perfection consisted of imperfections

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To me perfection isn't about being... well perfect. Perfection is a trait found inside every living thing. You just have to find it within yourself and embrace it...

A/N: Just some weird ideas I got while watching SUJU M's old music video :P. LOL the irony is that this has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song... :D anyways... ENJOY!

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



Perefection. What is it to you? Do you think those popular girls with the amazing hair and petite little figures are perfection? Do you believe those jocks on the football team that have defined abdomen muscles and looks that you can hardly compare to, are your defination of perfection? If you do then you better think again.

For once look within yourselves and find your perfect features. Whether you're clumsy or have geeky glasses; whether you play starcraft all day and have never been on a date or whether you still trade pokemon cards, those imperfections make you who you are in a perfect way. Whether your acne has really thrived and your face has broke out or whether you've gained weight, if you have the strength to go on and continue to live your life and be true to yourself, your perfection is shining through those "flaws" in your body. What is your body? Your body is a mere envolope. It keeps your inner self sealed and unharmed. To be perfect all you have to do is open that seal and let your contents be seen.

"Confident is a virtue, insecurities please jump out the window!" Tell your insecurities to shoo! Who cares what other think about you? Even gorgoes people have their critiques; US. We call them bad names just because of our jealousy even though they are so "perfect". If those, who people think are so important even get critisized then who are we to feel insecure. Whether we try hard to be someone we're not or we be ourselves there is always going to be that one person that insults you or gives you their two cents on your "ugly outfit", so why freight? Why try hard when the results are gonna be the same whether you try or not. Just be yourself :) maybe your style might even appeal to people even more than the current trend. EVERYONE WANTS CHANGE!

Next time you feel inseucre or "imperfect" just look within yourself. Looks aren't everything, though they do they matter. Use makeup girls! It wasn't made to just sit around in your cupboard. Dudes, go get ripped! Gyms cost a lot, so why not go running? You have abs, they're just in hiding. Help define them. Charm also plays a huge role in the critique society. Choice a style that suits you most. Whether its independent, cute, shy or outgoing, be yourself and there will be atleast that one person that shares the same interests as you.

The moral of this messed-up-not-so-making-senseful article is that everyone's perfect, some people just need to find that perfection. Who are other people to critisize you? You're just as perfect as they are. Beleiving that you're perfect isn't being self centered, it's called having self respect. Flauting your good qualities and overlooking your flaws in't being selfish it's being self confidence. Your life is about four things: You, Your Happiness, Your Love & Your Knowledge. Live life to it's fullest. Live life as if it's your last life (NOT A YOLO BELIEVER LOL). Be yourself. No matter what anyone's says, you gonna be forever perpect. Remember that.

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