"Magical Mistake Part 2"

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So far, Harry and Draco are helping each other out...And no one knows that the two of them Switched. Things get complicated as they try to fit in to different routines, and they have to deal with people they hate the most. But things get more chaotic as the two of them try to make fools out of each other...How will they ever Switch back if Draco and Harry can't even be in the same room with each other?

Submitted: January 20, 2012

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Submitted: January 20, 2012



Dealing With It

Draco's POV

"There you are Harry," Hermione Granger said as I climbed through the Fat Lady portrait. I nearly winced again. If only you knew that I'm not Harry, I thought. I walked hesitantly towards to where she was sitting, in front of the fireplace. The common room was quite cozy, actually, though I wouldn't dare admit it to Harry. It's the opposite of the Slytherin common room, with its cold stone and it being under the lake. And where it was quite dim and dark and silent. Here it's warm, bright and cheery, with a lot of chattering going on. The Weasley twins-Fred and George?- were putting on quite a show. I heard the portrait swing open and turned to see Ron Weasley walk towards us with an annoyed expression on his face.

"Guess who I saw lurking behind the tapestry?" said Ron as he plopped down on the armchair. I tried to look curious.

"Who?" I asked.

"Malfoy," he said with disgust. "I don't know what that slimy git was doing way up here. It's suspicious..." Ron said thoughtfully.

"Ron," Hermione scoffed," you can't just automatically think Malfoy is up to something when he probably really wasn't. Remember what you kept saying about Professor Snape, and then you turned out to be wrong?" Ron rolled his eyes.

"Hermione, you were wrong too. Anyways, we all know that Malfoy is usually up to no good. He has no business being up here when the Slytherin common room is in the dungeons," he said. I mentally rolled my eyes. I'm not always bad, honestly.

"I'm not- I mean, Malfoy's not always that bad, you know," I said. Ron and Hermione both looked at me with incredulous expressions.

"Are you outta your mind?" Ron said indignantly. I shrugged. "Maybe you hit your head too hard today..." he said thoughtfully.

"Ron! That's not funny! Harry, are you sure you're alright?" Hermione asked.

"I'm fine," I said. When they continued to stare at me, I said, "I'm going to bed. I'm tired. See ya." I stood up and I noticed girls were going up one way, and boys were going up another staircase. I followed the boys, and I continued until I saw the sign that said,"Fifth Years". I was huffing by then, and I wondered how on earth did they make it up here everyday. It probably took me ten minutes. I opened the door, and found the dormitory empty of people. I walked around slowly, trying to figure out what bed is Harry's. I turned and eventually saw Harry's trunk with his initials on it. I walked towards that bed, and collapsed on it. It had been a long day, and I wondered how Harry was doing in the Slytherin common room.


Harry's POV

"Draco! Over here!" I heard Pansy yell across the stone room. I walked towards her group slowly, trying to take in my surroundings. Everything was the complete opposite of the Gryffindor common room. There were green and silver banners and drapes hanging here and there, and the room was dim and quiet. And it was cold, exremely cold. No wonder Malfoy was so pale. I shivered, and tried to pay attention to what Pansy was saying. I laughed whenever they did, trying to act like Draco. But I'm not sure I was doing it right, because they eventually asked what was wrong.

"Draco, are you alright, mate?" Crabbe asked. "You sure are quiet today."

"I'm fine, Crabbe, just really tired, that's all...Look, I'm going to bed, alright? See ya," I said and then I hesitated as I realized I didn't know where to go. Dammit. I just turned and followed a Slytherin second year into a tunnel, thinking that boys sleep in one section, and girls in another like the Gryffindor dorms. I must've been correct, because I found a sign in front a luxurious looking silver door, and I opened it to find a richly decorated room filled with green and silver. I looked around at the black bedposts, and walked around to find Draco's trunk in front of his bed on the left. I walked towards it, and opened his trunk. Let's see what he's hiding here...

I pulled out several clothing, and some schoolbooks and his Nimbus 2001. I looked around more and saw something shiny. I reached down to pull out...A shiny, silver key on a chain. I stared at it in bewilderment.This obviously unlocks something, I thought.I searched around the trunk once more, and couldn't find anything that this small key could unlock. Frowning, I stood up and looked at his bedside table. I searched and searched. Nothing. I sighed and sat down on the bed, laying my head on the pillow. I then realized it felt harder than it should. I reached under the pillow and felt something hard and cold reach my fingers. I gasped and stood up, and lifted the pillow to find a leather-bound book with a silver lock. Heart pounding with excitement, I pushed the key in the lock. Now we'll see what secrets Draco is hiding...*************

Draco's POV

I stared up at the ceiling of the canopied bed. I couldn't stop thinking about what Harry must be doing right now...With a jolt, I realized that my diary is still there. I gasped and sat up, panicking at the thought of Harry opening my diary. It has a lot of things Harry would find disturbing. And he would be able to use it against me. I groaned and laid back against the soft pillow, hoping against hope he hasn't found the key to it. ************

The diary opened gently, and I eagerly flipped to the first page. The date was September 1st, first day back for fifth year. So this diary is fairly new...Hmmm....

Dear Diary,

I saw Potter today on the train. He didn't look too pleased about my becoming a prefect. I wonder why he didn't get the prefect position? Maybe Weasley's got something Potter doesn't. I'll believe that when I see it. Anways, I noticed Potter looked really pale...Well, he did get attacked by dementors over the summer, Father told me. I don't like how thin he looked. He looks unhealthy. I wish I could do something about it....

I was confused by this point. Draco noticed me being pale? And he wanted to help me? I flipped through several pages until I found today's entry. I could tell it was written after lunch.

Dear Diary,

I ran into Potter twice today. One was when he was struggling at the bathroom door. I actually watched him for a few minutes before going up to him...The door was really stuck. But I got it opened. Potter shoved me against the wall. I think I got a bruise on my back... I was walking up the staircase and we were both so unfocused that we ended up colliding into each other and falling down the stairs. It was quite painful. We landed, with me on top of Potter. I was worried that he hit his head pretty hard...He didn't look to well....He shoved me off after realizing I was on top of him. It was quite embarassing, with Weasley and that Granger standing there, watching. It was a good thing we weren't alone, or otherwise I would've-

I jumped when I heard the door clicked open. In a panic, I shut the diary, and hid it under the covers with me, while I tried to feign sleep. I heard the curtains open, and I immediately shivered at the sudden gust of chilly wind.

" Yep. Draco's asleep," said what must be Crabbe.

"Huh? Is he really? Something must be wrong with him," said Goyle.

"Maybe. Let's leave him alone," said Crabbe, and I felt the curtain move back to its place. I waited for a long time before I thought that everyone was asleep. I sat up quietly, and shoved the diary back under the pillow, while I clasped the chain around my neck. I laid back down and wondered what on earth Draco would've done earlier if Ron and Hermione weren't there.


Draco's POV

I woke up feeling extremely cranky. I didn't get enough sleep, and when I don't get enough sleep I'm angrier than a dragon poked in the eye. Ron noticed my moodiness and didn't question it. Maybe it was normal for Potter to be cranky in the morning. I would never know.

I went down to eat breakfast with Ron and Hermione. They avoided talking to me, as they knew I was still pretty moody. The first thing I did when I entered the Great Hall was glance at the Slytherin table to find Harry. I didn't see him. I saw Crabbe and Goyle, but no Harry. I frowned, and nearly bumped into one of the twins.

"Hey there, Harry, watch where you're going, mate," he said.

"Oh, sorry," I muttered, and sat next to Ron and waited for Harry to show up. Is he sick? Did he oversleep? Did he die? I anxiously nibbled on a piece of toast before I heard the doors open again. I looked at the doors to see myself walk in, looking....goofy? I was confused when Harry skipped. Everyone looked at Harry, in my body, and started laughing. I clenched my teeth and my fists. What is Potter thinking?! Harry sat down next to Crabbe, and I could hear him from across the room.

"Hi Crabbe! How's your morning?" he said excitedly, as if he was a puppy. I shook my head, even more angry. He's making a fool out of me. And I'm going to fucking kill him.

Harry's POV

Crabbe looked at me confusedly.

"Are you alright, mate?" he asked. I nodded vigorously.

"Oh, yes! So, what are you gonna do today? Hm? You wanna go do...what we normally do? Hm?" I said excitedly, and I forced myself to give him a hug. Ick, this was so unlike the Man Code. And this was so disgusing, but it's worth pissing off Malfoy. I looked over at my own body. Draco looked disgusted and horrified. Hehes.

"Uh, uh...um...." Crabbe mumbled, apparently confused at how to answer.

"Oh my gosh, there's Harry! I've been looking all over for you!" I yelled and got up, hurrying over to him. The Great Hall was silent, with everyone staring with open mouths at me. I almost laughed at the looks I was getting from everyone. Professor Snape looked horrified, whereas McGonagall looked shocked. Professor Dumbledore looked confused. He studied the looks of outrage I was getting from Draco, and the giddy look I had on my face. Then he muttered,"Ah," and sat back and watched as if this were an interesting television show. I knew that Dumbledore just found out what happened. I'm just confused on why he didn't say anything yet. Maybe he wants us to figure this out ourselves, since that's what he normally lets me do.

"Uh, M-Malfoy, what's wrong with you?" Draco said in my voice.

"There's nothing wrong with me! I'm absolutely fine!" I said cheerfully. I looked over at Draco, who was clenching his fists. I waved.

"Hi Harry!" I yelled as I jumped up and ran over to him. I pasted a silly grin on my face as if I were really pleased to see him. Really, I wasn't. Draco looked angry as hell. I nudged Neville over and made a space for me to sit. I sat with a dreamy expression on my face.

"W-what do you want?" Draco said through gritted teeth. I leaned close to him.

"I want you to..." I whispered the rest in his ear. Draco pulled away, with horror on his face. I snickered.

"Get away from Harry, Malfoy!" Neville yelled from behind me. I turned around.

"Hey Longbottom. How have you been?" I asked politely.

"Potter, what are you doing?!" Draco hissed in my ear. "Act like me!"

"I am," I said. Draco growled from behind me.

"Fine. Two can play this game," he hissed. I just shrugged an hopped off the bench and headed out the Hall. *************

Draco's POV

I walked to Harry's dorm and scrammed textbooks into his bag and grabbed my own wand from the bedside table. While walking with Ron and Hermione to the common room, I came up with a plan to get back at Harry.I quite agreed with Ron on Harry's behavior today. I'm soooooo going to kill him. I pushed Harry's glasses back up on the bridge of my nose. From experience this morning, I now realized why Harry's hair always stood up. It's because it will never lie flat. Ever.

I trudged down the staircase alone, barely making it to class on time. I had been thinking of the Slytherin schedule, and had almost embarassed myself. Actually, I would've embarassed Harry. But I want to surprise him later. I snickered aloud at my new plan and jogged when the bell rang again.***********

I waited imptiently for dinner to come. Harry only waved from the Slytherin table during lunch. Oh, I can't wait to put my plan in action, Potter. You'll learn to never make a fool out of me ever again.

I waited until I was the very last student to come in at dinner. I wanted everyone to be there. I looked down at Harry's watch and counted. Three, two, one.... BAM!

"Heyyyyyyyy!" I said loudly, dragging out the "y" like I was flaming gay. I snapped my fingers. Oh yeah, I did the whole thing. The expressions were priceless. Everyone, including Harry, stared with mouths wide open. I had snuck up to the girl's dorm and stole whoever's skirt and blouse it was that would fit. It was quite comfortable, actually. I really don't see why girls complain. It was breezy around the bottom. I sashayed to the Gryffindor table.

"Ronald, I have a confession," I said when I sat down. Hermione looked appalled, but she looked as if she were trying hard not to laugh. Ron looked beyond disturbed.

"Harry, w-what the bloody hell are you wearing?!" Ron said indignantly.

"Nice skirt, mate...But I must say, it's..." Fred said, hesitatingly clapping his hand on my shoulder.

"That's my skirt!" said Parvati Patil. Everyone then burst out laughing. Professor McGonagall still stared in horror at me. I was laughing with glee on the inside. I glanced at Professor Snape. He wore an expression that was a cross between disgust and amusement. Then I glanced at the headmaster. He looked highly amused, and glanced from me to Harry. I glanced at Harry. He looked stunned. I waved at him. He flushed an angry red. I got up and walked over to him, and sat down next to him. He had his hands in fists at his side.

"Hey Draco," I said, rubbing my hand up his arm. Harry looked at my arm, then pulled it away from me, blushing the whole time. I raised an eyebrow at him, smiling. So, the famous Potter likes my touching him? Oh, this could get reeeeeally interesting...I leaned into him. Harry, not realizing what I was doing, didn't pull away. I was an inch away from his lips. I quickly reached out and grabbed his face. Harry was still, and was holding his breath.

"Breathe," I whispered. Harry obediantly inhaled softly. I grinned, and pulled away abruptly. Harry blinked, and blushed. I grinned.

"Told you I would get revenge," I muttered softly. I stood up, and people catcalled and wolf-whistled. Some pretended to gag. I turned to face Harry. He stared at me with anger on his face. I smirked, and turned to leave the Hall. **************

"Harry! What the bloody hell, mate?!" Ron yelled as he slammed the door into the dorm. I jumped so bad Harry's glasses fell off. I had just showered, and was towel-drying Harry's shaggy hair.

"What?" I said coldly.

"What- why- explain!" Ron sputtered after a few minutes of silence. I rolled my eyes.

"It's not that complicated. I'm in love with Malfoy, okay?" I lied. I can't wait to see how everyone will react to this. Ron paled and swayed on the spot.

"You-love-Malf-" Ron choked, and he collasped to the floor.I caught him in alarm.

"Ron?" I said uneasily. Ron only groaned in answer. I rolled my eyes and heaved him onto his bed.I shut his curtains and went to Harry's bed. I heard a gasp and a rustling noise, and Ron had tore back the curtains.

"Harry! You can't seriously be considering-!" I rolled my eyes.

"Ron, shut up. If you can't be friends with me anymore..." I ended the sentence with a sniffle.

"Harry, are you crying?" Ron asked incredulously. I sniffed again in response.

"Just-just leave me alone," I sobbed, and threw the curtains around my bed. I had to bite my fist to keep from laughing. Ron's face was to-die-for. He obviously can't stand crying people...Or crying boys for that matter. I heard the curtains draw back.

"H-Harry, I'm sorry mate...Er, don't cry...This is so weird..." Ron muttered awkwardly. I turned around, tryinng to make Harry's eyes watery and big.

"So you're-you're still my best friend?" I snifled. Ron looked incredulous and looked down at his feet.

"Yeah, yeah...But if you try to kiss any guy, I'm going to have to put my foot down," he said sternly. I grinned.

"Ok! Best friends forever, right?" I hopped up. Ron just glared at me.

"Whatever," he muttered, and went back to bed. I snickered. Oh, Harry's going to be so pissed. ************

Harry's POV

I'm. Going. To. Bloody. Kill. Malfoy. I was clutching the sink with both hands on each side, trying really hard not to bust the mirror. Or call a giant cobra to go after Malfoy. Or to curse him into a thousand bloody pieces. I gritted my teeth, gripping the sink so hard, Draco's already pale knuckles turned paler. I took a deep breath. Fine. I'll pull out the big guns. I grinned nastily at the thought of a new plan. Hehe. **********

Draco's POV

I felt more refreshed in the morning. I had a dreamless sleep, something that is a welcomed blessing. I almost shrank back and hissed when I opened my curtains. The window was directly facing me, with the rising sun glaring in my face. I groaned and put a hand to my eyes, trying to shade my eyes from the glare. No wonder Harry needs glasses. I slowly stumbled out of the bed, and rubbed my eyes. I put the glasses on. Sometimes I'd rush out of here without putting them on, and then realized I can't see. Harry's watch read 9:32 AM. What is today? I glanced at the other roomates' beds. The sound of snoring reached my ears. Yup. Today everyone sleeps in. I slipped on some clothes and went downstairs.

I was walking down the corridors and took a shortcut to the Great Hall when I slammed into someone and ended up crashing us down the little dirt tunnel. "Ow. Sorry, I didn't see..." said a familiar voice. Harry looked up at me, and realized who it was, snarled. "You had better run Malfoy," he hissed. "Or else I'll kill you here with my own- well, technically, your own bare hands, but-" I cut him off with my hand covering his mouth.

"Please, I'm not scared of myself," I snickered. Harry growled. I raised an eyebrow. "Are you just going to snarl at me all day?" I asked.

Harry just sighed and pushed me off of him, none too gently. I rubbed my side. "Don't touch my body in such a vulgar way," Harry sniffed. I stared at him, then smirked.

"Oh, so you're uncomfortable with this?" I said, rubbing my hand on my knees. Harry blushed.

"Y-yes, stop it!" he said. I smirked and reached my hand closer-

"I said stop!" Harry reached out to stop my hand from moving further, but ended up falling on top of me. "Umph!" he said as he slammed on me.

"Oh? If you wanted to join so badly all you had to do was ask," I smirked. I heard Harry groan in response.

"Oh, shut the hell up, Malfoy," he gasped as he struggled to get up. Nothing happened. "I-I think I'm stuck!" He gasped. I raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously? We weren't stuck when we first fell down here," I said.

"That's because you're in my body, the smaller one, you idiot," He hissed.

"Are you calling me fat?" I said incredulously. There's no way in hell I'm fat. For the record, I'm perfectly fit, with a hot bod if I say so myself. Harry mumbled something that sounded a lot like,"...an 8-pack, and thinks I'm calling him fat..." Harry wriggled again, this time-

I gasped and flinched as his movement sparked pleasure down the front. I gritted my teeth to keep from making any noise. God, I can't believe this is happening. Harry grunted, and he only ended up moving farther down, where his face is almost leveled with mine.

"Just...a little... farther..." he gasped. His hand slipped form the narrow wall and he fell right on top of me. I grunted. "Sorry," he muttered, with both hands beside my face. He lifted his head up and looked straight into my eyes. Sweat coated his skin, making his hair tousled. I can't believe my perfect hair was tousled. It was getting really hot in here. I felt heat rush up to my face. Harry attempted to move again.

This time we both reacted in the same way. I clinched my hands into fists, and Harry shivered.

"Ugh, this is so wrong," I growled through my teeth. "I can't believe we're doing this," I hissed. I looked up at Harry, surprised to find his face close to mine. I saw the look in his eyes and shuddered. He seemed to hesitate, then he moved again, this time deliberately thrusting. I gasped. Harry thrusted again. I twisted my head to the side, my hands clenched by my sides. Harry forced me to look at him. He thrust again, slower, and he watched my reaction. I panted and closed my eyes, wanting to escape this humiliation of what he was making me feel. Harry began to thrust more, forward and backward, each time forcing a reaction out of me. I wasn't the only one. Harry was panting too, and he gripped my waist as he was getting faster-

Footsteps were heard outside the corridor, and Harry froze, eyes wide. We both frantically scrambled, in a hurry to leave before we were caught. We had red faces, and our hair were messier than usual. Harry leaned forward and whispered,"Revenge has never felt so good," and left with a smirk. I stood there, stunned at what had happened. Harry had hit below the belt, literally. Potter's going to pay dearly. ************

I was mostly silent all day. Ron and Hermione casted concerened looks at me, but I ignored them. It wasn't until dinner that I said anything.

"Hermione, do you know anything about Switching Potions?" I asked. Hermione looked up, startled.

"Why do you want to know?" she asked.

"I've come across it when I was looking up something before..." I frowned, as if trying to remember something. Hermione shrugged.

"Well, it's a potion that makes you switch bodies with someone else, obviously," she answered, "But it's really unnecessary because the Polyjuice Potion is easier to handle. With the Switching Potion, you would have to... you would have to connect to each other emotionally, somehow. That's why it's so bothersome, people usually stay like that for the rest of their lives. The chances of the effects going away are practically 1%," she explained. I felt my heart sink. So we'll be stuck like this forever. Of course, I could take advantage of Potter's reputation, but it just wouldn't feel right, like I'm missing something. I don't want to have to constantly lie to everyone I meet. I'll have to pass this information to Potter, somehow. *************

Harry's POV

What happened in that narrow corridor was replaying in my head all day. Each time it played I felt the pleasureful sensation, experienced that rush of heat. I'm more surprised at Draco's reaction than anything. He didn't even try to stop me. All I know is, it felt bloody good. And I wanted more. I've watched Draco whenever I could. I noticed he seemed engrossed in whatever conversation he and Hermione were having. I felt sad. I missed hanging out with Ron and Hermione. They were the only friends I have. We've got to get rid of this. **************

Later that night I went to take a shower. The baths were all black marble, with snakes framing the shower heads and faucets. It eerily resembled the Chamber of Secrets. I hesitantly put a pile of Draco's pajamas near the shower stall, and turned on the shower. After it was running, I hesitated before slowly taking off my robes. I then took off the shirt, and then I was standing naked. I avoided looking below Draco's waist. After all, it is his body.

After my shower, I reached out a hand to grab a towel, and I wrapped it around my waist. I stepped out to find the pile of clothes gone. Confused, I looked around. Nothing but steam. I peeked open the door, not wanting to make any noise. I backed up in the bathroom, and heard a snigger. I jumped and bumped into one of the stalls, making me fall and disappear behind it. I then heard laughter. Blushing, I got up, with the towel loose around my waist.

"Harry, I'm right here," a voice said. I then blinked as I realized....

"I can't believe you found my Invisibility Cloak," I said coldly. I heard a snicker, and then I reached out and pulled off the shimmery cloak and saw myself smirking. The sight of him wearing my precious cloak, the only thing that was given to me by a parent, brought on pure rage. Draco still snickered, watching with amusement on his face. He then frowned.

"Don't look at me like that, that face is scary," Draco said, backing up a little. I growled and stalked towards him, backing him up against the tiled wall. He gasped when he bumped into it.

"Any last words before I strangle you to death?" I said murderously. Draco gulped.

"I came here to tell you that we're doomed. We'll never be able to switch back," he said in despair.I blinked and stumbled back.

"What? You mean, we're stuck like this? Forever?" I croaked. Draco nodded. I groaned and leaned my head against the wall, staring up at the ceiling. I glanced at Draco. He was watching me through my green eyes, sad. I hesitated, and walked over to him.

"Are you sure there isn't any way to get rid of this?" I whispered. Draco, tense, shook his head.

"There is a way, but it's impossible," he gasped. My heart pounded.

"Well, what is it?" I asked.

"We...we need to connect. Emotionally," he gulped. I held my breath. So all we need to do is be friends?

"How is that so hard?" I asked. Draco looked at me.

"We hate each other. We're enemies," he said. I thought for a moment. I reached out and touched his arm. He shuddered. I leaned in.

"Lately, I've been wonderinghowI really feel about you," I whispered, and conquered his lips with mine. Draco's response was immediate; he pushed me away.

"N-no, we can't do this. You hate me," he said shakily. I shook my head, and pushed him against the wall.

"Hate is often mistaken for love," I growled, and kissed him with such force it nearly knocked him down. Draco froze for a moment before hesitantly kissing me back. My tongue traced his bottom lip, demanding for entrance. His lips parted, and my tongue thankfully entered. Our tongues slowly danced, fire racing through our veins. I've never felt this before. Fuck Cho Chang. Slytherins do it better.

I vaguely realized that the towel fell. I had Draco's shirt off, lying on the floor with the towel, and Draco had his hands in my wet hair. My skin was still damp from the shower. Draco moaned, and shuddered. That drove me to a driving point. I hoisted Draco up, and wrapped his legs around my waist. I growled and placed my mouth on his neck, kissing and licking the sweet skin there. I breathedand licked his neck.

"Mmm, you taste so good..." I moaned. Draco only shuddered and gasped in response. I yanked his pants down, and scratched his stomach as my hands came up. I bent down and licked the scratch.

"Oh God," Draco whispered. I grinned, and traced my tongue down to where the hem of his pants should be. I heard Draco suck in a breath. I chuckled and went further south. I licked the whole length, and heard Draco whimper. I came back up and carried Draco to one of the shower stalls, where I had him against the wall on the floor. I grinned down at him.

"What were you saying about me hating you?" I questioned.

"Sh-shut up," Draco said breathlessly. His blonde hair was now- Wait, blonde hair? I blinked andlooked at Draco. He was back in his body, and I had never realized that we changed. Without another word, I grabbed a fistful of Draco's hair and kissed his neck. He moaned. I placed my front against his. Slowly, I began togrind. We both moaned. I continued kissing along his neck and shoulders. Draco wrapped his legs around my waist and humped along with my thrust. Panting, Draco suddenly flipped me over, and my back was against the wall. Draco was in charge now. Draco smirked like his old cocky self again. Draco, panting, went inside me. I cried out, pleasure wracking through my body. I heard Draco growl, and he claimed my mouth in his. He gripped my waist and pulled me upwards, thrusting in and out. I sank my nails into his back, biting back a cry of pleasure. Draco moaned, going deeper.

"Unh, uh, ah... hu..." I moaned over and over. Draco pressed me closer to his, grinding deeper. I cried out his name as he finally hit the spot. Draco moaned.

"I'm going to make you scream my name over and over again," he hissed, thrusting hard and hitting my spot again. Pleasure stabbed me, making me cry out again. I heard his smirk, and I groaned.

"No...fair..." I mumbled weakly, still grinding against him. Draco had a glint in his eye that I knew all too well. Draco's eyes widened as my thrust hit deep. He blushed and tried to stop a loud moan, but was unsuccessful. I grinned and grinded again. Draco cried out, and hunched over me, still thrusting. We were both panting and moaning, covered in sweat. I saw Draco's muscles tighten as he neared his climax. He gripped my waisttighter, going faster. Pleasure rang through my body again and again, nearly blacking me out. I felt heat ball up in my stomach.

"Oh God," I whispered. "Faster," I moaned. Draco went faster, and at once, we cried aloud and orgasmed. We laid there, huffing and panting, covered in sweat.

"That felt..." Draco said.

"Unbelievable," I gasped. Draco sat up on one elbow.

"So, we're back in our bodies now," he said. I nodded. He closed his eyes, and we both fell asleep in the bathroom. *************

Harry's POV

Everything was as normal as it could ever be. Ron kept shooting me weird glances, and I don't know why. Draco was back to his old, smart ass self. We acted like nothing ever happened. But often we'd sneak glances at each other, and secret smiles. Our strange relationship has reached a new level, and only time will tell where it will end. I'm so glad to be myself again. But I found this strange scar near my thigh. It's never been there before. I blushed.

"Malfoy!" I yelled across the globe.

A/N: Thanks sooo much to you guys for reading this fan-fic!!!! :D I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it (which was, I shoud l say, ALOT) And I'm SOOOO sorry for updating so slowly!!! I'm really slow when it comes to stuff like this! I'm so busy, and reading other people's stuff, that I don't have time to update my stuff!Anyways, halfway through the erotic stuff, I realized (much too late) that with them switching bodies, they're really having sex with themselves. I found that disturbing, so I just continued and tried to ignore it. I do hope you guys can just ignore the fact that they are switched and just picture them as you would normally until they're done. I know, it's slightly disturbing. Yes, I'm keeping it that way :P I don't know whether I'll continue from this story or not, seeing as Ileft it a little open at the end, but if I do, I'll make sure I'll keep you updated. XOXOX SheWulf :)

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