intensive care

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It's about a terrible accident that happened to a small family. In which it changes a lot of things.

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



“Intensive Care”


Ringing… Ringing… Ringing…

Mirna wakes up: “is it the bell door or the phone?” she is trying to concentrate.


It is the phone. She look at the clock, it is 4am. She can’t believe, who is calling her at that time.

“Hello, are you Mr. Seif’s wife”

“Yes, I am” Mirna said, while trying to concentrate. She still can’t open her eyes.

“Mrs. Mirna, I am doctor. David. Your husband makes an accident and he is here now at Alameda Hospital.”

Mirna: “There must be a mistake. My husband is out of America now.”

Dr. David: “No. Mrs. Mirna. Your husband name is: Seif Mostafa El Hawary. Am I right?” She was frozen for a while. What the hell is happening? It can’t be. What he is doing here.

Mirna: “Yes this is true. Okay, I am in my way. Thank you so much. Bye” she gets up quickly, and dress up. She hurries up to go there quickly. She opens her husband’s car and starts her way to the hospital. The way is so crowed. She is thinking all through the way. What he is doing here? He told me he travels for work to Paris and will come after a week.  It just four days now, he supposed to come after three days. Calm down Mirna, maybe he finishes early and wants to surprise you.

She arrives at the hospital, and asks at the reception.

Mirna: “I am Mr. Seif’s wife. They told me he made an accident. His complete name is Seif Mostafa El Hawary.”

The admin: “yes, he is now in the intensive care. You can go up at the fourth floor, goes right then at the end left, you will find it at the end.”

Mirna: “Thank you so much.” She follows what the girl said and fined the intensive care room. There was no one there. She finds a nurse.

Mirna: “please, I want to see Dr. David. He is responsible for Mr. Seif case. I am his wife. I am looking for him to know what happen. Kindly, help me.”

The nurse: “sure, I will call the doctor for you, just gives me five minutes.”

Mirna was waiting, it pass one complete hour. There is no one even the nurse. Oh my God, what is happening? After sometimes the doctor comes.

Dr. David: “good morning Mrs. Mirna. I am Doctor David. Your husband has a terrible accident”. He didn’t know whether to tell her or not. She seems too worry and as if she will not be able to endure any bad news.

Dr. David: “look Mrs. Mirna, the accident was very large. It was terrible. He was in a taxi and a jeep car smash the taxi. The driver was dead and unfortunately your husband is in a comma now. We have now idea when he will wake up. There was a big damage in his head, there is bleeding too, and a large damage in his chest too. He also has some broken bones in his legs and hands. I am sorry for that.”

Mirna was shocked by the doctor’s words. She doesn’t know what is happening. She begins to cry. She is very weak now. She doesn’t know what to do or how to react. She has to call his family to know what happen to him, and to be near and close.

Dr. David: “Mrs. Mirna, are you okay?” she isn’t okay and begins to collapse. “Nurse, help me here. Kindly, take Mrs. Mirna to get some rest please. Mrs. Mirna I reserve you a room here in the floor near to your husband. Please get some rest.” The doctor leaves.

The nurse takes Mirna to her room for rest so she can be strong to face her fate now. She gives her tranquilizer for her nerve to calm down. After taking this medicine, Mirna sleeps.

There was no plus, Mirna call the doctor. Help me, there is no plus please. “Seif wake up, don’t leave me alone. Wake up…

She suddenly waked up on her voice.

Mirna: “Oh my God, it is a nightmare. Help me to overcome that. Help me that my husband wakes up again. Please, for his baby.”

She is pregnant. How can she deal with all of that? She asked God to give her strength and patience to overcome that. She called his family and her family. She told them what happened. After two hours, they all come to the hospital. Doctor David told them what happen in details and his case. They all were shocked. They ask them if to put him in another hospital. He said no. you just have to pray for him.

Mirna stays every day in the hospital. She speaks with him each day. She enters and tries to speak with him.

Mirna: “Honey, I am here-she holds his hand-look I am holding your hand. Honey, please don’t leave us. You know we will have a baby. We will not be able to live without you. I am now in the 3rd month.” She took his hand and put her on her stomach. “The baby is moving here.”

Seif: “I am here, I hear you. Can you hear me?”

Mirna: “give me any sigh that you can hear me.”

Seif: “I am speaking to you. Honey, I am here. Why you can’t hear me?”

Mirna: “Honey, I was shocked when they told me that you made an accident. You told me that it will be a week and not 4 days. I was thinking, what happens?”


Seif: “yes honey, yup it was supposed to be a week but I can’t stay anymore without you. I wish to make it a surprised to you, to show how much you mean to me.”

Mirna: “I wish you were going to surprise me. Do you know? I said you want to surprise me.”

 Seif:” Yes honey I was. What is happening to me? Why she can’t hear me? Why I can’t move my body? I can’t move my hand, or even my leg. Am I dead? Mirna, I am trying to move my hand. Can’t you feel that?” two month passed and there is no progress in his case.

Mirna: “it has been two months. I will not lose hope. Honey, don’t give up on us. I will speak with you every day till you wake up. I know you love us, and I know how much you are strong. I know how much you want to see our baby. It is a girl honey. You dream to have a baby girl. You will wake up I am sure. Goodnight now my love. See you tomorrow. Love you.” she kisses him.

Mirna pray each day and ask God to save her husband and to bring him to them. She asks God to wake him up so he can see their baby, and to witness her born.

It has been now 7th month. There is no progress in his case. The doctor tells her may be this is the end. You have to accept that. However, she tells him it is not.

Although seven month pass, but she never lose hope. She speaks with him every day. She prays every day. She has a big faith in Allah.

Now it’s her time to born her baby. The two families were beside her. She gives birth to a lovely baby girl. She didn’t name her until her husband wake up. From time to time someone goes to check up about Seif. Today his mother enters.

Mother: “Seif-she holds his hand-you have got a very beautiful girl. May Allah protect her. She is so soft.  She is so small honey.”

Seif: “mama, I miss you. I am trying to move my body. It’s girl. I want to hear her voice.”

Mother: “she looks like her mother. She takes some of you but almost her mother. Honey, don’t give up. You have a child now. Wake up for her. Wake up for your little family.”

Self: “I am trying mama. Can you feel that? I moved my finger. Mama, can you feel that?”

His mother went away. She begins to lose hope and that he will not wake up. Its 8 month now.

Mirna is still in the hospital. When she starts to move, she begins to enter each day.

Mirna: “honey, your baby is now two month. She is with me now. Look-she brings her near so to touch her father hand-this is her touch. Look how sweat she is.”

Seif: “Oh my God. Her touch is just like yours. Honey, can you feel my hand movement-his fingers start to make a little move but she didn’t see it yet-can you?”

Mirna: “please, don’t give up.” Her baby starts to cry. She wants to eat. “Oh I forget; I didn’t name her till now. I am waiting for you to name her. See, she is crying now. She wants to eat.”

As if her voice wakes him up. He opens his eyes for a minute. He saw them. She notices that. He said only one word.

Seif: “Sarah” then he closes his eyes again.

Mirna: “Honey, you talk. I hear you. I know that, I know you will wake up.” She was so happy. Then suddenly his body starts to move. As if something shocked him. Mirna call the doctor.

Mirna: “doctor, help me. What is happening? Please help. He opens his eyes and said one word then this happen.”

Dr. David: “Mrs. Mirna you have to get out now. Nurse comes here please.”

His pulse decries to a level it will stop. She was scared. She is about to lose him. His heart completely stopped. The doctor told the nurse to bring that machine for the heart- machine that put on the chest and shocked the heart so to bring back the pulse- they do it once no pulse, again no pulse again no pulse. They do that 4 times no pulse.

Dr. David: “death time: 5:00 am”

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