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“You will never know what you have until you lost it”

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



“You will never know what you have until you lost it”

How does it feel to lose something or someone who’s been with you through your good times and had seen you at your worse?

 Isn’t sad when you had so much love to give them yet, there’s no chance to showing them how you feel?  Much more when you miss those people after thinking and rememberingthe memories and fun you had with them, all you want is to hug them,for real.

That is the saddest part of being left behind without given any further explanation,  it feels like they  just walked out of your life easily , without comprehending what truly  happening.

Look, that is the consequence when we take forgranted for those people we know, would be and who will be beside us all the time. Sometimes, it never crosses our minds that they will be taken away from us… That they will never be back again with us, for good. Also when we finally realize that its already too late…they’re gone.

I know the feeling, the feeling of loosing the chance to show to those special people in my life, how much they mean to me, that they mean the world to me, that they are my life.

Too bad, my words had already run out together with my tears, tears of loneliness as it continually lingering on me.

Their presence still lingered in every corner of my dwelling. You see, when we are used to being with them, as if the place is hollow and lonely without them. As if everything seemed to be, not the way it used to be, and no one could feel the emptiness that we are feeling inside. I’m starting to think that when we lose someone or when people where taken away from us, it means we are not paying much attention to them. Like ignoring them when they are around, leaving them and taken them for granted.

That is the crucial truth, we only get the chance to value people when actually we are about to lose them.

It’s really painful to lose a mother, father, a grandma, a sister, a bestfriend, and every person you love. It’s not that easy to accept that they’re gone forever.

No matter how many wishes you’d ask to give you another moment to bring back the time… it’s useless.

And what are left to us are our damn regrets. We suddenly sink to an ocean, full of what of tormenting question in our minds. What if I was there? What if I did that? What if I stayed with them? What if I never left?

See? Everything seems to bother us, rattling and pulling us down to single word-REGRETS. We have regrets when we use to do something but we did not.  When we said something but we choose not to and when we never got the second chance to make tings the way they’re supposed to be done.


But what I’m trying to say, value people while you still have them, because you’ll never know until when they will stay in your life. Life is unpredictable; you might be with them today, tomorrow, what??

Spend each day of your life with people you love dearly, shower them with your love and care. It’s like telling them that you appreciate them for being around through thick and thin.

Remember, it’s not everyday that you get the chance to show how you feel, you might as well start doing it now. It’s not too late to start anew.

And as for me. I am say “I never had any reasons to be angry with God”, perhaps; He has his way of making me a stronger person. Also, He wouldn’t give us something we couldn’t bear.

As I look up the sky, I closed my eyes… then a sudden flashback of all the memories of my “someone”…conquered me.

After that, I opened my eyes and a smile finally escaped from my lips…

I realized though he is not physically present, he will always stay beside me…




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