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War affects everyone and it's consequences are deadly!!! SO WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP WAR??? CHECK OUT :-D

Submitted: August 11, 2011

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Submitted: August 11, 2011



Clara, a pretty 22 year old Florentine citizen walks in the street with a bag full of gifts and chocolates. It was her mom’s birthday and she wanted to give her a surprise. Suddenly she hears a loud unusual noise like that of a plane almost to crash, she looks at the sky to find a massive missile passing above her head and immediately takes to her heels.

Running frantically, she hears screams and small children crying and clutches the bag firmly. She sees a small boy crying near his mom’s corpse and Jet planes flying above, dropping bombs here and there, and a house just collapsing to the ground. The dusty air is filled with the obnoxious smell of explosive’s smoke and Clara gets tensed in the chaotic and sorrowful surrounding filled with the sound of grenades blowing up-so powerful that it could damage the ear drums and leave a person deaf. She gets terrorized seeing a riverbed of bloody bodies and stands still like a rock. There’s a deadly silence for a while. ONLY FOR A WHILE. She then sprints to keep herself alive as she hears the mechanical noise of something enormous – so gigantic that she could feel the ground vibrating- like that of tanks and passes through a rain of fire shots. Luckily she wasn’t struck.

She reaches the park, panting for breath where she used to play as a child and quickly hides behind the bushes as she sees through her terror-stricken eyes, some people carrying arms-dressed in a gray camouflage army suit-the one she hasn’t seen in her country before. A man in a sand colored camouflage army suit is lying in the ground, kicked and thrashed by the other men. She identifies the man being tortured to be a soldier of her country.

"Tryin’ to sneak into our territory, YOU Dawg poop!!!"

shouts a man from the group. He scolds the lying soldier with a lot of filthy words and then picks up a knife and scoops up his eyeballs.


The soldier screams and shrieks loudly in unbearable pain…………………

Clara cries silently unable to watch and crawls her way out till they’re out of her sight because she knew that she would be dead if they found her. She walks again in distress, weeping and thinking about the plight of the brutalized soldier when she comes across the playground and notices a man shouting to a group of people amidst the terrible sound of bombs blasting


“My fellow citizens! Join the VENGENCE BRIGADIERS and take your revenge. We have a Country to save!!!"

A terrorist group formed so swiftly in the middle of a war, with most of the nominees being teenage boys and small children, left homeless and orphaned at such a young age when they must be enjoying their childhood-their education and basic necessities all pricked from them. They carry dangerous explosives and ammunition instead of books that teach them about peace and harmony. They become prey to suicide bombing-sacrificing their lives for no reason and NO FAULT of theirs when they have to be playing outside happily, chasing butterflies.

Many innocent lives lost unable to enjoy all the happiness and resources, Mother Earth has left them- their basic rights taken away forcefully from them.


Clara somehow manages to reach home and finds the glass window broken and the door opened slightly. She pushes the door and gets horrified seeing her mom in a pool of blood, with a gunshot in her head. She drops the bag which she had brought with determination, to give her mom the gifts and wails over her mom’s corpse, her hands covered in fresh warm blood.

The door closes and when she turns back, she has her head pointed by an assault rifle.

“SO that was your mom. You must have seen how she died. Ha Ha Ha!”

A man in the gray army suit laughs heartlessly with sarcasm-the kinda suit she saw already-being worn by the torturers in the park. He must have been hiding inside the house, the whole time.


She gets frightened and says angrily through her tears


“Yes, beautiful and I guess I needn’t kill you NOW” he says and advances towards her as he holds the rifle sideways.

“Don’t take another step!”

Clara threatens him with the needle her mom had been having in her hand-who must have been engaged in embroidering.


He disobeys giving her an evil laugh and says

“My gun’s fast, sweetheart.”

She points the needle to her throat and steps back saying

“Don’t TOUCH me!!!”

He tries to touch her but she immediately plugs it into her throat, suffering for a minute with a rush of blood flow and lies dead.

The Verontican soldier exits, leaving the 2 corpses and the bag which should have landed a happy mom on her birthday but instead, on her death day.



# War affects not only the soldiers but the whole citizens of a country. Life is invaluable and it isn’t worth being wasted on the borders and territories setup by someone else.

# Every human being is made of flesh, bones and soul- nothing different. So we must treat everyone equally and not letting our ego say “I’m a Superpower.”

# When we can frame even an unintentional killing of a person as a murder and an unforgivable crime-What about the intentional genocide by a whole nation??? Isn’t it a bloody murder??? Isn’t it an unforgivable UNIVERSAL crime???

# If we all have an open heart to accept the whole world as our family of brothers and sisters and friends irrespective of the boundaries, citizenship, color, gender, race, creed, religion and region- then we can all be together supporting each other instead of fighting over a piece of land which we can’t take with us after our deaths.



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