In the Dark (part II)

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Another part.

He looked very happy that day. They both had talked and the results were as per he wanted. He made her realise that how much important. There were other parts of conversation too but I need not ask them because when I saw it in her eyes that how much troubled she was and that she realised her mistake, I could easily believe that my friend had what it takes to be a devoted lover. He was ready to wait even if it takes a year. She though after their last meeting changed a lot. She understood his presence in her life and how much he mattered for her. She knew in her heart that she could fall in love with him and that was what was keeping her away but now she was not afraid. She clearly announced to him that their friendship will not get affected by what some people have to say.

Among which came her beloved brother who, incidentally, was in the same college. The best part though was that her brother and my friend had had their differences in the past. So much that they do not prefer to talk directly to each other and yet the only girl he chooses is the sister of his, sort of, enemy. But he knew that this will not come between their relations since she was going to clear things with her brother.

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