The Exit

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After the Last Page and the Catch, the Exit has finally opened.

(Part 2 of The Catch)

Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016




You're hearing your name. Someone's calling you.

There was heat that you feel all over your miserable coldness after the fall.

Suddenly, you remembered.

You were saved - yet you remained broken.

You recognize his face.

His voice.

"It's him." You whispered. "It's always him."

You were in his arms, holding you gently as he walked towards the beam of light ahead.

When was the last time you saw the light?

You don't want to remember.

Because before, you've mistakenly seen the darkness as light.

So awful. So embarrassing. 

But he said, "Nothing's to be ashamed of."

And you believed him.

He showed you the path - away from the wrong road you've taken.

He followed you; gone with all your encounters.

He healed you; the wounds now became scars.

Like a bird with a broken wing, you learned to fly once again.

But then you realized, "How could a broken fix another broken?"

Maybe for sometime you thought you're stronger, but you're actually fearful.

After you've gone through the last page, there was this catch that saved you.

You heart began to beat faster.

Because he has given you something to think of.

"I need to love this man."

You accepted the words like a soul in relief. And from there, you shared affection.

Now everything's starting to come back.

As if a revival, you learned things you unlearned.

See things you never saw.

Feel the moments you've never experienced before.

You were happy. Genuinely happy.

Until instantly, you felt unsure.

"What could be wrong?"

You started to distrust your emotion.

"Could I be fooling myself?"

On that day, you built walls. On that day, you stopped listening.

He was knocking - every single day.

You don't want to be disturbed. And so you ignored.

You're trying to kill the uneasiness.

Kill the memories made and feelings that brought surreal visions.

Thirst your needs and drench in truth.

Because from the start, you knew you're broken.

You knew you needed healing, and he gave it to you. And aside from it, was love.

You tried to reciprocate that love, because you thought you must feel the same way.

But you realized that it's not love - you cried.

So wrong. So wrong.

As you got back to your senses, you broke the walls you built and saw him standing next to the shattered bricks.

As always, he was smiling at you.

But you can see sadness in his eyes.

He's getting tired.

And so are you.

Behind him was the exit from that world - the world that mended all your pain after the fall.

You walked pass him and sincerely said, "I'm sorry" instead of an untruthful "I Love You."

The exit told you, "When you pass through here, there is no coming back."

For the last time, you turned your back to have one last look at him. One last look at the man who saved and loved you.

You finally step towards the exit, carrying the pain because somehow you know you deserve it.


The Exit
And carry a different kind of pain.

Shielah Yuyama

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