What could Love Be :)

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its about what we think love could be

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012




What is love no one really knows but we feel we see it but what really is it well we will never know what it is we say we love people all the time and we always make love too but we still don’t know what it is well here is an idea the person we love makes us laugh when were sad and always pokes fun but we know there just messing with us they also want to protect us and make sure were not sad they make us laugh all the time and we can never stop smiling and when you look at them you just want to squeeze them as much as you can and we never want to let go of that person we always want them to be happy and we. We also love to hear their voice and when we hear we know it’s them it’s. Fun when you are being tickled and you can’t control you laughter around them. Every time we see them we can’t help but smile and we can’t help but laugh at their lame jokes. We love it when you can hear them breathe when they sleep and you like to watch them too. We also love it when your cold and they grab you and try to warm you up and tuck you in bed and let you take a nap in their bed too. They listen to crazy ass music but we listen to it anyway. They can even eat liver and onions lol but we still love them anyway maybe that’s what love it but we’ll never know


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