Life As A Fairy Tale Character Bios

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So, these are the character biographies I made. As Usual, it has their Full names, age, birthdays and Fun facts.
Hope You enjoy the info on them!

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



DISCLAIMER: I only found these pics. in the internet so, Credit to the people who made these awesome pictures! :))

Life as A Fairy Tail

Biographies! ^^

Exotic (Me): Alright Everybody! Here are some facts about the main characters. Their birthdays, age, personality & some fun facts!

Eric: Hmm, I think the readers would find this interesting….Don’t you think Anis? (glances at Anis with a smirk.)

Anis: (Blushes) W-wha—There’s nothing interesting about um…(keeps quiet)

Jack:…..Oh, little girlie’s got a secret. Will you say it Exotic?! (Excited)

Anis: (Jaw drop) Are you?!!

Me:……So! Up First, our heroine! Anis Funtom!


Anis Funtom:


Full name: Anis Caroline Funtom

[Jack: (sniggers) Caroline.

Eric: (shaking with laughter)

Anis: (blushes) Shut up, clown.]

Age: 15

Height: 159 cm

Hair color: Midnight black

Eye color: Purple

Birthday: June 3

Zodiac: Gemini


She loves the colors black, grey, brown and light blue. If it’s still not obvious, she’s a bit of a tomboy. As a music lover, her treasured possession is her headphones. The music she listen mostly to is J-Rock, (basically anime OSTs) Pop, Jazz and, ballads.

Her idol is Michael Jackson and since she listens to foreign music a lot,(Japanese and Korean) she has very, very few English songs and most songs are sung by MJ. She has a knack for History (Mainly Egypt, the Aztecs and the middle ages of Europe.) She adores animals & hates seeing kids who bully little kittens. She’s the top female student in school but…

[Anis: (Eyes wide) WAIT!]

She doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

[Anis:…Oh whatever.

Ki: (Hugs her) It’s okay Anis! I Don’t know how to ride a bike either! (giggles)]

She might not admit this but, she’s totally in love with Eric.

[Anis: (jaw drop then blushes)

Eric: (chuckles)]


Eric Wolfe:


Full Name: Eric Nicholas Wolfe

Age: 16

Height:165 cm

Hair color: Raven Black

Eye Color: Sea Blue

Birthday: July 20

Zodiac: Cancer


At the beginning of the story, he was Anis’ pet cat.

[Skylar: Why a cat?

Me: Cause’ that’s how I want it.

Eric: Yeah. You could’ve actually made me into a wolf or a dog you know?

Me: A Cat is much more….fitting with your personality.


Eric was born in Albion and he’s been in DiamondHeart since he was 10. Like Anis, he has control over the elements. But, not only that. He can also summon weapons like Erza Scarlet form Fairy Tail [who happens to be his sparring partner while he was in Magnolia.] While he stayed in the guild, Anis’ dad (Ciel) was his trainer and refused Eric to skip training even once.

Although he *cough* loves Anis, he’s the type to show it rather than say it out loud.

[Anis: (blushes)

Eric: (smiles with embarrassment)]

He loves music, art and fighting (especially with Natsu Dragneel) he can play the piano, guitar and violin. Since he’s heard all of Anis’ songs, he knows how to play each and every one of the songs that are only instrumentals. (his favorite song is The Price of Freedom by Takeharu Ishimoto) and like a cat, he usually spends the day sleeping.

He loves the colors Black, Blue and green and LOVES filleted fish.

[Jack: No wonder you turned into a cat. (snickers)

Eric: (glares at Jack.)


Jack Ace:


[Jack: AH! Here we go! The Awesome…JACK ACE!!


Jack: Hey. (turns around to see everyone talking with each other, ignoring him.

Jack: *anime falls*

Me: Let’s get on with it!]

Full Name: Jackson Keith Ace

Age: 16

Height: 163 cm

[Skylar: (chuckles) Poor kid. Drink more milk. (pats Jack’s head)

Jack: (Growls with teeth bared)]

Hair color: Orange (or very dark yellow)

Eye color: Meadowy green

Birthday: March 22

Zodiac: Aries


Even though he was a teammate of Skylar and Eric before Eric left for the mortal world, he was the ‘runt’ of the group since both Skylar and Eric are more..Experienced in battle than him.

[Jack: Ouch…

Me: I’m sorry little Joker.]

He doesn’t listen to music much but he prefers rock songs. And, to spend time, he just goes around the forest of Albion fighting the giant creatures found there and usually creates stampedes when he scares the herd of (giant) Bison. He loves cakes and the colors orange and dark green. And, ever since Anis came along, he just can’t stop teasing her every time they meet.

[Jack: It’s not..Romantic or anything. (Says while snickering) She’s just too fun to tease.

Anis: (narrows eyes at him)

Jack: (chuckles) see?]

He can call out animals but, all the animals he summons are A LOT bigger than normal Earth animals. He’s the most talkative of everyone and the most obnoxious of all the guild members.



Kida Forestt (A.K.A.; Ki)


Full name: Kida Forestt

Age: 15

Height: 159 cm

(Natural) Hair color: Blue

Eye color: Sky blue

Birthday: December 25

Zodiac: Capricorn


Ki was Anis’ first female friend from the guild and ever since she met Anis, she already liked her personality. She’s been in the guild since she was 9 since her parents died in a mission. She won’t admit it but she & Jack are a lot like each other, in terms of mentality.

[Ki: What does that mean? (Pouts stubbornly)

Jack: Yeah! I’m not like her!

Ki: and I’m totally not like you. (Sticks out tongue to Jack.)

Jack: (does the same thing.)

Me:…..they totally have the same mental age.]

Unlike Anis, she very feminine but she doesn’t like the color pink that much. she likes Red and blue better.

She has the power to change herself (transformation magic) using Spirits or as she calls them: Characters. The element of her attacks change with the character she uses. Her most favorite elements to use are: Fire, air, electric and the power of the Planets and stars. As a hobby, she likes to crochet.

[Jack: Crochet?

Anis: it’s a form of knitting. It’s pretty fun actually.

Jack: you knit? (Looks at Anis with disbelief.) Well, I bet you do it lousily.

Anis: *shows her crochet bag* lousily huh?

Jack: *jaw drop*

Anis: Ki, show him yours. (Snickers)

Ki: (giggles) here. *takes out a crochet backpack*.

Jack: *anime fall*]

Emi Michaelis:


Full Name: Emi Lawrence Michaelis


Height: 166 cm

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Ice blue

Birthday: August 10

Zodiac: Leo


Emi is Skylar’s closest friend and they’ve known each other since they were 10. He’s counted as one of the Power 5 in Diamondheart (the 5 strongest mages) Along with Eric and Skylar. He’s a very cool guy and has an attachment with the sea and meadows. For this, he’s gotten the name of Seahorse.

[Emi: still until now? that name’s still alive?

Skylar: what? You always hung out at the meadow with the horses and, when you run up the stairs, you look like a galloping horse.

Grove: Add that he tends to fall asleep in the stables a lot.

Eric: Yeah, you’ve quite the attachment with horses.

Emi: *power punches the three of them*]

For his powers, he uses Light magic and Transformation magic like Ki. Usually, he uses a staff and even though he’s cool, he still gets scolded in the guild when he turns the seats into holograms and lets ‘exotic’ animals into the guild.

P.s. He has a pet T.Rex which he named Rexii.

Skylar Quinn:


Full name: Skylar Moon Quinn

Age: 16

Height: 167 cm

Hair color: silver

Eye color: silver

Birthday: October 31

Zodiac: Scorpio


Skylar is Grove’s younger brother and is the 2nd strongest in the Power 5. Since he has silver hair and silver eyes, add his albino skin, he earned the name Snowflake Skylar.

[Jack, Emi, Eric & Grove: Snicker

Skylar: *glares at them*

Jack, Emi, Eric & Grove: *silence*]

(Eric is the 1st) He was only introduced recently since he was trying to complete a 7 year quest. Sadly, he wasn’t able to complete it and came back to the guild after 3 years.

[Jack: Tch. I could’ve finished that.

Skylar: Oh really? Spar you later?

Jack: Bring it Snowflake!]

He uses Solar and light magic so, he uses the power of the planets and the light to fight. Although Skylar’s talkative, people don’t know much about him. only that he likes to play basketball, sleeping an reading.

Grove Quinn:


Full name: Edward Grove Quinn

Age: 20

Height: 170 cm

Hair color: silver

Eye color: silver

Birthday: January 1

Zodiac: Capricorn


Grove is Skylar’s older brother and he’s considered the Bookworm of DiamondHeart. He doesn’t show much strength and shows off his powers much, but watch out. If he’s mad, you’ll be in for a world of pain and suffering. Even though he & Skylar are close, he bullies him a lot.

He uses elemental magic but only the elements Air, Grass and Fire. Plus, he’s the Hawkeye of the magic world. He can shoot an apple a mile away and hit it right in the middle.

[Skylar: Tch. Exaggeration.

Grove: (chuckles) Oh, come now little brother, don’t be so immature. *starts rubbing his knuckles into Skylar’s head*

Skylar: *unable to escape* Who’s immature?

Me: Both of you.]

When He & Skylar arrived in DiamondHeart, they were complete mysteries. No one knew where they were from, how they got to Albion or who their parents were. They gave the guild masters a fright when they came all battered and bruised.

WELL! That’s it. hope you guys enjoyed knowing the short summaries of the main characters.

BYE! Hope you comment and well, enjoyed all the info.

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