The Luck of the Irish!

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"It's too good to be true.", thought Kathy. "He couldn't of been looking at me." She thought that she was seeing things, but what happens afterwards says otherwise.

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012



I was at the concert and he looked at me. It was as if he was singing to me, which was weird because there were a numerous amount of girls here. I looked away because I knew that it was too good to be true, but when I looked back, he was still looking at me. I ignored it because I didn’t want to live on false hope. Andrea was right next to me, jumping up and down with glee. I joined her and we began to sing along. 

Once the concert ended, everyone ran outside. They were going to chase after the boy’s van. I stayed in my seat because Andrea had to go to the restroom and I didn’t want to be trampled by dozens of girls. It wasn’t worth it. After everyone was gone, it was just me and some tech guys. I looked at the stage and something shiny. Me, being a curious cat, walked onto the stage. It was a pretty necklace. I picked it up to get a better look at it. A clover charm with a diamond in the middle. It was cute. I heard voices behind the stage, so I jumped off the stage and hid. I was afraid that I might get in trouble. After a brief moment, I realized that the voices behind the stage were the boys. 

“Have you guys seen my necklace?”, asked Niall. 

“Of course it would be his. That made a lot of sense.” I thought to myself, trying not to laugh. 

“No. We can buy you another one. Let’s go.” Zayn suggested. 

“No. My mother gave me it.” Niall replied, “It’s special.”

“We have some time. We we’re waiting for the fans to cool down anyways. Common, we’ll help you look for it.” said Liam.

The boys walked back onto the stage to look for the necklace. I stayed crouching down at where my seat was. I felt like a crook. I didn’t do anything wrong though. Andrea came back to look for me, then she realized that the boys were still on the stage. She tried hard not to scream. “Hey guys! Have you seen my friend?”, she asked them casually. 

“Um…………… no……….” They all answered. 

“Oh.. well… can I get a picture with you guys?” She asked them.

“Sure. It can’t hurt.” Harry answered.

As Andrea walked towards the stage, I panicked. “Shit. She’s going to notice me and she was going to say something and I’m going to look like a bad guy.” I thought to myself. Just as I suspected, she found me. 

“There you are Kathy! What are you doing here? You little weirdo!” She screamed. I stood up and waved to the guys. They waved back. 

“I uh… panicked….” I whispered to her.

“Panicked about what?” She asked. I pointed at the stage. “Why would you panic?! I thought you loved them!”

“Yeah, but I found this…” I held the necklace up and walked towards the stage. Niall jumped down from the stage and hugged me.

“Thank you so much!” He said 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take it. I saw something shiny on the stage and it turned out to be your necklace.” I informed him.

“It’s okay.” he replied.

“The luck of the Irish.” I said while pointing at his charm. He laughed. God his laugh was so damn cute.

“Hey girls. We’re having a party later… would you guys like to join us?” asked Louis. 

“HELL YEAH! LET’S GO!” screamed Andrea. 

“Wait… we can’t leave yet. We need to wait for all of the fans to leave first.” said Liam. “It’s too dangerous to leave now. You might get trampled.” 


“Wait a minute….” Niall said while staring at me. He had pretty eyes too! I couldn’t believe that he was really standing in front of me. “You’re that girl…. from earlier…” 

“Huh?” I replied, pretending to not remember.

After minutes of awkwardness, he finally said something. “You’re cute.”

“Uh… Thanks?” I replied awkwardly. I felt my face turning red.

“No. Really. I saw you while I was on the stage. I couldn’t get my eyes off of you.” he said.

“Oh shit! Niall just called you cute Kyupthuye!!!” Andrea said while jumping up and down. She  always called me Kyupthuye whenever she’s really happy.

I was speechless. It was too weird. It was as if it was a dream. “The luck of the Irish.” I whispered while looking at his necklace.

“The luck of the Irish.” He repeated with a smile.

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