Dead Talks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a story about a girl who accidentally killed herself one night, narrating her thoughts and regrets until her one last breath.

Word count; approximately 1,700 words

(please, if you spot errors in my grammar, kindly correct them for me. i badly need an editor. criticism are very much welcome.!)

Dead Talks
May doesn’t know how, what, where, why there’s a big knife stuck through her belly. She just wanted something to eat until it happened. What the hell?!
She wanted to shout for someone to hear her yearnings. Other souls in the house only replied with a snooze. It feels like she is just calling a pack of chickens. It seems like nobody cares.
She tried to stand in spite of the pain and opened the door of the kitchen. But upon opening it, she saw a silhouette of a man. His feet are floating on air. He doesn’t see her face but in her mind, she saw him smiling mischievously back at her. Her knees fell as the silhouette is forthcoming. She closed it with a bang.
Then suddenly her phone rang.
“You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why. Santa Clause is coming to town.” That was her ring tone, so in time for today’s’ season.
She found hope of course. But as soon as she reached the phone, the ringing stopped. It was a missed call. The feeling is getting stronger. Now it is very clear. It’s not Santa but Death who is coming for her. How Great…
Her family saw her the next morning. She was blood spattered, and the blood is oozing still on the floor. She was sitting with her back lying beside the cupboard. Her hands are on each left and right lap. Her long hair was all down just like a close curtain. With trembling hands, the mother put it sideways to see her face. The eyes were still open but no light is evident to the irises. The mouth is mildly open too, as if to whisper something cannot be heard anymore.
She is dead and they don’t know what to do but cry desperately.
Suddenly the door closed by itself. A voice, which seems digital in nature, shook their senses. Everyone looked to each other. The brother and sister want to run away but they can’t.
It is the voice of motionless May.
“Good Morning, Everyone...Hope… you… are… doing fine. If you’re going to ask me,… perhaps upon hearing my voice, I’m …already stinking… dead meat. Ha…Ha…” every pause is catching of breath in between. “I don’t know why I… am acting like this… Even in death, I am naturally… happy.’
May starts to cry. But as much as possible she avoided recording a distorted voice. What has been said a while ago was said cheerfully for the reason that she wanted to feel satisfied for her life. For her, the most pathetic persons are those who are desperate to come back time to undo history, or to have more time for the things they wish to do but unfortunately, time is running out on life clock. They are those feel they didn’t had the glorious time of their lives. Also they are the people who suffered long enough and yet, they haven’t seen that single spark of ultimate happiness until they died.  She doesn’t want to be one of them. No! Her soul will never be at peace. It will be never- ending despair.
So instead of thinking that she’s going to ride the ghostly kalesa at such an early age, she turned to the thoughts of having achieved so many things in life. She learned how to write, to read, to sing and dance. Her dream is to be an illustrator and once, she became the illustrator of the school’s publication. She had read ten novels and watched countless movies. She had traveled to beautiful places in the world like Baguio, Tagaytay and Boracay. That’s far enough…But these thoughts were like grubby foods which she already vomited several times, but still, she forced to eat them all over again. The more she pretends that these achievements are enough, the more she became closer to the horrible truth that it was not. Not even close.
‘What you see right now is an accident. Don’t ever think this is suicide. I’ve never thought to do that all my life…Careless, dumb, I just …can’t think of the right word. You might think those are the lightest adjectives to describe… a person who accidentally killed herself…its just…it happened so fast.”
She wanted to travel to all beautiful places of the world…the WORLD!!! Being an illustrator in school paper, duhh??? To what extent you can call them achievement? No one even appreciated it other than your friends, parents and yourself! Stupid IDIOT! Ten novels? Hello? Your friend finished hundred books. Your teacher got two hundred fifty. And your proud of having red ten novels. You haven’t finished the last book yet. It should be nine only. And the miserable truth is you only read .1% of your dream booklist. Cheaterzzzz. Pretending you’ve gone so far at the age of sixteen?!! Those who have right to go on are those who are not careless, dumb, moron like you do. You are dying…And there’s no one to blame but you, you alone!
“Okay…Enough of that…Since I’m going to…die. I’ve thought of persons I’m going to haunt. And because you are my family, of course, you are the first in my list…Sister, if you’re alone in the comfort room and for no reasons,.. the light turned off…Don’t be afraid. Think that I’m with you.”
It was dawn of May 19, 1991 when her mother gave birth to a cute and cuddly girl she named May. They said she is clever and smart. She started schooling at the age of four and she got honors throughout elementary. It was then in first year highschool when she met her true friends. Like her, they also dream of being an artist. Maybe that’s why they are so drawn together. Sometimes they got too tired in school that they cut classes. Sometimes their adrenaline rush brought them to trouble. But as long as they are together, life is so exciting.
“Brother, my cool brother. I know you love mysteries. Since you’re brave enough, borrow digital camera from your friend. Or perhaps…strum your guitar..And I will sing to the top of my lungs like I always do...I will try my best for you to hear it. ”
Her greatest dream is to change her country, to bring back the spirit of nationalism within the hearts of her countrymen…So deep…while in fact, she had not started to pursue even her short- term goals. She doesn’t even know how to begin. How can she even start if the only thing that intrigues her mind everyday is how on earth her handsome crushes in school will notice her. What the heck!
“Mama..Papa. You love back massage, don’t you? But because you’re tired at the end of the day, you tend to forget to massage each other’s back anymore…Don’t worry, from now on,.. whenever you want it, just expose your back…I’ll be more than willing to do it every night…”
This will be her final year in high school. She is so excited how college life will be like. She promised to herself that as soon as she gets there, everyday will be a strict journey on following her goals. And her parents were so certain that she can achieve that, unlike her older siblings who for now, working so well to the project population boom. They are sure, pretty sure.
Then someone woke her up this night. She doesn’t even know who it is. But when she heard that churning sound inside her stomach, she thought it was hunger.
Her tongue feasted to the taste of a one slice of egg pie she found waiting inside the refrigerator. It wasn’t enough. She picked a green mango and went to the rectangle metal where different kinds of knife were hanging on its hook. But the metal that keeps the knives organized fell to the floor. Only hell knows now how one of these knives managed to bore his stomach smoothly at the speed of lightning.
Now she is sure. It’s not hunger, nor Santa, but Death. He, who is only a faceless shadow, gliding on the chilling air of night and darkness, is now in front of her. She threw one crystal glass to his direction, hoping he would go away. Unfortunately, the glass just passed through its body and it shattered on the floor. The shadow stood still. Perhaps, waiting for her to finish the final message to her family. After that, she will have to die, die for nothing.
At this moment, May couldn’t hide her desperation anymore. “ I Can’t…believe this…I summarized… my life.. in just one minute! One minute… I don’t want… to say this…but I felt really bad…You’re all here…Why can’t anybody hear me? I…Don’t want to …die. Please…Please…Save me!”
The awful sound of someone’s crying followed before it disappeared.
The family seems to grow roots where they were standing. After such a beautiful sleep last night, everyone has no courage to look at her helpless face. She was such a cheerful soul in the house. She symbolizes hope. They all love her but they haven’t done anything. It was extremely unforgivable. They know May certainly feels the same way. They can feel it.
The cell phone, which possesses the voice recorder feature, was found under the table. It was very strange because it was almost two meters away from her body. But a while ago, the voice seems to originate right from her mouth, so loud and clear. Then suddenly, a cold breeze passed. The room has enough closure that supposedly shouldn’t allow that breeze to enter. It brushed their skin making their hair stood up as stiff as a tree trunk. They don’t mention about it but they certainly know what it means.
It’s haunting time.

Submitted: October 12, 2009

© Copyright 2020 shiawase. All rights reserved.

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this was good I enjoyed it! :)

Mon, October 12th, 2009 10:38am


thanks! i enjoyed "when you leave" too. It's really amazing!

Wed, October 14th, 2009 1:16am


hihi thank you, and you know this story allows me to re read it and every time I do I like this even better.
The tone, and your voice throughout the story is solid and coherent. Really, good job.

Wed, October 14th, 2009 3:22pm

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