Cursed Dreams

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One night, i had a nightmare, and this is just a poem of it and of the emotions surrounding it

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



I am falling forever
Until i hit the earth
Into a dark room where chains come to life
And grab for my limbs, tevering me down

I scream an empty cry for help
As the souls that i have angered come forth
Bearing weapons, snarled grins, and torture in mind
In order to teach me a lesson

They yell and scream
Howling out of pure hate
For my existance on this earth
For being a waste of space

They charge forthwith and beat me
'til i am black and blue
'til i feel no more
'til their own souls burn from the ever growing hatred

The fire burns brighter
Purifying the earth covered in damnation
My own damnation
For i am nothing but filth contaminating the pure haven

And so i cry an animalistic growl
My skin burned off
My bones charred
And i stand in the center of hell's flames

I wake up
Only to wish to be in the dream
So i could finish purifying this earth of my own d*mn soul

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