You Left the Heaven so Soon

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Take found himself in a complicated situation. Her friend asked him to make love with her.Unknowingly, his friend wanted to do that sort of thing because she wanted to be with the person she loves for the last time. She's planning to end her life after.

Submitted: November 11, 2009

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Submitted: November 11, 2009



This is actually a chapter in the novel I haven't finish yet. But this story can stand on its own so I published it.

To confirm, this is not erotica. When I said naughty, I really mean it and it’s really mild.
Again, sorry for some discontinuities in the grammar. Have me notified if you found one. Most of all, Please review. Please!!
You Left the Heaven so Soon
That night was very cold. It was nearly midnight. The full moon glows as he was heading to where Hazel lives. He doesn’t know why he was going to her in spite of his tired mind and body because of the work he’s into. And his overgrowing closeness to her is a mystery not even unraveled to him. In his mind, Hazel is a crazy lady. She has extreme personalities. Sometimes good but most of the time, insane. For him, her acts are a sort of entertainment. But his heart told otherwise. It jumps whenever he hears her voice. It dances whenever her presence suites him. It freezes whenever she talks bout death. Of course, like a dumb bell, he’s not aware of it. The mind is superior but the power of the heart lingers silently. It has the instinct of the traitor.
As usual, Take knew Hazel is having a hard time to sleep again. And whenever time like this comes, she thinks about having suicide. It frightens him still although he’s used to it. In fact she just needs someone to talk to. Listener seems to be the remedy of her sleeping problems.
But Hazel has another plan. She maybe happy at some times, crack jokes but she can’t run away anymore. It is a shadow of the truth that she is indeed miserable, alone and more than just depressed, she really wanted to die more than anything in this world. All that she did today was to give everything she treasures to the persons that have been the pigment of her happy days. Her favorite dress, jewelries and bags now belongs to her friends that were busy in school as of the moment. Her treasured pens and pencils now belong to her co-workers. Her ten thousand savings was given to charity.
She marveled at the letters and greeting cards she received from her earlier years. It made her smile.
Nothing is left but her own body. And tonight she surrenders.
The door is widely open. He entered and saw Hazel combing her hair at the front of a mirror. The smell of her flower perfume relaxes him. She wore a black silk dress. Its skirt reaches her knee. Her sleeves half-cover her shoulders.
Her head turned “Hello? How was your gig?” She asked.
“Nothing special. How bout you? Going somewhere?”
Take now took off his shoes and lay on the floor like he always does. This room relaxes him. It is only occupied with few things. Mirror, the light bulb, table, few books, and a drawing set, folding bed, pillows, one electric fan and nothing more. These things are well organized making this room simple and neat. Maybe that’s the reason why he was drawn to this place.
“Did someone die? You seem to be going to a funeral.”
“Someone will”
“ahh Okay” Take sighed. How dare he forgets? It’s the solid effect of her insomnia. He is used to that but there’s something so different tonight. It is because Hazel looked so refreshing unlike previous nights when she’s on the table, pouring her head to crumpled papers and stare fixedly at the small clock where she’ll wait until her eyes feel heavy. But it was frustrating because her head just hurts and the sun has to say hello before she can finally sleep. Whenever Take is there, they will talk to each other or play card games. At least her sleep improves. She could now sleep two hours before daylight.
“Wanna eat?” Hazel smiled cheerfully as she head to the chair where the electric stove is. “Mushroom Soup.”
“You want to feed me with another crap.” This is another reason why Take likes to be here. There is always something delicious to eat. Though he doesn’t compliment but expresses ironies, when he tasted her cooking, he forgets sex, drugs and vexed life.
Then they eat. Take noticed another peculiar thing in this evening. Hazel is quiet while holding her head. Usually, right at this moment, she should be complaining about how it hurts and be asking him to please stab her head so it would stop hurting. But that was not serious. It was something she would laugh at when she woke up from three hour sleep.
“Hey you want me to stab your head?” It was just mere expression.
“Later”, she smiled
Take took a glimpse of her looming silence. It was then he noticed that there was something noticeably small round thing at her chest. He gulped. He’s very sure that she doesn’t wearing any bra.
“Could I ask you a favor?” Hazel finally spoke again. Take almost dropped the plate out of surprise and guilt for staring at her chest.
“What is it?” Take told sticking his eyes on his spoon.
“I want you to have sex with me.” She said in a very formal tone.
Take finally dropped the plate this time.
“I’m sorry”. Take doubted what he heard. He’s afraid to ask about it so he chose to focus on cleaning the wasted soup by using a rug. When he finished, he saw her just continuing in her soup. He concluded that there must be something wrong on what his ears had perceived. “What is it again?” he calmly asked.
“I said I want you to have sex with me.”
“What?!” Take was more shocked this time. “What are you talking about? Are you insane?”
“Why? Isn’t it you who told me to use my reproductive system or else I’ll get cancer?”
Take remembered that. He told that to her long ago when he came to her house, so drunk and horny. But she just laughed at him and told that she doesn’t care. She will never have the mood to do that.
“Hah, you’re joking, aren’t you? You got me. Congrats.”
Hazel took her one sleeve off her shoulder. It reveals the whiteness of half covered left breast. “I’m serious. I’m really worried about my health.” She was looking at him through the eye.
“Stop it. You won’t like it if I lose… my patience.” He said with trembling voice.He feels so hot now.
But Hazel crawled closer to him. She held his face and kissed him. He immediately responds. His hands began to slip out of control. It slides under her dress. She’s not wearing any underwear either. She really planned this. It angered the fire in him more. He was so excited to undress her. But suddenly, Hazel pushed him. He began to feel afraid that she made him excited for nothing. She was so unpredictable. He doesn’t know if she’s joking or serious. She’s happy then it will switch to sadness in very unlikely time. And maybe now, from being seductive to conservative again.
“Would you please take a shower please?” she said
He looked at her suspiciously. Then hug her tight that her breast scratched his chest. “Don’t make me feel stupid. I will not forgive you.” He whispered. His warm breath tinkled her ear.
She giggled. “I won’t. You can kill me if I escape. But won’t you mind. This is my first time. I want someone clean and fresh.”
“Then why don’t we take a shower together”, he whispered again. His voice is full of desire.
She pushed him again. ”No way. I don’t like to do it in the bathroom. Please”
Take decline. He went inside the bathroom without closing the door. He wants to make sure that she’s not making fool out of him. In very fastest time, he finished his bath.
He towel dry himself. He stepped out, he saw her now sitting on her bed with eyes closed. Her dress is already at the floor but she covered her naked body with blue blanket. Breathing so deeply, she might be pretty nervous. Then suddenly Take sits with her and caresses her hair. She slowly opened her eyes. They looked at each other’s eyes for a second before they finally head on to a delicate kiss. Take opened the blanket like a door. Hazel unloosed the towel that hung around his waist. Then she lay on the bed with Take’s weigh heavily above her.
His hands cupped her breast and squeezed it gently. His kissed began to move downward to their direction. But before he can reach it, she pushed him again. “Wait”, she said
“What again?” There was irritation in his panting voice, disgruntled by interruption.
“Do you love me?” she smiled childishly.
His traitor heart began to bet faster. He doesn’t know what to say. If he says yes, she might be angry. If she says no, she might be angry too. He really doesn’t know what she really wants.
“Is this your delaying tactic?” he asked instead of answering.
Hazel tapped his cheek. “Just say the truth. Look at us. I can’t back out anymore. Just answer my question truthfully, please, or I’ll shout that you’re raping me.”
His lips trembled. “Of course…” his heart seems satisfied. “…not” but he chose deny the truth in the end.
She giggled then laughed softly, not that she knew he is lying. She’s laughing for her sadness.
Take began to be really angry. “I’ll punish you for this.” Then he kissed her breast, suck it like a hungry child. His left hand teased the other breast while the other teased the delicate entrails of her womanhood.
She arched back in both pain and pleasure. He went up again and prepared to enter her. He knows it will hurt so he did it in the gentlest manner. But he was only able to do that in the beginning. It became faster without control. She is so tight and it is giving him so much pleasure than the other girls he slept with.
Hazel pushed his hair out of pain but didn’t even try to stop him. She gave herself to him. She will let him do whatever that pleases him. They rubbed their bodies until nothing’s left to her anymore. Their skies intertwined. There was no horizon anymore. She hugged him tight because it will be the last time she can be with the person she loves most but not possible to love her in return.
Usually, whenever Take unfolded the mystery of a woman, he would sleep with his back facing her. It is to imply that this is just a game that he had won. But tonight, Hazel is the one who’s facing her back to him. He can’t sleep either. He just stares at her hair and skin. He wants to touch her again but was so anxious for the reason he didn’t know what. It was the first time he felt satisfied just by staring to a girl for almost an hour. Yet, not contented. He wants to own her. Now he began to realize that he’s lying to her and to himself.
Unconsciously, he went closer and jailed her with his arms. Still, he feels incomplete. He wants to say something.
“Take”, Hazel spoke before he could open his mouth.
“What?” He placed his chin over her neck making their faces twins. Her eyes are closed fiercely. Pain is mirrored on her face.
“Would you stab my head please?” she said again almost in tears.
Take knew that this is serious. Her migraine is attacking her again. He caressed her head and massages her temple. He prayed sincerely that she could get the wonderful kind of sleep that she ever wanted.
Hazel, on the other hand, was so enclosed with so much grief and loneliness. She felt that Take’s hugging him so tight and even kiss her cheek. It made her happy for a while but didn’t let it go to her head too much. This is not real. She was so dedicated to the truth that it was just a matter of appreciation for giving him herself all the way.
Take was so surprise that he woke up first. “She must be pretty tired.” he thought. He became so excited to see how she would feel after her longest sleep. It was after he had finished cooking noodles, the morning shower and get dressed when Hazel got up in her bed. Upon exiting the bathroom, she’s already sitting, staring blankly at the food.
“Hey”, he said. But she didn’t even blink. It was not Take would expect. Usually when she woke up after three hour sleep, she seems to be the happiest person on earth. She often squeezed his cheeks and said “Oh, You’re soooo cute” even she’s mad at him that night.”
“Take began to worry. He started to think that what they did last night is an awful experience for her. He touched her cheek and see for himself if she has fever or something. “Why? You still didn’t have the energy? I made you sleep six hours straight. You should be thankful to me.”
Hazel said nothing. Tears fell down from her lonely eyes. Take was carried away for a woman’s tears for the first time. Ever since he met her, she thought of wanting to give up from her depression and been telling him about her suicidal dreams. It is one of the reasons why he thought of her when he was driven by lust. With her, there is no complication because she will die sooner anyway. But Hazel is really different. She is a person whom he can trust with everything. They became real friends and Take truly respects her.
Hazel’s hands began to caress her cheeks. Then in second, her gloomy face switches to childish and playful aura. He knows what it means. She will squeeze his face so hard until it’s already as red as tomato. “Ha Ha! You’re so gullible but you’re so cute!!!”
Take, ignoring the pain, starts kissing her again and undressing the blanket that covered her. But Hazel struggled and ran away to a corner.
“Don’t dare to move closer or I’ll shout!” she seems not serious about what she said because she’s laughing.
Take smiled slyly while moving closer. “Don’t act like a victim here. You’re the one who seduced me last night.”
“But I have to tell you. Your performance is sooooo depressing”, she laughed again.
But Take doesn’t mind. He caught her “You’re seducing me again, don’t you?” Their noses touched each other.
“No. In fact I want you to go. You forget something”
“You’re band has contract signing today. One hour to go. Be professional!”
It brought Take in proper state of mind. He rushed to gather his scattered clothes. Hazel is just laughing softly while watching at him.
“Get out of here quick!!” she pushed him to the door after he is already done dressing. But before she closed the door, Take was able to stop it. It was now opened so slightly that he could only see her face.
“What?” she said with an eyebrow higher than the other.
He wanted to say he loves her but he can’t say it. He hasn’t said it to anybody else and it really feels awkward. His mind was so crowded that he didn’t notice how obviously Hazel’s eyes were anticipating for those three stupid words.
“Thank you.” This is the only thing that came out of his mouth.
Hazel bit her lips. She smiled to hide the extreme shame she was feeling. “You’re welcome.” And the door finally closed.
“I’ll go back. I want to sleep here tonight.” His voice is already vague but she can still hear it clearly.
“Okay!” she replied with a loud voice so he can hear it. Her eyes were clouded with so many tears.
She tiptoed towards the window and saw him running along the street. Soon, he rode a cab. She stared at it, silently wishing for him to come back. But the car turned around until it was out of sight.
She sat with her back leaning against the wall and silently cried. “Goodbye Take. Thanks for everything.”
Take came back to her space after dealing with his commitments on that day. But he was surprised that the door was locked. The landlady saw him.
“She already moved out.” She said
“What? But she didn’t tell me this morning. Are you sure?”
“Yes. She told me that she will not come back here anymore. She even gave her belongings to the neighborhood.”
Take began to feel somewhat frightened. “But where did she go?”
“I don’t know.”
Take immediately took out his cell phone to call her. To his surprised, he heard the ringing tone of her mobile phone coming from the landlady who’s already walking away. The landlady answered it and heard her voice registering in his mobile.
“She gave away her phone, too!” Take can’t believe it.
She disappeared, gone to nowhere. He went to see her friends and co- workers only to find out that she gave them all her treasured things. When he can’t think anymore of the places to go, he regrets why he didn’t ask her about the past she is hiding.
No, he actually asked her. He remembered that whenever they have liquor session, he would ask her. But in the end, he will be the one who will talk about his past. He would be angry about his parents, teachers, managers, friends and girls in front of her. Sometimes, when the liquor finally took over his mind, he would even cry then lose his consciousness afterwards. He never wins against her. The liquor seems to have no effect on that mysterious friend.
He spends a week driving around the city to look for her. When he feels tired, he would go back to her room which is now very empty. He told the landlady that he will rent it. This is the place where he met her for the first time, where their friendship grew and where he saw her for the last time. He will save this place until she comes back.
He remembered the first time he saw her here. she was doing something unusual in between of her drawing. She was illustrating a comic series. That was her job.
“What are you doing?” He asked instead of asking who she was.
“I’m drawing something, can’t you see?” she said while not looking at him.
“No, you’re hurting yourself.” He was referring to the periodic slashing her arms with a blade. And she seems not hurt after all.
“In case you’re curious, Elena brought you here because you’re very drunk last night.” She told him instead, still not looking at him. “There’s porridge in front of you. Eat now and leave”
She was so cold. He remembered Elena told him about his co-worker who always wear long sleeves even in hot weather, rarely talks to anybody and who only seems to breath and draw. They call her vampire because she works overnight and only comes to the office, with haggardness mirrored all over her face, to submit her work.
Although, he felt ashamed, he still ate the porridge because his stomach needs it. While eating, he observes her. And although she tries to hide it, she continued in her habit to hold the blade and hurt herself. He found it very amusing. He also noticed that even with that disorganized hair and weary eyes, she’s actually pretty. An idea popped up to his mind. “Why don’t I play with her for a while?”
And from moment on, he would come to her place occasionally and she was always there. He would even sleep in her bed while she’s still awake. He wakes up in the morning, the breakfast is ready. Sometimes, he wonders if she really sleeps at all.
If there was one thing she openly talked about, that was about how she wants to die. She said she doesn’t want to die in an accident, in a disease, in a crime, or in old age. She prefers nightmares but that would be difficult because she rarely sleeps at all. So when the time comes, she really plans to commit suicide. Death has been her fiancé and Take found himself desperately wanting to fight him. He regrets that for a long time they have been together, he didn’t even try to snatch her away from him. All the while, he knows her heart yearns for him to do that. But he shrugged it off. He thought he doesn’t love her.
Now he learns not to sleep at all. When he wants rest, he will succumb in her memory. If he feels he wanted to fight again, he would live up his engine, drive around and ask strangers. It was very hard because he doesn’t even have a picture of her. They would be often lost in his descriptions. Some even leave an impression that he’s looking for a crazy lady. When he feels it’s too late, he would punch the wall. It became a habit for a week.
“She’s dead”
His friend’s voice echoed to his ear. He was again sitting silently in the corner of the empty room.
“She killed herself. It’s on the news.” his friend added
“No…no...” his lips were trembling. Everything his friend says stabs him like a knife. He closed his eyes because of pain. When he opened it again, the tears filled it that he could barely see. He misses her so much.
There was this video in the internet showing a group of four people killing themselves together in the same room only hell knows. There were many people watching them. They were noisy at the background.
Each one of them performed their suicide. The plump girl wearing in a black dress gulped a bottle of sleeping pills and went inside a freezer. A tall guy hung himself with a rough rope.
Hazel was wearing the same dress the last time he saw her. She was very beautiful as ever but her eyes still longs to have a deep sleep. She was holding a knife. She slashed her wrist not only once but many times. She seems not contented and did it to her other wrist. When she was tired enough, he laid on a white bed.
The last guy was holding a gun. He pointed it to his chest. The loud sound of bang followed. It was either coming from the man’s gun or the police who suddenly destroyed the door and rushed in. A moment of uproar, shouting and crying was next. Then it ended.
That night after he learned the truth, her laughter, cry, creepiness haunt him. He fell in to a deep sleep and had a dream. He found himself over her naked body. The moment was very the same as their last night together. He was kissing her chest again, doing the best that he can to make her plead. Then she pushed him again and asks “Do you love me?”
He rests his forehead against hers and looked at her eyes. “Yes, how about you?”
Her cheeks blushed. The eyes looked away with shyness. Then she pulled her head closer. Her breath tinkled his ear.
“Isn’t it obvious? I love you too, stupid!”

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