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Submitted: May 15, 2010

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Submitted: May 15, 2010



Suddenly I love Darkness! Why? Suddenly I start loving Black colour!why? Suddenly I feel happy to be in Loneliness! Why? DARKNESS Whenever I get time or when I find no one arround me,I took a chair,switch off the lights,open two windows of my room and sit before them having my diary in my hand!!Whatever I feel that time,I write down in my diary,I share my thinking with my best friend(my diary) mean I just keep out my heart in it and then lock it with key!!I feel really happy that time.I don’t know why! But I love doing this activity again and again.I feel comfortable in that moment.No matter that comfort is for little time period but its affect is everlasting!! BLACK Afew days ago,someone asked me what is your favourite colour?i answered it’s black and then asked what about you favourite flower?i said black rose! Even I have not seen black rose or have not heard about it!! I always think why people consider black as the symbol of bad luck perhaps they have forgot that every black board makes the brighter students!! And why people consider RED as the symbol of love?Is it written in any book that Only red and only red should be considered as the sign of affection!!perhaps NOO! Then why?I do consider black as the symbol of LOVE and affection. TO me Black doesnot refer the EVIL but this powerful and magical colour shows the power of GOODNESS.We usually say beautiful twinkling stars are shining in the black sky BUT actually those beautiful shining stars are only seen because of black sky! Feel the difference! I don’t want you people to love black colour but atleast DO NOT HATE IT!!! LONELINESS Everything ,either it is good or bad, has imporance in life! Loneliness is the best time to know about yourself.Loneliness is the feeling come straight from one’s heart.I always feel that I don’t know enough about me and myself but I feel special in LONELINESS because in that time no one is arround are alone and can do everything what you want!you don’t need to be shy from this materialistic world but you just feel yourself! TO be lonely with yourself is better than lot of noise of this world! We usually think that people,who love to be lonely,have kind of sorrows and problems in their lives but it is not acceptable by me because I think LONELINESS is a prayer and everyone should have it once in life!!

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