Hell's Flames

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Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012



The Flame burns so bright,

And dances to its own beat

To its own hearts' content

For joy floods them

My body fell

Into the hole in the ground

With the hole closing up top

So that i may never see the light of day

The Flames!

They snarl and grin

From flickering end to flickering end

As it finally can eat

My soul is not mine

I lost that privalige

Oh so long ago

For i made a deal

The Flame holds the contract

The fingers snap

As they destroy this piece of paper,

This last hope of mine

It is the one thing

That was supposed to keep this contract

Between i and the devil

But i broke this promise

I tried to defy death

As i claimed to have never been born

To have never lived

But death is too smart to be outwitted by a fool

So the flames claim me

Their prize

Their meal

As they consume me

Body and soul and all

To even have my ashes

As nothing remains

SInce i never was born afterall.

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