Another Realm

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Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



The coyote's paws left a distinct track in the mud as she stalked through the corn looking for her next meal. The air was chilled, a breeze ruffled her thick fur as she put her nose to the Earth and followed an invisible path to her prey; the awful hunger pangs in her stomach screamed at her, she became immensely focused and became unaware of the owl in the oak tree a few feet behind her. The owl observed her, then spread his wings to dive down from his branch in such a motion it seemed like he was plummeting to the ground. He pulled himself up at the last second so he was just hovering above the grass and swooped past the hungry coyote towards the rabbit she was looking so desperately for.


He retreated to the branch once he had the rabbit squirming between his talons. The coyote jumped at the tree, but he was too far out of reach. She paced the tree watching the owl separate the rabbit's skin and consuming it with a sense of pride. The coyote pulled back her upper lip and yelped at the owl, as if he would just drop the rabbit down to her and proceed with his day.


There was a house further back, only one light was on and a girl watched the whole scene between the creatures before her. She noticed the coyote's ribs and spine bulging from her fur. Her eyes looked depressed; like she was about to give up on more than just the rabbit. The girl watched her pace the tree for what seemed like an hour, but in actuality twenty minutes had passed before the hungry dog gave up and slowly sulked away with her tail between her legs and her head low. "Poor thing needs to eat too.." The girl went to the fridge and pulled out a raw piece of chicken she was de-thawing for tomorrows dinner and walked out of the door. 


She slowly approached the coyote who was laying in a bush for cover for the night. The girl laid the chicken breast on the grass then returned to her house. The coyote's ears shot forward and she looked frightened for a moment before accepting the girl's offering by taking it between her jaws and disappearing into the woods for a safe place to eat.


Back in the house, the girl watched the coyote take off. She smiled, knowing that she let the old dog live at least one more day. Satisfied with her kind act, she turned off her light and laid on her bed to try and fall back asleep, but it seemed near impossible.


She closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing until she was at a completely relaxed state. Her limbs felt heavy, her mind felt calm; the feeling of a bug crawling up her leg was begging her to itch, but it was just her brain seeing if she was asleep or not. She did her best to ignore it, and the need to roll over to a different position; she felt too relaxed and it would be impossible to get back to such a relaxed state.


Soon the annoying sensations vanished and she felt herself slip deeper into sleep; but her mind stayed quite active. The girl soon felt a buzz through her body- like someone had tased her. It happened again and again, each time the buzz grew stronger. She was quite alarmed by this and tried to flip over in bed, but as soon as she tried she noticed she couldn't move any over her muscles. "Am I paralyzed?" Thoughts filled her head, creating scenarois to what mind be going on with her body.


A sound of a waterfall pounded in her ears, she squeezed her eyes shut but the noise grew louder and if felt as if her whole body was vibrating.


Keeping her eyes closed, the let the vibrations and the sounds pass and could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She blinked her eyes open taking shaky breaths, but still couldn't move so she shut them closed.


"Trust us." A man's voice called in the darkness.


Alarmed, the girl tried to retreat to waking up, but she felt a tug as she was being lifted out of bed. The tug started in her core and traveled up her body; a pop in her chest raised fear in and she shot up, but what she was seeing in front of her wasn't her room.


The walls of her room were replaced with a grid like dimmension, like how a video game is created. She felt the wall, but her hand passed right thorough it. "A dream? But why does it feel so real?" She turned to find her bed many feet below her, and she saw herself sound asleep!


"What..." She looked around frantically for an explanation but she wasn't in the room she knows so well anymore. The room had expanded and transformed into a world beyond her comprehension. The textures of the items around her were so unexplainable, she didn't know what to think. There was what looked like a tree to her right; it reached up to a purple and blue sky with strange stars scattered throughout. The tree was a glowing white, and small whisps of angel-like hair surrounded it.


Something about the tree drew her closer to it, she let herself float in this new world, mesmerized by the beauty around her. At the base of a tree sat a creature of a sort, but she couldn't make out what is was, but as she floated closer she saw that it was the coyote she fed before she fell asleep.


But the coyote was at least twice in size now and looked extremely healthy. The dog approached her and smiled. "Thank you, I am extremely grateful for you sincere act of kindness."


The girl could only nod. She noticed strange figures begin to walk around, and they seemed like they were talking to each other. She studied them, they were not humans, but instead a sort of transparent humanoid with a blank face. She was not frightened by then, something told her that these strange new beings were of no harm. The girl found the humanoid closest to her and observed it turn towards her and slowly lift it's arm to wave. 


She returned the wave and watched the humanoid return to it's casual stroll down a purple beach.


A beach? When did she get on a beach? Amazed by this new world around her, she simply just looked around, taking in the energies in the air- which she could tell there are many other forms of life here. She could feel them.


A bright white light woke her up almost instantly. She was back in her bed, she saw that she forgot to close the window before she went to bed, and the sun poured into her room letting her wake up to a warm glow.

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