An Open Book of Life

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A biography for her life, events, joys and sorrows.

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012




1986 is the year she was born and brought up in a metro city - New Delhi. She seems to have lived all her life with her joint family and was born as the second child of her parents after his elder brother passed away at the age of 1. To describe her in right words, she was a wheatish complexioned child with big eyes, head full of hair, smiling and attractive. As she was the only child, was highlt pampered, loved and treated nicely.

During her childhood and teenage years (between the ages 2-17 years), she started from a nursery right to a formal schooling. She was quite extrovert and had many friends around. But had never got an opportunity to live a free life in terms of going out with friends and have fun like others do at this age. Though she was matured enough to take a good care of herself but her parents never liked this kind of attitude and being with friends all the time. She was very much allowed to bring home her friends, but was never been allowed to stay out late at anybody's place or anywhere else. She had never opposed such a kind decision or rule made by her parents as she never wanted to hurt them at any cost. This is how her school life went on and over.

After schooling, she opted for BBA as graduation from a premier management institute. This was an amazing phase of her life and had ample of good experiences throughtout. Having matured friends, good study, personality grooming and corporate presentation sessions made her understand the need and motive of life. She had never been a outstanding student, but knew her path and the level to reach at, where she can make her own decisions and lead her life independently.




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