Gone To Avoid Me

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Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



I watch as the car peels out

They left me behind

They said I was insane

Crazy from my own thoughts

But I was driven insane 

Because of you.

You left me to cry

Until it burned my eyes in hate

For making you leave.

That is all I can manage these days

Make those who care vanish

Making them hate me

They don't understand

Nobody does

For none share the same thoughts of mine.

I think of how sad this world is

Trying so hard to be connected

Through the internet and such

Texting their lives away

Unaware of what lies in tomorrow.

But we will never connect

We are all too different

We all think differently

Not one man is created equal

Not one man is made the same

And so these thoughts drive them all

Into the rode and away to try

To prove me wrong

But they fail,

They are so wrong

Their judgement is flawed.

They should have listened to me,

But who in their right minds

Wants to say I am right?

Who wants to give up all hope?

My point is made

And now you too are already


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