They & You

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it's about good and bad people.

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



They & You

They are always playing a game. They thought people will never discover what they are doing. They show you care, respect, support and even show you love, to a point you really believe them. At that time they are laughing about how stupid you are. yes don't be surprised from what I am writing. So you too show care, respect, support and also love. The only difference between you and them, that you show really what is in side you and what really you feel. The only difference between you and them the all of the time you are honest and faithful. While they are lairs, unfaithdul and deceivers. 


They think you are weak and stupid that you are so blind and didn't see what is happening. And the truth you also feel the same, stupid and weak coz you believe these people..... You are wrong you are not weak or stupid or even naive. You are faithful, honest, and strong.


Do you know why?


1) You have the feature of a good and respectable person. While they never and will never have.

2) These features will bring to you the good people and keep the bad away. Coz they always want you down.

3) You are in the good way and whatever people done to you, you never lose anything, you gain a lot although you can't see. And they will lose everything they have.

4) You are strong coz you always learn from you mistake, You will always stand up again whatever it will take time to stand. While, they never learn from their mistakes and the prove they always make it again, they will never stand up whatever they have time they will not.

5) You are honest in everything you did and feel and the person like you can't be naive or blind, whatever you think you are you are not. You do that coz this what is right and you raised up doing that. By that you are in the good way. whatever people try to deceive you they can't coz one day you will know the truth whatever it take time from you.


So still thinking you are that blind one?May be you still believing in that. some people think the made a mistake not what they did but for itself. So no you didn't make a mistake, you have to believe in that. If you didn't you will always think you make it. You will always be weak, stupid and naive. Coz that what they want. They want you to think like that and believe in it. Coz at that time you will never stand up you will be really weak and that they will be the winner.


So wake up, don't believe them, don't believe you are weak and so on. Believe in your self,believe that God will never leave you alone and will always be beside you. Coz you are the right one, you are the good person. Coz at that time they will know the truth, they will know that you are strong, honest, faithful, intelligent and the most feature they can't have it is to be like you:):). They are doing all of that to bring you down and show you, they are better than you.  It is in your hand to show them who you are. Do you know what, I really petty them for what they are dreaming and thinking. And I know you don't have to show them who you are, coz in side your self you know who you are:):):)


I am sure that one day these people will discover they are wrong, and they made a great gift for you, they wake you up for their reality. They show you who really they are and what really they want. So thank them for doing that. Thank them Coz you are the right one. And that you are in the good direction. Thank them for waking you up. And in the first place thank God for making you seeing their reality.........

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