Stained Glass

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cora, a troubled teenager, is living her life in a coaster of suspicions, where she tries to analyze people, conjecturing them as probable threat and merely hiding their selfish motives -- this mindset made it difficult for her to build relationships. In her journey, she gets involved in a class incident, where she was forced to be someone she's not, to endure being a person she hates the most - a pretender. With her life turned from solitary to stepping in a group, she realizes that she might not be pretending anymore, and instead discovering who she really is.

This is a story of different faces of change, where suppressions of people drive them to the path of pretensions and denials, resulting a distant truth, and how folds of lies mold one's personality for the sake of human companionship and succession of hidden rationales.

As Cora starts to uncover her family and friends' secrets, she inadvertently unravels her own.

Table of Contents


  It all comes back to me instantly before I could step inside the house. I look up to see how dark the sky is, that as I... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

  My body was tired and I felt a sudden weight in my head. I moved from my bed, forceful of it. I went to the open window. Tak... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

  It’s him again and his one of a kind qualities. “Good morning class!” He was a man who used to live his life i... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

  Before I went home, I strolled in the park to feel the serenity and silence of the place. It was month of June that afternoon.... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

  I was three years old when I started formal education. Dad told me that I was a brilliant girl that time and our neighbors ado... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

  It was a warm sunny day in school where I used to see clumsy pre-school students running around the playground, butterfli... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

I noticed the sky turned into auburn paint and the sun started to disappear behind the thick clouds of that ominous day. I took my eyes a... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Samantha Morgan, our new teacher in Literature, came just in time when I finished reading the sixth page of the book I took from Mom’s ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Recess. Some of my classmates went out to buy food in the canteen. I would never want to experience the food there ever again. My money w... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

    You’re a bad person.   It repeatedly whimpered... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

I remember the day when I got out of the bus last that night in August. It was a usual pattern forme to be the last passenger every day a... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

My body was tired and I felt a sudden weight in my head. I moved from my bed, forceful of it. I went to the window. Taking my steps ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Of course not. Why should I be scared if there’s no way I could ever be rejected? People do observations, waiting and looking, and come... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

The night was suggestive like him, speaking of which, every word of this person started to bring rampant thoughts in my head, where I cou... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

The following day, I kept myself silent in class. Pia went on and on with redundant stories about her secret admirer, where she always sh... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

The dark book was on my hand while I peer outside, seeing the fall of light turned to dimly quiet environment. I was left in the classroo... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

My feet seemed glued on the ground, while my eyes stared at people passing by and bumping my shoulders in a hurry. I was standing beside ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

We waved goodbye to Pia. Noah and I walked as fast as we could to the other side of the road we took, and as we walk, we glanced at each ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Here’s a new thing I learned from the past. The old one was, you’ll never know the importance of a thing until it’s gone. The new o... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Michelle Alano. I shall forever remember the name, mark it as an unwanted group of letters, nail in my memory to interfere any spark ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Few months passed after the truth shone in my eyes. I didn’t go to school again after what Michelle had done. The suffocating words tha... Read Chapter


-- EPILOGUE --   The memories fade when I peer to my left. There they are, smiling at me with their brightest effort ... Read Chapter