The Last Page

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Every book has its last page, and so as relationships...
When he doesn't love you anymore.

Submitted: June 25, 2015

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Submitted: June 25, 2015



You two happened to find a book, somewhere on the place where you have met.

In your delight and inevitable curiosity, you picked it up, with a stain of hesitation at first. Yet urges, at times, usually win.

He held the left side of the book, opened it, with his eyes gazing at you, asking you to hold the right side of the book. And so you did.

You were both reading it, gradually being pulled into the story as if the weight of gravity commands such as you go through the pages. You were smiling. So he was.

You're half way the book. He was leaning closer to you. You feel blissful. You knew he felt the same way. The air was much sweeter than ever. You wished this wouldn't end.

Emotions were beginning to touch your senses. You suddenly visualized a beautiful rainbow, the best of all you have seen. For the first time, you felt that everything was real; genuine; momentous. And all you can do is think about the person reading beside you. 

You looked at him, noticed that his smile starts to fade.

You demanded a reason, but instead he gave you a gentle pat in the head. Like a child longing for a seemingly lost care, it soothed your rising anxiety. Deliberately, you thought, the air has become less sweeter.

You were loving the read. Now you were worried if the feeling remained in him. But you continued.

Few pages were left. He was now leaning back. He seemed exhausted. Confused. Unsatisfied.

You gazed at him. 

In an instant, you felt agonized, seeing his face with no traces of mirth anymore. 

In an instant, you felt that you're losing him, seeing that he freed his hand from the book.

But you continued to read, becuse you wanted him to stay. You were aware that he's enduring something, yet he refused to tell.

Until you reached the last page.

You gazed at him again.

His eyes awating, anticipating.

You felt scared.

He looked at you, pat you gently again in the head, gave you a small smile.

And you were excruciatingly certain that he wanted you to read the last page, so he can finally leave, and go home.



The Last Page
The book is your Love Story

Shielah Yuyama






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