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Beep! Beep! Beep! I slammed my hand on the cursed alarm and groaned as I sat up. Suddenly remembering that today was Christmas Eve, a goofy grin spread across my face. I jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. Today had to be the second best day ever; the first best would be Christmas day! (excerpt) Read and find out...
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Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012




Beep! Beep! Beep! I slammed my hand on the cursed alarm and groaned as I sat up. Suddenly remembering that today was Christmas Eve, a goofy grin spread across my face. I jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. Today had to be the second best day ever; the first best would be Christmas day!

As I drove to work the traffic was impossible! Instead of getting annoyed I turned up the radio and listened to the beautiful Christmas carols. “Nothing is going to ruin this day!” I thought as I parked my car under my office building.

You may be all thinking ‘What kind of person has work on Christmas eve’ but you all stand corrected. This was a get together; a get together that I was going to enjoy to the fullest! The whole office building that was usually boring and gray was decorated in radiant reds and greens. I stepped out of the car and straightened my red mini dress. I had paired the dress with snow white boots that I was absolutely not going to keep that white for longer than twenty four hours. But that didn’t matter right now. What mattered was having a good time; something I hadn’t had in a while now. I smiled as I made my way towards the building.

Stepping inside I immediately stopped smiling. Chris, the office clown, the immature twenty-five year old, my worst nightmare, the only person that annoys me to no end, stood at the door covered in cake; the cake I had helped make for this get together. He was fully covered from hair to his dress shoes in my twenty pound cake yet he still stood there smiling awkwardly. “Surprise?” he tried to make it look like he had planned this but I knew better. I knew that it was just his clumsiness not to mention stupidity too that had put him in this kind of situation. Suddenly all the colleagues started smirking and snickering but went to enjoy the rest of the party anyway; all the colleagues except me.

I stood there for a while, just staring at Chris while he kept muttering incoherent words while cleaning himself off. Suddenly he spun around and our eyes locked. “S-Severine?” he called out my name like he had just seen a ghost. Well I couldn’t blame him-my eyes did represent pure murder.   I took a few steps closer to him as he stepped back. “I-I’m really s-sorry about your c-c-cake…” he started but I cut him off as I flung into him and hugged him like no tomorrow.  Did I forget to tell you guys that Chris was also my best friend? Sure, he might be tiring and he might annoy me and he is my worst nightmare but he’s also my best friend and I love him with all my heart. I wasn’t going to fuss about a cake while my best friend was humiliated now, was I?! As I released him from my bone-crushing hug he had a creepy grin on his face. Before I could ask him what was so funny he pointed down at my dress and my not-so-white-anymore boots. It took me a while to understand how this happened and when I finally did my whole face turned red from anger. CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! “I’m going to kill YOU!!!” I shrieked as I chased Chris around the entrance of the office. As I chased him I totally forgot about the party inside. We laughed and giggled and ran until my sides finally hurt and I threw myself onto the floor as Chris did the same. By now we were both dead tired and all I now wanted to do was go home and sleep. I even suggested it to Chris and he was about to agree when we were rudely interrupted.

“Ahem.” Chris’s annoying girlfriend faked a cough as he jumped to his feet. “Crystal, Sorry I totally forgot…” Chris started but Crystal was quick to cut him off. “It’s okay babe. Let’s go dance okay.” She said as she pecked his cheek and intertwined their hands. I don’t know why but this action stabbed through my heart. How dare she hold his hand?! She’s his girlfriend moron, my inner voice scolded myself. Chris looked at me apologetically as he and Crystal proceeded inside to the party.  I gave him a fake smile and mouthed “go have fun.” After they left I vowed to kill that idiot later for leaving this chocolate mess with me! I quietly cleaned up and fixed up my dress and tried to clean my boots. As I was cleaning my boots someone’s hand offered to pull me up. It was a stranger I had never seen at work; a man. “Um, Thanks.” I said as I accepted the hand and pulled myself up. “I’m Jeffrey.” He introduced himself as he smiled his toothed smile. He was cute! His hair was spiked up probably with gel and he wore a black suit with a red dress shirt underneath. “I’m Severine.” I said and smiled my most I’m-trying-to-look-cute smile. “Great. Enough with the introductions shall we?” he said as he offered me to link arms with him. I accepted and we stepped inside.

The usual cafeteria that was all bland and had tables and vending machines was completely transformed. I smiled as I remembered that Chris had done all this but I quickly shook my head. I’m not going to think about Chris right now! He can go have fun with his ugly girlfriend and I will have fun with Jeffrey! Yup! That’s my plan for a good time. I’m rather proud of myself, aren’t y’all? I didn’t realize that I had been thinking for too long and was grinning like a creep until Jeffrey tapped me and asked “what’s so funny?” he asked blank faced. “U-uh nothing.” I said as I felt my cheeks turn hot from embarrassment. “Good then. Let’s dance.” Jeffrey said with his cute dimpled smile as I was pulled towards the dance floor.

I wasn’t much of a good dancer but Jeffrey guided me well and soon we were having fun. It was a slow dance and it felt good to finally feel like I had someone. Chris was always there for you too… There goes my inner voice again and once again I shoo it away. After the slow dance, it was announced that the CEO wanted to give a little speech. CEO? Who was our CEO? “Do you know who the CEO is?” I asked Jeffrey. “No idea.” He replied and excused himself to go to the bathroom.  As we were waiting for the CEO I decided to look around. I saw a 5 foot Santa ice sculpture, stockings that had names of all the colleagues, Chris scowling at me, balloons with red and green, etc. Wait a minute?! Chris scowling at me?! I once again looked towards him but this time he was furiously texting on his phone. BING! I looked at my phone only to find a message from Chris.


Who is he? How come you didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend?! Are you sure he’s safe? Where did he come from? Does he even work here? Are you sure he’s the one? Why didn’t you have him meet me before? Have you two gone on dates? Did he meet your parents? Why aren’t you replying?! O_o I haven’t sent the message yet. Well I’m going to send it and you better reply in less than a minute! >: (~ Chris

I reread the message multiple times before I broke into a smile. I don’t know why but instead of feeling annoyed at his overprotective behavior I felt happy; happy that he cares. Fine! I maybe have a teeny tiny crush on Chris but he has a girlfriend! I’m not going to break up a couple. No matter how much I hate Crystal and want to kill her slowly and painfully I could never compare to her. She was a beauty while I a mere country girl who accidentally ended up in this big city. I smiled sadly as I caressed the message on my phone. I didn’t bother responding and wished that Jeffrey would come back soon so I could be distracted from this painful feeling in my heart. I put my phone away and looked around the room for Jeffrey. Just as I was about to go search for him, I felt my wrist grabbed.

I looked up and saw a rare sight; a mad Chris. “W-what happened?” I asked slightly intimidated because an angry Chris was a scary Chris. “Now that you have a boyfriend you can’t reply to my texts?!” he hissed. I felt tears gather in my eyes and nothing would come out of my mouth. I wanted to yell and scream in his face that Jeffrey wasn’t my boyfriend! I wanted to ask him who the heck he thought he was; always messing with my heart like this! At times he acted like my boyfriend then he would just go and kiss his girlfriend! I wanted to shriek and tell him to stop being such a hypocrite! But I didn’t do any of those, I just stood there and cried like the crybaby I am! Ashamed of myself I jerked my wrist out of Chris’s hand and started to walk away, again to be pulled back, but this time by Jeffrey. He wiped my tears away and took me to the middle of the room towards the microphone. That’s when the crowd started cheering and I finally got it!

“How come you didn’t tell me you were the CEO?!” I pouted childishly after the speech that Jeffrey, the CEO gave. “Surprise?” he said and it was like déjà vu. This morning Chris had done the same thing… again I scolded myself and shook my head. “Are you okay?” he asked eyes filled with concern. The moment I saw the concern I knew this was wrong. I couldn’t play with Jeffrey’s feelings just to distract myself. People weren’t toys. I smiled bitterly and asked “Can we talk privately?” he nodded his head and we proceeded into his office. It was huge! The whole room was made of glass and there was a sofa that probably cost more than my entire wardrobe! I didn’t realize my mouth was formed into a total O until Jeffrey had to come and close it. I felt my cheeks turn red again as we sat down on the sofa. “So what’s up?” he asked while he sipped at his water bottle.

“I’m in love with my best friend. I know I should’ve told you before I raised your hopes but I thought that maybe you could distract me which is awful, I know. But please forgive me I promise you can find someone so much better than me! Please…”Jeffrey’s palm cute me off. “You’ve got it all wrong Severine. I have a wife at home. I too only see you as a friend.” He said and then removed his palm. It took me a whole three minutes to process what he had just said but when I finally got it, boy was I shocked. In seconds my shock went to happiness and I smiled nice and wide. “Really? Oh my god! Words can’t explain how happy I am!” I yelled and screamed and rejoiced to myself. With that I said my goodbyes and told him I’d still call him Jeffrey instead of Mr. CEO to which he agreed and with that I hurried out in order to find Chris.

I looked all over the building but couldn’t find him anywhere. He wasn’t with Crystal nor was he with his friends. Where the heck did that boy go?! I called his cellphone and house phone but no one picked up. I asked everyone but they shook their head and said they hadn’t seen him after the speech. I then bid a merry Christmas to all and excused myself from the party. I have to find Chris.

I drove from his favorite store to his house to the park to his favorite restaurant but he was nowhere to be found. I sighed in defeat and went to get some lunch before I continued my search. While I was munching on my pizza I received a text. At first I ignored it not wanting to be bothered during lunch but it struck to me that it might be Chris so I opened it. Right I was because as I opened the message it read:


I thought about it and yes I was wrong. I don’t have any right to question you like that and I shouldn’t have grabbed your hand like that either. I hope I didn’t hurt you. Well anyways, Crystal and I were talking and maybe you’re right when you always say I annoy you too much. Maybe I am a very tiring person to you. Whatever the case, I’ve decided that we should stop being best friends. They were all right when they said Boys and Girls could never be friends. Let’s stop now okay.

PS. You hit the jackpot! The CEO is your boyfriend. You lucky girl. ~Chris

There were tears running down my face by the time I finished reading the message. I quickly tried to call him so he could explain this. I’d rather have him yell at me then say he didn’t want to be my best friend. He hurt me when he rejected me five years ago and said we were only friends. He hurt me when he became Crystal’s boyfriend. He hurt me every time he kissed or even glanced at Crystal but the one time I hurt him he doesn’t want to be friends?! “This number is switched off at this time” the phone system spoke and that’s when I burst. So much for the best Christmas Eve ever. I thought to myself as I furiously wiped my tears away. I threw the leftover pizza and coke away as I headed to my car. I slammed the door shut and drove home.

That night I cried myself to sleep. Every memory with Chris was haunting me. All the times we had watched scary movies together and he’d be more scared than I was. All the times when he fell asleep in class and I had to jab his side to wake him. I remembered our first kiss and even though I am the only one who remembers it since Chris was drunk I’d never regret it. I cried harder thinking never being able to hug him or even joke around with him. He’d made it clear that he didn’t want to see me anymore. Slowly after no more tears would come out of my face I drifted off to sleep. This will be the last time I cry over you, Chris.


Beep! Beep! Beep! I slammed my hand on the cursed alarm and groaned as I sat up. This morning there was no happy smile even though I knew very well what the date was. December 25th. I slowly got out of bed and into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I did everything tiresome. It was as if yesterday had sucked all the happiness out of me and now I was just like a shell; cold and numb. I scrambled downstairs prepared to find nothing underneath my Christmas tree- since I lived alone and I myself wasn’t shallow enough to give my own self presents- but what I saw shocked me. Next to my Fake 4 ft. tall Christmas tree laid a huge box that towered over the tree!

I quickly ran into the kitchen to get a knife as I imagined the worst. What if it was a murderer inside the box? A terrorist?! A pervert?! After finally finding the knife I also took out my baseball bat and gave the box a hard hit. THUD! “Ouch” a very familiar voice came from inside of the box. In seconds I threw the box on to its side (which earned me another OUCH) and began to remove the tape. After I finally opened the box I saw a face that I could never forget. “Chris?”

“Is this how you say Merry Christmas?” he asked in his usual sarcastic voice. He climbed out of the box and dusted his pants off. He then went back inside the box and pulled out a pillow and blanket. “D-did you sleep in there? How did you get in anyway?!” I asked still shocked about this whole situation we were in. “Duh, I slept here. And I have a key remember?” he said cockily as he held up the key to MY house! I swung my baseball bat at him but he managed to dodge it; like he always does. I smiled at how we behaved like best friends again but my smile faded remembering yesterday. “What are you doing here anyway?” I asked coldly, swallowing the quilt I felt when I saw his hurt eyes. “I’m wishing you a merry Christmas.” He said his voice soft and weak. That’s when I lost it too! I couldn’t hold it in anymore. All the years of playing with my heart were enough! “Do you think I’m a toy?!” I hissed. Before he could reply I yelled “Stop playing with my heart. Stop pretending to care and giving me hope when in the end it’s all going to come crashing down! Just stop! Please! Please!” I said while sobbing like there was no tomorrow. I started hitting his chest while muttering inaudible words. With absolute softness he grabbed my fists and intertwined our hands. I looked up at him through my hazy eyes and he looked at me tenderly. “I’m sorry.” He said quietly while leaning his forehead on mine. “I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you. I really don’t want us to be best friends anymore.” He continued and at his last sentence I chocked on my tears. He rubbed my back and continued “I want to protect you and love you. I should’ve never rejected you back then but I felt so scared that if we ever broke up it might ruin our friendship with it. Soon I fell so deep that I knew I had to do something before I ruined our relationship so I started dating crystal. I tried to love her but my heart only belonged to you; that’s the reason I broke up with her last night. When I saw you dancing with that guy my whole heart burned with jealousy. I wanted to rip him to pieces right then and there. That’s why I was so harsh to you before his speech. Then I learned that he was the CEo and I knew I could never compare to him. I told you I didn’t want to be friends anymore but the more I thought of it the more I regretted never confessing to you so I decided I’m going to stop being a coward and confess all my love to you. I know that you’re going to reject me because who wouldn’t? Mr. CEO is gorgeous, he’s kind, he never hurt you and he can also financially support you while I’m just an immature clerk. I’m just glad I’m able to say this to you. I know that it is way too late but I have to say it. Severine I love you” with his last sentence tears pooled from his eyes as he looked down. I realized I had also started crying and wiped my tears away. I lifted Chris’s face and without warning flung into his arms. “I love you too you idiot! I have since forever!” I managed to choke out through my sobs. He started crying harder as he held on to me for dear life. We both stayed like that until we had calmed down. When I pulled away expecting this all to be just a dream something that I’d dreamt of for a long time happened. Chris’s lips slammed against my lips as we molded ourselves together.

As we pulled away both mine and Chris’s cheeks were stained red from crying and blushing. “That was pretty intense wasn’t it?!” he said with his usual crooked grin. I blushed again and agreed. “But that wasn’t out first kiss now was it?!” he asked lifting one of his eyebrows. He knew about the kiss two years ago?! “You know?!” I asked my mouth forming a big O. “No duh. I have a very high alcohol tolerance Miss Severine.” He smirked evilly but his face soon changed when he felt his butt wacked with my baseball bat. He didn’t even have time to say ouch as I chased him around the whole house with the bat. How dare he pretend all these years?! That idiot! But then again, he was MY idiot.

This really was the 1st best day of the whole year! All I wanted for Christmas was you, and I got just that! Merry Christmas! 

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