Confusion in my Mind

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Madness, and only that

Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Submitted: December 09, 2012



Life is weird

Afterall, what do we live for?

The next day never comes

But only today repeats.

Why do we compare sticks with stones

For they both hurt my bones with bruises.

And when did school matter?

For i just sit in class all day dreaming of leaving

And to be free from this hell

Or is the hell after death worse?

My mind won't shut up

And my mouth needs to stop thinking

So that i may hold the peace of those around me

For they hate me.

I am a mad

Crazed and a raving lunitic

That runs through the streets

In mere sport

As they all fall behind

Lost in the whirlwind of my thoughts

For no one understands me.

I am dead

In this dark room

Where only uncoherent noise

Penetrates through the cracks,

Leaking out of the hole

I have cut on my face

That i wish to sow up.

Instead, i am dead

Alone to suffer

In the prison that i have created

For i am more of a discomfort to others

Then welcome company

A pain to bear to anyone willing to bear it

But who is foolish enough

To bear this burden

Of thinking like me?

Of hearing my madness for all eternity?

And to never hear the sweet sound of


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