The One That Never Was Part:1 (Comes Before The One That Never Was)

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This is before 'The One That Never Was' that I posted recently. It is what happens between Michael and Sophie, and why Michael is delusional. Enjoy! :)

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



“This sucks!” she thought, “Why is he such a craphead??”
As she sat on her bed thinking about what she ever did to deserve such a thing as that, she began to realize something.
“How stupid can i get?” She began to think. She dialed his number.
“Hello?” His familiar voice answered. She didn’t want to leave it, but what else could she do? He deserved this.
‘“look. Plain and simple, we’re breaking up.”
“WHat? Sophie why?”
“Look Michael, i know all about Amanda. so bye.” SHe hung up as she threw a lamp across the room.
“He is so stupid!” Sophie raged out loud.
A few minutes later Michael called her back. “Sophie, I’m really,really sorry,” He pled, “I’ll do better. I swear.”
“Whatever Michael.”
She hung up as Michael thought to himself, ‘No, this is all a dream. When I wake up tomorrow, Sophie will be waiting for me like always. Just like always.’  And he talked himself into it as he fell into a deep sleep, not to be roused until morning, where ‘Sophie’ will be waiting.



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