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Mr.Sanjeev Shravon was a leading journalist and have pretty well fan followers.He can impress anybody with his well versed attitude that Raakhi fell on him even though her marriage was fixed with another guy

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012




 1. First meet

It was a hot sunny day where I was standing on the lengthy queue of mob for a new released movie. This was my final year on fashion designing and of course I esteemed being in a diverse city other than my home town. I was merely like a rogue who doesn’t care about anybody or anything. Those hard-hitting days in the city trained me like that. ‘Iam responsible for what Iam’ that was my mind-set. The road was indeed dusty and hectic. I kept staring at my watch that swirls out the waiting seconds. Finally the ticket counter opened and I grabbed my piece of seating bit. My eyes got hooked on the food counter. The fresh smell of popcorn had drawn me to the dim light corner. While I checked my currencies in the purse, I heard somebody say “A coffee”. That was a recognizable voice. Mm...To be precise a manly one! I crooked to see the intrinsic individual .I was stunned when I heeded beside. The man took a quick glimpse of my face

“Sir….You???”  I asked with stimulation in my tone

He curved his thick lips with a calmness in his big eyes and asked

“So Raakhi, how are you?”

I widened my eyelid at the knowledge that even after the long 8 years he still memorizes my name.

“Yep, good sir. And how did you come here, in this city?”

I was almost thrilled when I met him after my school days. He sipped the coffee and said

“By train...and to this theatre by my car”.

He winked at me when I stood with an embarrassed idiom. He finished his drink and started talking to me. I moved with him listening, as if I have tuned to a radio station and plugged it to my ears.

The man I designated as sir was Mr.Sanjeev Shravan, a leading journalist of the age. He used to talk a lot, in fact like a 24x7 call centre or all day humming gramophone. I first met him at my school days, in my sweet 16.The school authorities decided to conduct a 1 month camp for enlighten the photography skills. Finally in a fine morning, all of the club members were informed to assemble near the football court. All of us were excited to get unconfined from the boring Physics lectures. A guy of average built, honey skin tone was sitting in one of the benches near the court. It was the time of secret crush and adores, so we all threw eyes on him and was impatient to know what he was doing in our school. To everybody’s disappointment, he was ignorant of the pretty girls nearby him. Our principal appeared and introduced him as our camp guide Mr Sanjeev. Almost every one of us took a collective huff and long sighs with a mischief in smile. We gathered around him. He greeted us all and started to converse very much intellectually.

The old man over the door asked for the yellow shaded tickets. We stepped in the Air conditioned hall. I came to conscious that he was still talking to me at the same time my thoughts were roaming in the school days. We found a seating and waited for the movie to begin. My tongue was locked by his fluency. I prayed for the movie to get started or otherwise I would get drenched in the social corruption and decaying human articulation by him.

“So what about your boyfriends?”  As a final point he chucked an unexpected query.

“Not yet sir” I replied with a jerk

“Should I believe this dear?”

“Yes of course you must” I evidently buried that my engagement had been fixed with another guy.

My fiance is a banker. A well brought up seed for the high social category. He was a gentleman, well educated and well mannered except that he was always vigilant of only transactions.

We concentrated to the big screen when the lights went soft and everybody became hushed.

I felt to eat something when the first half of the film was over. Before I demand, he stood up and left the settle to the foodstuff. I gazed at him while he moved away in a slow pace. He had become a little plump now. The face had become a bit sturdy instead of that charm. Sanjeev sir was around his 20’s when he came as the camp guide of our school. I was silent during those camp hours, but whenever I get a chance I would simply peek on his face. The thick eyebrows had a narrow bridge, which always toggles as he talks. I was quiet overwhelmed by his speeches and the way he express himself.

“Here are your crunchies”

“Thank you sir” I acknowledged.

“Please, you can call me Sanju. I hate you calling sir”

He retorted. I smiled as my rejoinder and chanted in a low voice ‘sanju’. He turned his head and raised his murky eyebrows as if he heard something. I shrugged my shoulders and again rolled my eyes to the screen. The movie finished and we both walked off the hall to the stairs. I was about to ask whether he liked the movie or not; the fear that he would start from the very beginning about the script presentation to the movie artwork held me back.

“Raakhi, can we go for a cup of tea” he asked breaking the silence.

“Ehm…okay” I smiled.

Actually at that time, I didn’t want to spoil the vibes between us. He was acting very friendly that I want to prolong the mood of the air.

The crowd was curving out of the space and I can see another transforming line up in front of the ticket counter. I followed him to the parking area.

“Is this your car?” I said

“You don’t like it huh?” he opened the door

I occupied the seat next to him. The car was on track and I stared beyond the window. I was cautious to hide my engagement ring.

“So where were you on those last days of the camp?” He alleged

“Hmm...So you remember all those detail even today?” I had an anxious tone

“Of course” He changed the gear

“I was sick stricken...Chickenpox” I said in a sad face

The road in front of us was visible in the golden rays of setting sun. People by the side of the road were busy with their doings. Everybody was ignoring others and moving on.

“Raakhi, you changed a lot, I suppose at least by attitude”

“Yep sir Iam learning so many things each day. Life taught me to be a student always, different people, different characters...”

“So different you” He cut midsentence

“Yeah that’s true! And what about you sir? Oops Sanju? You too changed a lot. A fatty chap!” I giggled

“Used to drink a lot of beer...That’s why my tummy got bumped”

I was really impressed by his frankness. Normally guys show up just to prove themselves to be gentlemen but here he was simply straight forward. He banged the car horn in order to clear the array of clans who cross the road negotiating all those mandatory traffic rules.

“This civilian does not bother for anything”

He grumbled and I looked at his face. I was perched to his left side, that only his left angle was visible for me. I discerned a black mole o his left cheek under the trimmed spiky beared. I smiled inside and turned my heads flipside.

“Ehm, tell me about you…what are your plans” He casually triggered

“Need to complete my current course, then fly somewhere”

I bend back to the seat

He stationed in front of a restaurant. We advanced to the internal ambience of the cafeteria. Everything was very bright with a combination of turmeric yellow and white. We occupied a corner. My mobile electrified ‘I have an emergency meeting’ a message from my fiance.

 “Who cares” I murmured

“So what do you order?”  I tilted my eyes from the display screen and found that he was gazing at me.

“Anything” I grinned

A baby opened the glass door of the coffee shop and came inside popping his sky blue shoes. The shoe lighted and squealed while he took each step. His dad and mom came behind and sat next to our seats. Suddenly I got alarmed and asked

“Sir, are you still unmarried?”

He toggled his thick eyebrows and gave a mischievous smile.

“Yes, but had an ex affair”

The boy over the counter came with a menu card.

“Two cold coffees” He said

“Ex girl friend? So still in a breakup worry?”  I eagerly asked ignoring the cold coffee. He shooked his head.

“Not exactly, But some pain”

“Ah, leave it. Everything will be fine” I influenced

Our cold coffee was ready by the time I slided my eyes on the menu card. I was a chow fanatic always. I don’t have any savings instead I spent my whole penny of money for new food items.

“Iam getting hungry. You know Raakhi I always have  much affinity to food”He said changing his posture. I was pacified of the information

“Can I order you something to eat?” I offered

“You don’t have a job right now, still you live on your parents’ money” He stated

“Nope, I have some savings from my part time job. I have worked in a call centre for a month” I said in self-importance

“It’s okay, I understand. You can offer me when you get a better job” He tried a concession. But this became my prestige issue and I was not going to compromise.

“We met after long 8 years and consider this as my treat for you. Please!!!”

 I showed a begging face. He tossed the last drop of the cold coffee and ogled at me with a muted expression. Then he pulled the menu card from me and signaled the waiter. I assumed that he was ready to accept my voluntariness and I sat with a happy bias. The boy neared us.

“6 piece fried chicken, 2 Burgers, 2 sandwich regular and ehm  ...French fries” Sanjeev sir reeled his eyes on the menu card.

“Sir French fries, is it is a regular one or?”

“No, get me bucket pack” Sanjeev said

He grinned at me. I took a pant of air and gently begin to estimate the bill. The cafeteria was a centralized a/c hall. So there would be tax too. Everything would come around 1000 bucks. I remember that a sandwich cost Rs 59 in the list of options. I just thought to offer him a evening refreshment, but he demanded a full noon meal.

“Ehm…do you have soft drinks?” Sanju asked

“Yes sir” the waiter said

“Okay then two pet bottles of coke”

I didn’t say anything because I have the probable cash in my purse. It was dusk and the sky became deep blue

“Euh then…haven’t you seen your girl friend after your break up?” I started

“I didn’t go to peep into her privacy. Let her live in whatever way she want” He said seriously

“Oh she married someone?”

“Can you please shut up?” He toughened his pitch

I was taken aback .I kept silent.

“Iam hungry, where do this idiots gone with the menu?”

He seemed disturbed. May be those questions I asked would be the reason of his annoyance. I showed up looking to the direction of the food counter and avoided eye contact with him.

“Euh, she is married now” He said

I didn’t dare to ask anything about it or even look at his face. The baby near our seat began to cry and his mom got him on her shoulders and started to pamper him. There were more people now. The sky became dark. Our food came on our table. We began to concentrate on it. My tummy was full and I set off to pay the bill.

“Iam hungrier” He said

“Okay get your favorites. No problem”

I thought that he would just go for some light foodstuff  but I was wrong. He made the waiter come with the same menu once more. At that time I became bit nervous. He smiled at me as if everything was going fine. I excused myself and pretended to go to the washroom. I loosened myself from the coffee shop to the nearest ATM counter. I acted like a busy bee buzzing for honey. Finally I managed to locate one. I got back to the cafeteria at once with the cash. He was there at the table. I proceeded to him very fast. As soon as he saw my shadow, he immediately respostated

“So shall we move?”

“The bill?”

“I settled” He smiled

I realized the teaser inside him. He dropped me near the hostel.

“So hope you enjoyed the treat” he asked. I nodded my head and walked through the darkness to my mansion. I really tried to impress him but it became vain. I showed up offering him the treat and he fairly ditched out the sprite out of me.

 I stopped before the mirror before bed and cautiously flipped my eyes through my outer shell. I had baby fat on my tummy and my skin looks pale. Even though all lights in the room went off, my eye was bright enough to imagine his face. I tried to slip to a peaceful sleep.


The meeting and chats became closer. I started sharing his thoughts on his articles and documentaries. Every time I made myself clubbed to him, my ring was kept hidden. Once we were sitting on the sea shore

“So how many days since we had our second meeting in life?”

“Hmm...Two and a half week. To be precise 17 days” I said

“How much you know about me?” He gave a pale face

“Ehm, not much...But everything”

 I giggled.

“No that’s not true”

“Why am I not your close friend now?”

“Yes you are one of my dearest ones. It was quick I fell on you”

“Are you joking, stating that you fell on me?”

“No never, I mean it when I say”

“Why? What is the reason? I mean you may be probably having many girlfriends…you know Iam just an average girl”

He gazed on the blue waves and remained silent. The scattered droplets from the sea, on his forehead and cheeks. His left cheek began to bear those silver droplets”

“I believe everything happens for a reason” He replied

Still his eye was fixed on the blushing water. I ran my left palm on my right ring finger. I pulled out my wedding ring and gently dropped it in my hand bag. I gently raised my hands and neared it his cheek. I attempted to wipe the drops on his left cheek.  He turned and looked at me. I gave a half smile and pointed to his cheek.

“Euh, sand...water drops”

“Hmm” He moaned. I felt a lock between our eyes. I flipped my eyes from his face.

“Can we move?” I asked

“Yeah sure” He stood up from the sand grains and offered me a hand. It was already twilight and we watched the sunset. He bought some nuts and we began to scoff it.

“Raakhi, can you be with me for the whole life?” He asked me sympathetically when I stepped in the footboard of the city bus. I didn’t reply anything. I was disturbed the whole night.


2. The bottleneck


He behaved as if we are good friends. He texted me all the time and chatted with me for hours about his new works and projects. I sustained a blank attitude. While these situations prevailed he got a new assignment in a place nearly 8o kms from the town. It was my leave days and I too decided to join him for the trip. The day was pleasant. His meeting was for jus half day and we both planned for a hang out after that. We started in his car early morning and reached the venue on time. They had arranged rooms in the resort. He urged to his conference hall while I went for some fresh up. The place was so beautiful. It was a beach side resort. The sea was calm and also the sun was soothing. I sat by the sea shore gazing the waves and listening to some music. At around 3 o’clock he came back. I was served with lunch on time.

“Had your lunch?” I asked

“Hmm bored?”

“No its okay. I made myself in comfort zone”

“Wait lemme go for a shower”

“Yea sure”

I sat on the quilt and started changing the channel.

“Hey, switch to true vision” He called out

“Okay” I searched for the channel

A talk show was going on and I found Sanjeev as the panelist.

“Ooow, hey Sanjeev your program is going on”

“Yea I know” He called out

The program was over by the time he came out of his shower. He took nearly 20 minutes to finish his bath.

“How was it?” He dried his hair with the towel

“Hmm… interesting”

“Actually I always stick to the point for the empowerment of human values. The sensationalizing media should have a view of expressing the truth not their opinions on the issue treatment”

I sat dump with an act of shaking head with whatever he says. To be frank, it was a boring session. But if I ask him to stop, he would be hurt. So I maintained peace. We dressed up and planned for a hangout. He took me to a nearby restaurant. The restaurant made me memorize the coffee shop incident.

“Do you wanna pay” He gave a devilish smile.

“No…never” I smiled back

We ordered some refreshment eatables.

“Hello sir, how do you do?”

“Hmm sorry I didn’t get you” Sanjeev doubted.

“Oh… sir, Iam Farok we met at Delhi once”

“Oh is it... I have a bad memory sometimes”

“It’s okay. Iam your diehard fan. I have read almost all your articles and seen your talk shows. So you came here for official purpose or..?”  Sanjeev’s face brightened up when the guy designated himself as his fan

The tall guy threw an eye on me, while both their shook hands

“Of course official matter”

“Now it had become a boon for me. The famous personality shall be the guest of my party tonight”

“Party?” Sanjeev asked

“Sir, Iam throwing a party of my business deal. So please you should also be there”

“But, you know… we are about to leave.”

“Sir please, it won’t take too much of your time. Just half an hour. Please sir, be my guest, madam please tell him” He grinned at me

I signaled him a Yes.

“Okay then, I will come”

Sanjeev promised him to be there in the spot at 7o’clock.Farook acknowledged and left. We finished our evening snack and show around a moll and reached back our room by 7pm. He proceeded to the party hall .I was warned not to open the door for anyone even for the resort employees. He promised me that he would be back within half an hour. I drenched to the TV channels. Time flewed. I packed back the belongings. It was already 8o’clock.There was no trace of him. My heart began to beat fast. I was alone in an unknown place. I tried to get him through phone. But there was no response. I was a bit more scared. Finally around 8.15pm.I ensued to the reception and enquired about the party.

The receptionist told me that there is nobody in the name Farook and no party has been thrown. I was shocked. I came back to my room. I enquired for his team mates and she said that there was only a conference at the morning and it was not in the name of Sanjeev. The whole thing was well-versed in the invalidate way. I was quiet sure that if I stay there any more I be in danger. I hired a taxi and departed .I tried him through phone but there was no response. Everything beyond the window was having a scary shade. I prayed hard to help me to get back my hostel safe. I search my wedding ring and wore it, in case if there is any mess. After half an hour of trek,

“Madam, do you want to stop by any cafeteria?”

 The driver asked. I widened my eyes when he turned back. I shook my head as a negative answer. He smiled at me. The tobacco stained yellow teeth was fearful. I took out of my muffler and wore it roughly

“Madam are you working?”

“Euh..? I animatedly waked up from my thoughts

“Are you working somewhere?”

“Yes…I mean No” I spilled my words

“Are you upset madam?”

“No...Iam fine. I need to get back as soon as possible. That’s why” I grinned dramatically

“Any problem at home” He again triggered

“Nothing…can you please speed on the vehicle”

He accelerated the vehicle and kept my fingers crossed. I reached back at midnight. I t was too late for me to wake up my hostel mates and so I planned to stay in one of my lecture’s home. After the interrogated session she agreed to let me stay there. I lied to her that I went to my aunty home and the car was breakdown at midway. It started to rain. I was given an upstairs room. My lecture was staying with a maid servant. The next morning when I woke up, I felt so tired and my head was swirling. I had temperature. I moved downstairs. My lecture was reading the newspaper. The maid came with the coffee.

“Maam…Iam not feeling good”

“What happened?”


She raised her eyebrow and looked at me. The newspaper was still wide spread and kept to her face. I sipped my coffee. I climbed back to the room and sat on the balcony chair. The maid servant was getting through some backyard works. The lady of next door came to vicinity.

“Hey Leela, good morning”

“Good morning madam” Leela greeted back

“Yesterday midnight Bittu was barking madly. Somebody was roaming here” The lady said

I lost my temper out of fretfulness and fright. I don’t know actually what happened yesterday night. I really want to complaint it to the cops. But if I do so, I can’t predict the after effects. I spend the whole day in my room. If everybody came to know about the incident, I will be humiliated for acting like a freak. I didn’t go down to have my lunch. I didn’t attempt to call him or attended any call. I slipped to sleep at afternoon. My body was weak, though my mind. When it was twilight, lecturer woke me, my body was shivering and she compelled me to consult a doctor. We started in her car to the doctor’s clinic. The Doctor prescribed some medicines and on our way back, she stopped to buy some groceries. I remained in the car. I looked beyond the car window to the busy world. I was not like this. There was a rapid fall for the whole lot. I looked at the rear view mirror. I felt like somebody was watching. I immediately turned back and there was no one on vicinity. Again I saw a dark image in the multitude. But this time I bounded of the car out of dread and ran to the grocery shop.

“Raakhi, what happened?.You seem nervous”

“Nothing maam…Iam okay”

While we came back Leela was watching the TV.I sat in front of it for some entertainment and to kill my unnecessary hallucinations

“Good evening, Newsindia…headlines

The famous journalist Sanjeev Shravan was found dead near a famous resort away from the city. The policemen inferred that the death is caused due to the high dosage of drugs in his body...the mark of tabule has been found on his arms .It is assumed to be a suicide”

I was half dead of the news. My lungs were clogging and struggled to breath. I rolled my eyes on the audience in the hall. There was no response from them. They were staring on the screen. On learning that I was watching my lecture Mr. Nandhini Pradap flipped her head to me. I grinned and gently scooted from the hall to the bedroom. Leela came with some loafs of bread to my bedroom while I was thinking of the whole drama. I startled when her voice said ‘your dinner is ready’ I gave to have my food in a slow pace and mobile rang. An unknown number. I pressed the answer button with trembling hands.

“Hello…” I said in a fearful tone

“Miss Raakhi Raaghav. You have been trapped .Stay off this city otherwise you will be in trouble” My body bonfire. My throat didn’t produce any vocal vibe.

“Who is this?” I asked with a drifting body

“Your well wisher”

I heard the beep tone that indicates the call has been disconnected. I took deep pant of air and looked around my room. I immediately stood up and proceeded to close the windows. I was in deep trouble .I lied on bed and closed my eyes. Bittu, the neighbor’s dog began to bark. I crawled and switched off the light. I find difficult to sleep. The voice echoed in my brain. I want to cry loud but repentance pulled me back. It’s my entire fault. I should not have gone with him. I called my mom for some peace

“Helloo Ma”

“Baby, how was your exams”

“Not good, maa...I wanna see you. Iam not feeling good”

“What happened darling? Is that everything fine?”

“No!!! Nothing is good here Iam sorry that I didn’t talk to you for a week”

“Ooow…don’t be sad dear, I can understand, no problem”

“Mm, they how is dad?”

“He is doing well. He went for some purchase with others. He is busy like a bee”

“What happened?”

“Huh…baby you forgot that you are getting married next month. Catch a train and come home”

“Yeah...I will call you later” I sobbed out of culpability

The next morning I was seemed sicker. Mrs.Nandhini was forced to admit me in a clinic. Doctor said it is a viral fever. Mrs.Nandhini called my parents and dad came to pick me. It was adviced that care should be taken for another 1 week. I was discharged after 2 days of hospitalization. We left to my home. My mom was waiting for us at the door.

“Baby are you okay?”

“No mom…Iam not well”

She holded me and we moved to our bedroom.

1 week passed, but I was still at the shock. My home was in the outskirts of the town. The fresh air and chirping birds smoothened the atmosphere. I tried to get myself out of the terrible scary thoughts. I visited some of cousins and spend time with them. Whenever my fiance called me, I want to tell him everything. My subconscious was dragging me back. There were only a few more days for my marriage ceremony. I need to vacate my hostel room and get my belongings back home. Before the festivity mood comes on air, I wanna myself get out of the past events. I visited some of schoolmates to invite them for my marriage.


3. The mystery


On a Friday I departed to my hostel to vacate my room. I was really petrified to face the anonymity in that city. I proceeded to the hostel and went with the vacating procedures.But there was a delay since I had to bid farewell to my hostel mates. So by evening everything came to end and I hurried to catch my train so that I can reach my town by midnight. I didn’t want to stay in that city for another night. But I missed my train and I was really in puzzle. I cannot go back to my hostel since I vacated .I tried Mrs.Nandhini but she was out of station. I was thinking of another way to get out while a lady came to me

“Excuse me, Can you please help me sister”

I turned back. She was having a baby on her shoulders.

“What happened” I asked

“Iam new to this city. I came to find a person but was not able to reach him. I decided to get back but missed my train”


“Can you please suggest me a safe place to stay tonight?”

“Yeah, there is a hotel to the left of the main road”

“Hmm, thank you”

The baby was crying loud. She somehow managed to grip the luggage and baby. I felt pity.

“Can I help you?”

She looked at me as if it would be a great help. I moved with her

“Sure. Are you alone?” I asked


“But you couldn’t have brought the little one with you”  I said and she gave a pale face. There was nightfall. I decided to hire a room in the same hotel that night so that I can catch my train early morning. I casually talked with her till we reached there when I asked for 2 rooms she said,

“Hey why can’t you stay with me? Anyhow it would be great help from your side”

I shook my head. We settled our baggage. She cradled baby in her hand and after sometime, little one fell asleep. So we both sat looking at the sleeping baby.

“What’s his name?”

“Devnath” she said

“Did you come to find your friend?”

“Ehm, no I came to meet his dad” she said

“Oh Iam sorry. I don’t wanna peep into your privacy”

“Hey c’mon it’s okay…actually I have been cheated by him. We both met accidently came closer and...” She muted. I felt so sad.

“Your family?”

“Ehm, have a mom and younger sister. I was studying when I met him. It’s my fault that I trusted him”

“Is he in this city now?” I asked

She gazed into the sky

“I didn’t inform my best friend about this relation that time. But now only he came for my support”

“Then why didn’t he come along with you today?” She didn’t answer me for this question. There was a silence in the room for another some minutes

“So what about your marriage ceremony” She asked softly

“What how do you know that” My heart sank

She grinned

“I know you Raakhi Raaghav”

“I jumped out of the bed and stared at her with bonfire body

“You don’t have to fear me, Raakhi…I won’t do any harm you” Her tone changed from pity to bold

“Who are you? Tell me…”

I asked

“Just your well wisher”

“Euh, I didn’t get you, I will call the police now” I said in a temperament. She laughed

“Why are you nervous? Let the cops come and let us have a discussion about Mr.Sanjeev’s death”

As soon as I heard her say this. I was flared and my emotions exploded. I began to cry out loud

“Hey relax…relax” She offered me a glass of water

“Please don’t torture me like this. I know Iam guilty…But I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know how he died” I struggled to get back my breathe.

“I know you are innocent. You need some rest. Get to sleep”

“No I can’t I wanna tell anybody about the incident”

I started to tell her the whole event from the beginning meeting. I cried till I get some relief. Our room bell rang. She went to unbolt it while I went to wash my face. I came back and found a guy sitting in the chair

“You how you came here?”  I shouted. It was Farook. I shivered

“Raakhi don’t panic he is the friend I have told you before”

“What???” So…so…you…guys know everything right…He .he is the one who lied that day and invited Sanjeev

“Yes Iam. I saved you. That’s all!!!” The guy said

“Saved me? How? You lie”

“Raakhi relax and listen to us”

“What you are going to do me tonight?” I started crying again

“You know Sanjeev is the one responsible for my baby” Daisy said

“But he  ...he said...” I was running out of words

“He is a liar and a criminal” Farook raised his voice

“I can’t believe it” I said

“Yes you can’t, even I didn’t believe it first. He is nasty rascal, and a wolf that always run behind the prey for their juicy flesh. That day he faked a meeting and let you join him. His gang members were there in the same place. They were trying to fence you that night. ”

I was tongue hooked. I sat with a misty head. The conversation ended.

“Raakhi, you must come with us. It is not safe that you stay in this city. Its serious, Sanjeev is a chain for many illegal rackets and they would definitely come in search of you. So get out of this city as soon as possible”

We departed. I didn’t speak for long 6 hours, even I fell asleep. I wake up when Daisy patted my shoulder. It was my place. Farook opened me the car door. It was already dawn. I said a whole hearted gratitude for saving my life.

“It’s all your fiancée’s prayers and good heart for you” Farook said. May be that was the truth.

“I had still a doubt in my mind” Before the car starts moving I asked her

“But Sanjeev is no more now. You believe he committed suicide…if so, why did he do that? Repentance??”

“No he won’t commit suicide” Daisy replied

“Are you sure?” I asked

“Yes because I killed him” She smiled

The car moved into the dusty road

The baby’s face came to my mind



There are many masked conmen in this society. The dark world of malevolence and lust always remains hidden behind their smiling faces. These evils seek their new buds unless if somebody bears the moral fiber to shatter at least a black fiend!! The sin behind the smile should be demolished.



© Copyright 2018 ShilpaMurali. All rights reserved.

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