. 


“Get to the point, Alex. Where are you taking me? And hey, while you’re at it, why don’t you explain last night’s phone call?” 


“She just needed help, she needed someone to drive her home!” 


“And you’re the only one there?” 




“I mean, I don’t mind, I just wish you would told me” 




“Oh bloody hell, who am I kidding. I do mind!”




“I felt like crap, Alex! I thought you were cheating on me!” 


“Liv, I would never” 


“You knew it’s always been hard for me to think positively, Alex…why’d you have to make it worse?” 


“It was late, Liv. I found her on the street and well—“ 


“It’s not your responsibility, Alex. She is not your responsibility! Who the hell wanders alone on the street at night anyways?” 


“Liv, calm down before you—“ 


“I can’t believe you did that to me, Alex!”

I finally yelled, bursting out to tears. 


I started to breathe heavily, and tears blurred my eyes. The familiar feeling crept into my stomach. 


Oh no 


“Liv, calm down, can you hear me?” 


Where are you, Alex? 

Are you on the driver’s seat? 

You sound distant… 


“Liv, Liv, talk to me!” 


“I need to get out” 

I whispered. 


I opened the door and slammed it close behind me, running to the other side of the road. There were honks and shouts from people on the road, but I don’t care. 


I need to get out. 


Everything seemed distant and the world is suddenly spinning. 


I didn’t see anything. 


I didn’t hear Alex calling my name. 


I didn’t see him leaving the car out on the road. 


I didn’t see the bus speeding towards him. 


I didn’t see them collide. 





Tragic, cliché, predictable, story-like, you can say whatever you want to say about it. 

And please don’t give me that “he’s in a better place” bullshit. It makes it worse. 

I don’t know what else to say about it. Whether it’s my fault, whether it’s not, there’s nothing I can do to bring him back. 


He’s now…well, wherever he is. I can’t bring him back. 


All these time, I always wonder. If that universe does exist, did I stay in the car? 


Am I not the girl with horrible panic attacks? 


What would happen if I did stay in the car? 


Better yet, what would happen if I don’t have horrible panic attacks every now and then? 


Maybe in another universe. 


Another world. 


Maybe in another story. 


A story of another us. 


Where I stayed, and he told me the truth



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