Cruel Fortune

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A small story for interested people to develop upon.

Submitted: August 23, 2014

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Submitted: August 23, 2014



In the start the college life of the student (lead) is shown. His one or two habits and he having fun with his friends, 4 boys and 1 girl. Then the girl is shown in similar fashion and then their college is shown and scene fades. Then their first interaction is shown after showing events leading to it [The events could include participating in a common event OR Meeting with a common friend]. The girl (second lead) eventually becomes his crush and he tries to reach her but he is unable to do so and after two years in the college she gives him the cold shoulder. Then he is heartbroken and tries to gather himself during the spring breaks.

When he comes back from the brakes he finds that he made her the centre of his world and did not noticed a lot of other good girls to befriend. He finds one and she (lead) turns out to be simpler and they end up getting committed. He spends the next two years with her and intimacy develops between them too. They get as close as kissing passionately. Then campus placement arrives and takes them apart, all three of them. He tries to keep her in contact but during the course of time the connection weakens and the last call between them is that her parents want her to marry and were suggesting boys.

During all this he will be shown working hard and rising in position in the company gaining promotions. His parents also look out for a girl for him to marry. They even select one girl and asked him if he approves. He is shown the photo and the girl turns out to be his girlfriend.

He happily agrees and then continues his life. Meanwhile in his company, where he worked he is assigned an assistant to work with on a project. It is a girl and she came here on the request of the manager, the girl turns out to be the crush. Now he is living life at home with his love but he works all day together with someone he loved and wanted to be with, the ‘worse’ part, she was now within his reach.

Imagine possible endings with him staying with one and leaving other. Most possibly he tries to send the assistant back and comes on the verge of losing his job.

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