Coming Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you have no choice but to leave and start all over again.. Let go of the pain and face a new beginning...

We're riding the jeepney along the seemingly uneven road. Good thing the tires were all good. I could feel the cold breeze of the wind. I chilled a bit. 

I was holding my cellphone while listening to music. From the big window of the jeepney, I gazed around the surroundings. There were lots of big trees. Most of them are scarred; traces of old wounds on their trunks. I wondered how those trees survived the time. Maybe the nature just love them that much that up to now, they're standing still. Or maybe they are being punished. For what? Like us, we have no idea.

Calvin, my older brother, poked me in the arm. "You okay?"

I nodded.

He drew a long breath and took a bottled water in his bag.

"Here." He handed me the bottled water. "Relax."

I hesistantly took it. I didn't drink the water. I just felt like I wanted to look around. These were all new to me.

"It's true that it's hard to move." Calvin said. "We can't do anything about it." He added. 

We passed by an old looking school. They were having a flag ceremony. I noticed that the students were wearing slipppers instead of black shoes. The teacher have dark circles around her eyes. She looked so tired and sick.

"Hazel, look at her," Calvin pointed at the teacher. "I think she's on drugs." 

I looked at him sharply. He laughed.

Again, I concentrated on the road from the jeepney's window. There's a park, but there were no children playing. The swing's paint has faded. The slide was covered with mud. There's also a basketball court.

A group of topless men and on their bare feet were playing basketball, not bothered with the muddy court. There were also old men sitting on the benches near the court. Smoking. One of them gazed at me. I swiftly looked away.

"Were here!" Mom said.

Calvin and I jumped out of the jeepney. In front of us was a small house. Compared to other houses we've passed by, this one seemed to look much better. The doorway was huge. I sighed as I noticed a shattered window near the door. Mom also noticed it.

Mom called the old man burning some trash near the small house. "Mr. Gil!"

"Oh it's you, Teresa! You're finally here." He approached us. "How are you?"

"These are my kids. Hazel and Calvin."

We smiled. Mr. Gil smiled as well.

"Oh well, come on, let's see the house." He said.

Mr. Gil pulled the key out of his pocket and opened the door slowly. First thing that surprised us was a doll lying on the floor.

"Gelly must have left this," Mr. Gil picked up the doll. "The daughter of the previous owner of this house." He tossed the poor doll outside. Suddenly, two small young girls showed up out of nowhere. They scrambled over the doll, until the doll's head got pulled off. They cried.

"Retards." Calvin said in disgust. "This place seems weird." He whispered.

I looked at the ceiling. It has no paint unlike the walls. 

"Mom," I called. "Where's my room?"

"No, we'll sleep together in one room." Mom said.

"What?" Calvin blurted. "Hell, no way! I don't like it here then!"

"Shut it!" Mom roughly pat Calvin's head. "This will be our new house now."

Mr. Gil coughed a bit. "Want to see the bathroom?"

We all nodded. As if we can do anything else.

The bathroom was small. There's a sink in front of the toilet. There's also a shower, faucet and pail. On the left side of the bathroom's door was the light switch. Mr. Gil turned on the lights. The bulb seemed burnt out. 

I couldn't help but compare our old house from our new house. In our old house, everything's in place. The school was much bigger and cleaner. The road wasn't muddy and uneven. Our old house was much spacious and much accessible from the market. Here, maybe, we would start again. Here, we would rise once again...

After the tragedy that occurred to us...after our old house was burnt.

Submitted: December 03, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Shie M.. All rights reserved.

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