Kim's cousin, Sophia, has developed a mental illness her parents death. Sophia moved to Kim's house after the incident. They have become closer and dependent on each other. Until the arrival of Rico, the new neighbor, everything that was perfectly set has changed into atrocious and sinister encounters.

Table of Contents

The First Writing

  Each person will die differently. It could be a slow, torturing death. A peaceful one. An unexpected or ... Read Chapter


  It was one of Sophia's entries in her journal. Definitely disturbing, and must be a manifestation of her illness - a ... Read Chapter

No Secrets

  I inadvertently wounded myself while searching for my ID under my bed. Sophia scattered the push pins again. We both sleep... Read Chapter

Never Forget the Name

  Sophia was fully aware of  her illness. We tried to hide it from her yet she was able to discover it. She seemed coo... Read Chapter

Take a Look Inside

  I was washing the dishes - it was always my "schedule" at night. I was still conscious of what Rico has said earlier that mo... Read Chapter