Diary of a Coal Miner's Daughter

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an inside look on a daughter of a coal miner, which of course, means the state of wv... the farmer-girl moves to a city, where she gets new surroundings, and tries to get use to it

Submitted: April 12, 2010

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Submitted: April 12, 2010



Diary of a Coal Miner's Daughter

I really miss being here, in West Virginia, where it's never crowded with a lot of foreign people and foreighn things... If there's one thing I hate, it's new things, and change. Change throws everything out of balance, you know? It threw my whole world off its axis when Mom decided to leave Dad. She keeps sayin' that we are startin' a new life. I think that's the fakest thing I've ever heard. It practically ended my life.

I'm  just a shell down there in NC. I'm alive with joy, happiness, and sadness when I'm home. Sadness, because I know I always have to leave again. And again. I never wanna go back to that world of nothingness, of confusion...

I miss and love the quiet, earthy woods and mountains of WV. It's peaceful and full of wildlife. I'm more of a earth person, if you know what I mean. I like quiet and natural things. I accept that a fox eats a duck, and eagle eats squirrels. Predator and prey. It's just the circle of life. We do what we need to do to survive. I detest the city, where lots of things are squashed and busy and noisy and, basically, fake. The soil here is not dirt- it's sand. Let me tell you, that means ant hills all over the place. Ted's got a ton of 'em in his front yard. The weather here is too hot for my liking. I like the cool, misty climate of WV, where, of course, means lots of snow. And I mean lots.

I miss takin' care of the dogs, cows, and chickens on the farm. I love the tress and the mountains that I grew up with. I also miss my friends who kept me on my feet. I never knew it was possible to miss anyone, or anything, so deeply. Until I realized how much I had given up.

( Moral: Don't think that you think you can be like,'' Oh, I won't miss it, trust me,'' because trust ME ya will, because you will never know how much you had given up)

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