Lingering on that Path

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some insight with my life after the graduation; different paths, different destination.

We're so blessed to have friends.

We rely to them.

We build strong relationships with them.

At our downfalls, they stand by our sides.

In our dreams, they give us their greatest support.


An ending. But also a beginning.

Each of us shall take our own different paths; time to build your own life. Own growth.

As we got hold of the diploma, we know we are done - done with the long journey as a student.

Yes, maybe not done with the friendship.

Not yet. But it might, somehow.

Those classmates who made us all smile, those whom we shared our secrets and dreams with, those who picked on us yet ended up laughing, and those whom we considered as a real friend - little by little, they would all fade away.

It must be the time. Or the situation. Or maybe fate.

Words are only words.

Action makes the whole difference.

After the graduation, it's when the individuals begin to get busy preparing for their interviews, exams, plans for their lives ahead and goals. In that process, they also begin to meet new people. New people to which they will consider as a much significant one than those whom they met way back.

Chances are, these new people would make their lives spin only between them, leaving you behind with your treasured memories you strongly refused to forget.

Their lives are changing. How about yours?

In some case, you remain stagnant. Same rotation. And you thought of the past instead of looking forward. 

That's a manifestation of unhappiness in present life.

The worst thing is, when you try to get in touch with those people again, you'll feel them moving away; sometimes avoiding conversation; you'll hear a lot of excuses, while way back if they really want to hang out, they can make their way despite of any conflict.

The truth of the changing surrounding creeps you so bad that you wonder if it would last for long. In your mind you see them slowly becoming much more distant than yesterday; than the other day; than last week.

But then when you look back at the older times, you see yourself - diving in mirth and bliss with those people who are, now, charting a new path which is seemingly distinct from the ground you are currently standing on.

And with that vision you have in mind, you feel lost. You are confused to whether continue with that path or create a new one. 

In the end, it would only be you who will benefit or suffer from your present actions.

The decision is still up to you.  






Submitted: September 02, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Shie M.. All rights reserved.

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