A small incident.

“You should not mess with Jordan” someone said from behind and I remembered the voice. It belonged to one of my friends. To confirm my assertion I turned my neck towards him. He was in blue pyjamas and a red shirt with ‘#35’ printed on it in white. The left arm of the shirt was removed, possibly by force since you could see the small bits of thread of uneven length showing. There was a bruise on his right hand just above the wrist on the inside of the arm. His posture was quite bewildering itself. He was standing but was forcibly keeping his head down. He had his palms open towards the outside i.e. away from his body hence the bruise. He was shaking mildly. It was like he had seen or experienced something horrible; experienced I think, courtesy of his clothing. I tried to hold his hand to calm him down and though I was with my boyfriend it hardly mattered when a friend of mine was in such a state, but he retaliated and started making odd sounds like a dog’s whining. “What happened Brian?” “You do not mess with Jordan” it was his only reply and by the second time it started to scare me since I did not knew who Jordan was. He slowly raised his hand and this time we was able to give him support; physical my boyfriend and I mental. He raised it to the maximum height and then slowly began saying “Don’t clap…Don’t clap”. He was saying this repeatedly and in a very spooky manner with a frequency much like a clock when the cuckoo comes out and announces the change of the hour. He began to move his feet and started walking towards the road. We were trying to hold him at one place and my Boo grabbed his left arm caring for the bruise on the right and pulled him with force just enough to drag him back to the chair where we were sitting when we first heard him. He was slow and cautious because we were unaware of any other injuries he might have incurred. Therefore he was using only 10% of his football ready body, which I admired a lot and could not stop myself from thinking at this juncture in my mind. His hands were still up and we tried to bring it down at which moment in place of opposing he made a creaking sound like an old wooden door which had not been opened for years and by the time someone cared to do so it has faced many rains and rusting has taken its toll on the joints along with moisture on the board. It was evening when he first appeared but now it was quite dark. We were not far from the college but still outside the campus. There were very few light lit that day. Some sort of road work was going on and the road lights were totally gone. I could though, still see one lamppost which was just above our head flickering slightly. It flickered for a few second s and then it went out. I redirected my attention towards my friend who was showing no sign of improvements. My boyfriend wanted to take him to the doctors but I was interested in finding out what had caused his misery. I insisted on taking him back to where he came from because I believed that there we could find something which may cure his state. He was not in any mood to walk in the direction from where he came. “Let’s go and check out what happened back there. I am sure I know from where we need to start.” I asked him, more like ordered him but he listened to me and so we both left him on the bench. I turned my head once to look at him while holding my BF’s hand tightly knowing we could find anything there and I then decided after exploring all the possibilities that  may occur when we are totally lost in the jungle which surrounded our college from three sides. I decided not to go and this makes me a coward but to save us any trouble I do not care what others may say besides no one was there. “We should not go. I was overwhelmed when I decided that and I now feel that we should…” “Shh…Shh” he stopped me putting his soft hands on my lips and looking above for a second to look around if someone heard me because I was very loud when I gave him the reasons. We decided to return back to where he was. He held the branch of a lemon tree which was growing too close to the ground, up. I passed and then he dropped it. We made our way slowly thinking about what he would be doing during our few minutes’ absence. I was waiting to talk to him desperately and I was too lost in my thoughts that I did not realised it and stepped on a stone. I tripped as it was a slippery stone and had ample algae growth. I could tell that because of the musty smell which I had to have from the ground when I tumbled. “It’s okay. I am fine I just…don’t know…” and I waited for the reply for a few seconds but there was not a sound. I looked around and my eyes could not betray me but Davis was not around. I tried to find him by waving my hands in irregular pattern around me so that I may bump one of my fist against him and thus his game would be over. At least that’s what I thought it was. I was not going to find him that way. i have to get out of the jungle. I was very angry that how could he leave me in such a place at such time of day. I could barely see where to go. I could not remember getting so deep in the jungle nonetheless I tried walking in one direction and slowly I learned how to walk in a forest at night. It happened only after a mild sprain and few cuts on my leg that I could have an expertise. I found the one flickering light and thought to myself the same light which was bothering me when we were with my friend was looking so helpful. I followed it and it brought right where I had left my friend and there was just a single change. He was not there. I wanted him to be there since he was a very good friend of mine and I wanted to help him. I tried to look around for him but to no avail. I stood up and began turning towards my college when suddenly my eyes caught glimpse of a red flash as a vehicle went past. I looked thinking it must be the tail lamp. I continued walking when I heard a crack sound behind me. I turned and it seems the sound came from the place where the flash was. I walked towards the flash and I could see something was lying on the ground there. A piece of junk, some broken plastic as it was looking from some distance. The light flickered again and brighter this time. I looked at it once while continuing walking in the same direction. As I reached closer and closer to the stuff lying on the ground the picture became clearer and the flickering light became more and more bright. When I was just a meter away from the mass the light glowed strong at its full potential. It dragged my attention towards the post but then I moved my neck back to examine the mass and……I could see the body of my friend lying there in pieces. There was blood and smell and his clothes which were now tattered. The light was now glowing full.  My friend had died. The vehicle killed him. I waited there sitting on the road suddenly I heard footsteps approaching towards me and when I looked back he said “You should not mess with Jordan”.

Submitted: September 15, 2014

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