A Vibrant, but Dull Life

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Life in general

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



The cars zoom by

The people moving so quick

That their candles don't even have time 

To ignight.

The internet exploding with

The dark edges coming closer.

The walls are all falling

Showing old skeletons

That weren't meant to be seen

By the light of day.

Yet i stand still

Watching the old man

In that cloak o'er yonder

Crossing the street.

The pocket watch

In hand glimmers

With delight at me

Like the sun in an olde cartoon

With the smiling, dancing sun.

I am lost

In all this chaos

So is Ma'at

She drowned so long ago

Once upon a time

In the fabled land of myth

But soon this new thing

This laptop that i type away on

Shall be the new thing of lore

To befall in humanity

Lost like me.

Nobody can see me

I but just a blur

A figment of imagination

Something that was just a trick

of the looking Eye

Misseeing me.

I am not real,

After all.

I don't exist

The computer cannot find me

So i must not be real

For the internet tells the truth and

Only the truth

for Context is All.

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