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A love, a friend and a help.

Looking outside the mess window he was waiting for a girl. He was eating his food not having his concentration in there. His constant looking out of the window was an annoying affair for his friends and they had mentioned it to him a lot of times before. But he could not resist it for this was his only reason to come there and have food. He liked that girl but she was a junior and he had not even spoken with any girl of his year so it was clear he will not initiate and well neither will she for even if she knew he liked her, he was a senior and girls don’t approach.

“Hi.” “Hello” “So you are coming for dinner?” “I think we should go out today, you know, have dinner at a good restaurant.” “Why? I mean, can we go out? What will my friends say. It has been only few weeks and you……?” Stopping her in the best way possible; said “You know why holding hands is considered depiction of true love because it makes the shape of a heart. A big one because you know ‘two bodies one soul’ kind of thing. I love you and I will show it to everyone. Are you with me?” Holding hands together they stood while the full moon rose up putting the evening sun to sleep. He loved him and he was gratified.

“I cannot meet her just like that what will she think” “You have to, I am tired of all this and I will finish it once and for all.” “Hey! Stop, I can……not.” “Hi Harshita how are you?” “I am fine how you are?” “Cool.” “Hey, meet Kirti she is a freshman.” “Hello. How are you? I am Raunak and this is my friend Tarun.” “Hi sir.” She replied to me looking in the eye and the eye contact surged new confidence in me. I could clearly see both of them turning away slowly. “Hi. So how was your day today?”

Submitted: August 14, 2014

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Short Story / Romance

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