The Gate of Frozen Hearts

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In a land of snow a young man cursed with no heart and an ice princess cursed with no expression go on a journey for a wish to regain what they lost. How will these two regain them. Read to find out more. :)

Submitted: November 21, 2013

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Submitted: November 21, 2013



The Gate of Frozen Hearts:

The sound of music is heard from afar as Princess Yuki was standing still at the balcony while looking up as snowflakes fell on her pale white face. "The sky is dark and never shines as my kingdom is a land of eternal snow and only winter.Is this a curse or a blessing or even a sin from which i had made..." said the princess with an expressionless face.

"Oh dear princess of eternal snow,your heart shines bright as a thousand suns for the one you hold dear yet your face shows no signs at all."said a mysterious voice.

"Show your presence if you wish to speak." said Yuki calmly.Suddenly,a mysterious young man with turquoise eyes which would make one in daze as seeing the ocean and light blue hair lands gracefully as snowflake trails form behind him and where he steps. "Who are you?"said Yuki.

"I am known by many yet spoken by little.I am known by the name of Jack."said Jack as he bowed gracefully in the presence of the princess."The wish you yearn for will come true,if you climb on the mountain of the highest point in the valley of ice.The aurora will guide the way and your wish will surely be granted.Be warned my princess,a gatekeeper will surely wait for you by the gate." said Jack while wearing a smirk on his face as he disappears,turning himself into snow.

"Princess!Princess! A strange man has arrived at the castle and is causing disturbance to the party." said a housemaid as she entered the balcony.Princess Yuki swiftly went to the hall where the party is.

"A commoner like you is not fit to be in a party such as this!Leave at once!"said the castle guard to a young man.The young man pulled out his sword pointed it at the guard's neck.

"You should speak less and think before you speak."said the young man.

"How dare you!" said the guard as he pulled out his sword and pointed it at the young man.

"Stop this at once!"said a knight as he arrived at the scene with Princess Yuki. Both of them sheathe their swords and faced the princess.

"Please follow me to my chambers young man.I'll leave matters to you ,brother"said Yuki.

"Yes!"said Yuu.

The young man and Yuki left the hall.The young man followed the princess to her chambers.When they arrived at the chamber,Princess Yuki closed the door.

"Why did you bring me here?" said the young man.

"I...I want you to accompany me."said Princess Yuki with no signs of emotion.

"Accompany you?" asked the young man.

"Accompany me on my journey to grant my wish.To the highest peak of the mountain in the valley of ice."said Yuki.

The young man was puzzled at the moment but than he smiled. "I'll accept your request but on one condition.My wish will be granted first Princess Yuki."said the young man.

Princess Yuki stared at the young man.

"You must have met Jack,right?So, I'll accompany you if you let my wish be granted first"said the young man.

"It is settled then.We will leave once preparations are set.We leave tomorrow morning.Feel free to take any vacant rooms in this castle to rest.I'll inform the housemaids."said Yuki.

As night passes by, morning arrives.

"Preparations are set ,my princess."said Yuu.

"Brother,please look after everything when i'm gone."said the princess.

"Alright,please stay safe."said Yuu while hugging his sister tightly.

"Lets go,now."said the young man.

Princess Yuki and the young man took the first step of their journey.They headed north to the valley of ice.They walked a few for a few hours.

"How long is it till we reach the valley?"said the young man.

"I think we're lost."said Yuki.The young man then took the map fron Yuki.The young man kept silence.

"Do you know how to read a map?"said the young man.Yuki tilted her head as a signal that she is puzzled.

"Why didn't you tell me?! Never mind,Let's walk a bit further and see what's ahead."said the young.They continued their journey as planned but the unpredictable snowy weather took a turn for the worse."I can't see!Let's take shelter in that cave over there."said the young man.

Princess Yuki and the young man went into the cave and took out their supplies from their sacks."Let's stay here for the night."said the young man.The princess nod in agreement. The young man took out two red crystal from the sack and started to rub the crystals with each other."I'll light this place up."said the young man.The two crystal then emits light and brightens up the gave.The crystal then levitates while emitting light and heat. "This crystal has the same function as fire.This should suffice for now.You could even cook with this."said the young man.

Princess Yuki looked at the young man's dark crimson eyes as the crystal's light reflected turning his eyes bright red.

"Are you tired princess?"said the young man.The princess kept her silence. "By the way,princess.I'm just wondering what kind of wish do you want granted?"asked the young man.The princess stared at him for a while before sighing.

"My wish that i want granted regain my freedom of expression.I can feel feelings from my heart but can never show the expression.It is like wearing a mask.It is...inconvenient."said Yuki.

"As for me,I want to regain my heart back.I can never feel feelings such as love and pain.I can't even remember anything from my past.I am cursed."said the young man.

"You and I both are cursed.We made a wish to the King of Frost on the night with the first snow and now wanting to regain something we lost but hoping for another."said Yuki.

As the princess,said those words the young man drifted into the sea of dreams.

"You are the same as always...."muttered the princess as she stared at a necklace hanging from the young man's neck.

The light of the crystal became dimmer and finally drops as it signals the beggining of a new day.

"According to the map,we are maybe here.So,we should head here."said the young man while pointing to their destination. They walked a bit further till they came across a valley.The scenery was white as untainted lands buried by snow. "We reached the valley of ice.So,now what?"said the young man.

"Now we look up in the sky and let the aurora lead the way."said Yuki.

"Look! There it is the highest mountain."said the young man as he pointed at the mountain. They headed towards mountain and arrived at its peak.Suddenly an abundance of snow flakes twirled around creating a huge blizzard covered their eyes.

"What is that?"said the young man.

"How rude of you not to remember me."said Jack.

Hearing the familiar voice the young man got into his battle stance. "Don't be hasty.Look here."said Jack.The young man looked as his vision became clear and the blizzard subsided.The princess was seen unconscious being held by Jack.

"If you want to see her again.You have to climb the mountain.I'll be waiting."said Jack with a smile as he levitates and vanish with the princess.

"I was careless."said the young man.The young man climbed the mountain in desperation to save the princess.As he climbed the mountain,he heard a loud sounds and growls.

He reached out and climbed till he reached a cave.He lit a fire crystal. "So,a cave.Maybe there is a shortcut."said the young man. The young man explored the cave with the fire crystal in hand. Suddenly,he heard a loud roar.One so loud that it could shake the very soul of man.

"A dragon?"he said looking at a being of pure crystal that its magnificent would shame a diamond.The dragon gazed at him with its amber eyes piercing his very soul. "So,what is it that you seek traveler"said the dragon.

"Is there a shortcut here?I want to save the princess from Jack and i need to do it quick.If you don't know anything get out of my face."said the young man.

"Quite the amusing character.I may have a thing to help you but you may only take it once you deem worthy"said the dragon.


"Now,as i planned the time has come for me to greet the King of Frost" said Jack.

In the mean time...

The young man stood still as he sheathe his sword.

"Now,anything else."said the young man.

"Amusing,you are the first to pass the trials without even breaking a sweat.Who are you?"said the dragon.

"My name is...."mumbled the young man slowly.The dragon smiled and burst into laughter.

"You are worthy.It is a privilege to see your performance before i resting here forever.Now take this;" said the dragon as it stick its tongue out.

"A sword?"said the young man

. "It is the Legendary Ice Fang.It is now yours.Say my greetings to the princess..."said the dragon as its eye slowly closes and its soul getting weaker.

"Goodbye,old friend"said the young man as he picked up the sword and went to the back of the cave. As he went deeper the sword glows and a secret entrance opens.

"So,this is it."said the young man as he entered the secret entrance. A pathway leading out side where light emits at the end. "A gate?"he said as he gazed upon a giant gate.He opened the gate. As he entered he saw the Princess laying on an altar unconscious in front of a gate with a beautiful frozen woman chained as a lock.

"Princess!" shouted the young man.He ran towards the princess.

Suddenly,ice needle rained before him stopping him from stepping forward. "My,you came? I thought you would die right about now." Jack said with a sarcastic tone.

"Let her go!"said the young man.

"You have to fight me first."said Jack.

The young man unsheathe his old blade and charged towards Jack.He turns around Jack and made a combination of slash and dash technique.As he swiftly slashes Jack,a snowflake shape shield appears to shield him. "Haha!You think a mere human can defeat me!I am the spirit of snow!You should just die!"said Jack as he conjured snow crystals shooting sharp projectiles at the young man.

"Damn it!I can't seem to find his weakness now."the young man said to himself as he deflects the projectiles.

"Now! If you don't hurry what will happen to her!"said Jack.

"I have no choice."said the young man.The young man began to walk towards Jack letting the projectiles hit him.Blood flowed as the projectiles hit his arms and legs.

"What?!"said Jack.The young man walks till he faced Jack.

"Now,your time has come."said the young man as he lifted his sword.

Suddenly,the young man felt a sharp pain in his chest."You lose."said Jack.The young man coughed blood. "Surprised,This is the Spear of Frost.You'll die very soon."said Jack.

"Heh,You think you can beat me that easily."said the young man as he began to unsheathe the Legendary Ice Fang.

"No way...You should have died.I stabbed your heart!"said Jack as he trembled.

"Surprised,You're not the only one with secrets.I am Immortal and I have no heart.Although,I don't have memories of my past.I am still more powerful than you.."said the young man.

"Who are you?"said Jack.

"I am Fenix."said the young man as he lifted his sword and slashes Jack.

"No,my love..."said Jack as he fell.

"Princess! Are you alright"said Fenix as he ran toward the altar. A dark aura suddenly engulfs the princess.

"Who dares enter my domain!" said a loud voice coming from the gate. The gates opens slightly but the lock of the gate that resembles a frozen woman stops it.

"The seal has weaken!I am now free!To continue my reign!"said the loud voice.The gates open shattering the frozen woman into pieces. A man with crystal armor and a sinister aura emerge from the gates.

"Who are you?"said the man.Fenix swiftly ran,unsheathe his old sword and slashes the man knowing what had appeared before him.The sword was stopped by the man's hand. "Weak" said the man as the sword turned to ice and shatters.

"I am the King of Frost!Bow before me!"said the King of Frost.Without saying a word Fenix dashed and slash the King of Frost with The Legendary Ice Fang.

"You!"said the King of Frost as his face was scarred.The King of Frost then choked Fenix and threw him aside. "You...are not Claus! Just a mere pest!"said the King of Frost.He walked towards Jack's body.

"Pitiful...You are not worthy."said the King of Frost as he kicked the body. The King of Frost walk past the body.

"Wait" said a voice coming from behind him.He looked behind him.He saw Jack standing up with the spear by his side.

"You are of no concerned to me"said the King of Frost as he he conjured a strong blizzard blowing Jack away. Jack stood up and looked at the fragment of the shattered woman.

"You,will be sealed again! Even if it costs me my life!"said Jack as he dashed and held onto the King of Frost leaving the spear behind. "Hurry!Grab the spear!"said Jack as he saw Fenix conscious again.

Fenix swiftly grabbed the spear.

"What!No!"said the King of Frost.Fenix threw the spear piercing both Jack and the King of Frost.

"Thank You and Sorry for pushing this burden onto you" said Jack. "See you...Carol take care of them for me"said Jack as he gazed upon the shattered frozen woman.

The King of Frost and Jack slowly turned into dust of snow and was absorbed by the gate.

Suddenly,the body of both Princess Yuki and Fenix glew with a white light.

"What's happening?!"said Fenix. "Your wish is now being granted."said a voice.

Fenix looked at the altar and saw the spirit of a woman. "Are you Carol?"said Fenix. "Yes,and i will explain the details.We must hurry."said Carol.

"Why?"said Fenix.

"The King of Frost is not yet sealed inside.You must finish the seal.I beg forgiveness but It is a hard choice to make.Finish the seal and avoid other people from sharing our fate."said Carol.

"Fenix...What happened?"said Yuki as she regained conscious.

"You're safe now"said Fenix as he smiled.

"Fenix,why is there water coming out of my eyes."said Yuki.

"Wait,what..."said Fenix as memories of his past flashes before his eyes.

"I love you,Fenix"said Yuki.

"I love you,too."said Fenix.

"I'm so glad you remembered.Now,I have to say goodbye."said Yuki.

"It is now time."said Carol. Carol conjured chains and bind Yuki with them.Sticking Yuki to the center of the gate.

"Wait! Don't! Please stop!"plead Fenix for Carol to stop.

"Fenix...Wait for me,ok?I'm just going away for a moment.I was the one who made you lose your memory right?Do you hate me?..."said Yuki with a sad smile.

Yuki's body slowly starting to turn to ice.

"No,I wished to lose my heart if not...then you and i could..."said Fenix.

"Wait,for me..Fenix"said Yuki as stears rolled down her cheeks

. "I'll stay by your side forever.Waiting...Yuki."said Fenix accepting fate.Yuki smiled lightly as her whole body turned to ice.

10 years later,

"Carol."said a voice.

"Yes,Fenix."said Carol.

"Haha,it's been a long time since i heard that name being called to me."said Fenix

. "...."Carol kept silent.

"It's time for me to lift this seal and free her."said Fenix.

"Yes,you are more powerful than you were years ago."said Carol.

"By the name of the gatekeeper,I,The Gatekeeper Jack Frost lift this seal."said Fenix.

"Fenix!"said Yuki as she jumped and hugged Fenix.

"I promised didn't I"said Fenix.

"Fenixi,get ready!"said carol.

"Yuki,stand back!"said Fenix.

A young man's figure came out of the gate.The figure was Jack.His hair lifted up,his eyes red with a dark aura.

"Long time no see,lets go!"said Jack.

"This is gonna be interesting"said Fenix.

They fought until the both of them were exhausted.

"So,what happened in there."said Carol.

"You don't want to know."said Jack as he smiled.

"Let's get married all of us,"said Fenix.

"Me with you?No way!"said Jack to Fenix.

Yuki and Carol giggled.

"Wha..."said  Jack.

The four of them laughed as they looked up in the dark sky where the aurora shines brightly upon the Land of Snow.

© Copyright 2019 Shin Sora. All rights reserved.

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