Living and Dead

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Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012



I am Dead

Yet i am Living

I am torn

Between these two worlds

The walls have all fallen in

And i must bob and weave

My way through all of this chaos

To only be lost

In my own prison

Forged inside my skull

As it snarls evilly in the mirror

To cackle with the rattle of its' teeth

As to the cruel fate i must bare

For me and no other

For none should know what death is

While among the living

Or least be a demon incarnation

Born straight out of hell

To condemn humanity

As it struggles

And fights for freedom

Waving that torn blood covered banner

As bullets fly through

snicker snack

And defile the body with sins

That the messagers of the devil spread out

To sow his seed of evil iinto us all

And make each and everyone of us

Equally trecherous

So now the room is dark

I see nothing of

Hope or joy

No happiness to fill the hole in my chest

This hollow hole that goes through

sniff sniff

As i am enslaved

To my own damnation

Of being hidious

Of being disgusting and tasteless

Of being valgur and unliked


For who can love

A man who hates himself?

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