On Galilee

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Poem about Jesus calming the Sea of Galilee

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



On Galilee
The captain asleep in the cabin
Slept like a cradle-borne babe,
The wind like a wolf pack was howling
Through the sails of the ship where he lay.
The fishers with strained, swollen sinews,
Long since drenched by the sea's bitter sting,
Fought the storm like a God-proven army
On the undulant waters of green.
As bullets of mideastern lighting
Shot about on the canvas of night,
Brave hearts who had known Mother Nature
Met the unwelcomed threatnings of fright.
And just when the ship would be taken
To explore the depths of the deep,
The sensitive mind of the Captain
Emerged from the vastness of sleep.
The screams of the mortal-bound sailors
Were drowned by the storm's angry cry
But nothing could hide from the searchings
Of the Captain's all-seeing eye.
Stepping onto the flash flood of water
Rushing 'cross the gopher wood deck,
His mere presence was felt by the heavens
And they froze in solemn respect.
Then with pow'r to command all creation
Solemn words issued forth from his lips,
"Peace, be still!," spoke the heavenly master,
And the waves fled the deck of the ship.
All was calm but the whispers of breathing
And the mem'ry of moments gone past,
As the men nursed the wounds of their peril
Wiping blood from the marks on their hands.
Then one turned toward the face of the Maker
With his vision clouded by tears,
Whispering, "Jesus my Lord, who art thou?
That even nature reveres."
Then with eyes of a e'er patient father
He spoke as He only could,
"My son, had ye faith in the Father,
Ye too could do marvels of good."
Shilo Carmenzetti

© Copyright 2018 Shilo Carmenzetti. All rights reserved.

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