Controlled by technology

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My view of technology

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



The cables and cords

Slither forward

Hissing through an eight bit sound track

They teeth at me with their prongs

The electricity a new form of venom

That shocks my body a good fright

As my body is wrapped and tangled

Confussion encases me

As all this information tries to swallow me whole.

Powerless i have become

A victum to the thing that i have created

As the evil demon attacks without mercy.

It being created with a malice nature

How could it be good?

Afterall it is a very unnatural entitiy

As it lives as the creation of us

And our race as to the solution to all

Of the world problems

When it has created more then it has ended.

So i sufficate

Losing time, precious time

Wasting away

As this serpant strangles me

The thing that was my friend

As it said it was safe

That it was good

Just take a taste

Of that delicious


For it is here to make my life so simple

Full of these empty promises

So full of hope

But no

The thing i have created

Is my own undoing.

And now i can only watch

With horror

At this serpant

As it continues on its evil course

Until finally it just gets bored

And eats the sun in one swallow.

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